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Best Products For An At Home Pedicure


Summer is right around the corner, which means wearing sandals most days. Instead of booking expensive spa appointments to get your toes looking glamorous, try an at home pedicure. They are more affordable and can be fun. Though it takes time, you will learn for sure. You also must have done many research pieces on what kinds of products are available in the market for a pedicure. To help you more, we have got some fantastic product tips straight from the experts that will help you get your feet ready for sandal season.


Best Products For An At-Home Pedicure

Deborah Lippmann Sole Survivor Foot File

It is a professional dual-sided pedicure file, and it helps remove your dead skin, dry skin, and cracked feet. It has a coarse surface, which allows eliminating stubborn calluses, and also it gently exfoliates the common areas and gives you a smooth finished look to your feet. The Sole Survivor Foot File is washable, and you can reuse it. The design has an ergonomic stainless steel handle, which gives you maximum comfort when holding it. Always make sure to purchase a high-quality foot file to ensure a long-lasting product.  

ORLY GelFX Cuticle Pusher/Remover

Nail artists, both Hanna and Archer, agree that a metal tool that can be sanitized and washed after use is the best. Metal supplies are worth the expense, and if you keep them in good condition, you can use them for years to come. The gelFX has unique shapes, which allows you to use it comfortably and gently.

ORLY Callus Eraser

The ORLY callus eraser can be used on hands and as well on cracked feet. People often use it for exfoliating skin. This is one of the best products for those who have dry skin. If so, then you might have to use a callus remover every two weeks. It has an acid, so while applying, it helps to soften the stubborn callus so that you can scrub them off using a foot file. This is an excellent product as it eliminates the long process of peeling. After using an eraser on your feet, make sure to moisturize your skin and avoid going to sleep with dry feet. 

Biopelle Exfoliating Heel Cream

It contains chemical exfoliants, moisturizers, and glycolic acid, which makes this product a game-changer. If you have ultra-dry skin, especially on your heel side, this glycerin-based formula sinks into your hardened skin, and the glycolic acid helps to exfoliate. When you apply the cream to your heel, it works well, especially once your showered and your feet are wet, make sure you apply it to your heels only as it is too potent to use it on the entire foot. 

ISDIN Foot Care Uradin Podos Gel Oil

The ingredient present in it is useful for treating dry skin, discolored skin, and hardened skin used to moisturize. This gel oil has hyaluronic acid that helps improve dryness, and the combination of lactic acid helps moisturize your skin. Using this fantastic product, you will see the results in a few days, and you can use it all over the soles.

Mazz Hanna Skin Salve

Once you are done with the pedicure, the critical part comes here: maintaining it, so you need to keep your feet hydrated and moisturized. So you better plan to invest in some perfect, thick, hydrating balm that will help keep your skin moisturized. The best time you can apply is when you go to bed as it is an effective way to prevent transepidermal moisture loss, which promotes dryness of the skin. You can also wear socks when applying as it seals in the moisture.

NAILS INC. Plant Power Nail Polish

Now, after all the steps are done right for the pedicure, it’s time to complete and give a finished look with a coat of plant-based nail polish. This is a vegan, cruelty-free product formulated without chunks of toxins, which you often find in other nail polish. It gives your nails a beautiful look and gets your feet ready for sandal season.


Applying and selecting the right products that are best for you is the essential part of a pedicure as they are the ones that will make your feet look good and make you feel good

So select the right quality products which will help you rejuvenate your skin and make your feet relaxed, healthy, and glowing. Athome pedicures don’t have to be a challenge when you have these fantastic products to choose from. 


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