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Top 10 Drugstore Make-Up Brands



Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Brands of 2020 That You Can’t Brush Aside

Right now is the age of drugstore beauty. In earlier times, people had to compromise on quality and efficiency for affordability. But now, with drugstore makeup, this isn’t the case. Not only will you find the best quality but also a variety of all kinds. So here are the top 10 drugstore makeup brands of 2020. 

L’Oreal Paris

This is at the top of the best drugstore makeup brands list as they offer such a wide selection from where the customers can choose. Reviewers have rhapsodized their products as they never stop themselves from buying them repeatedly as they have a vast range of colors to match every skin tone. The most loved products from the list are the great lip palettes like Cosmetics Colour Rich Lip Palette Lipstick, lipsticks such as Color Rich Moist Matte Lipstick, and women treasure them as they seem to lacquer lips and last all through the day. Products like that of Color Rich Stylo Smoky Eye Shadow, their eyeshadows can never stop the regular customers from choosing them and preferring them as their best-loved drugstore makeup brand. 

Maybelline New York

This brand is nearly bagging the first position of the list because most people can complete themselves using an entire range of products just from this line. Customers love the Fit Me Foundation, and Maybelline makes the favorite foundation of Huda beauty and Kim Kardashian. It is a matte foundation, so people who have oily skin can go ahead and try this one. People who have dry skin can add their moisturizer while using this, or can also add an illuminator while using this foundation. Another product on the list is the waterproof gel pencil in the shade, sleek, and it’s super gel black, vibrant, and highly pigmented. 

Other colors of this same product, like lustrous sapphire and striking copper, are also excellent.  The next product is the sensational lash mascara, and it’s affordable. It lengthens, curls, and volumizes your eyelashes. This is a waterproof edition as it holds your lashes for a long time, this one even separates your eyelashes very beautifully, and it never looks clumpy. The final product is their lipstick. It has a fantastic variety of colors, and they have reds, maroons, bright purples to browns to nudes, and every single color you can expect. Still, it’s not super matte, but it’s creamy matte. You might need to reapply after having your meals, but the best part is that it suits all skin tones.


That’s one of the makeup brands that many of us appreciate due to their consistent advertising over the years, and it is something on which you should be showering your money. Some rely entirely on this brand for their complete makeup regime. Some of their best products are Lash Blast Volume Mascara, Trublend Base Business Pore Minimizing Skin Primer, Perfect Blend Eyeliner, and Outlast All-Day Stay Fabulous 3-In-1 Foundation. People are amazingly crazy about how they install elements like sunscreen and hyaluronic acid into their products so meticulously, as this helps protect and improve your skin throughout the day.


One product you must buy belonging to this brand is the professional makeup photogenic concealer. It is close to a full coverage concealer, so it conceals all the darkness underneath your eyes while adding a brightened look. It gives a feeling of wearing a high-end concealer as it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, doesn’t crease at all, and efficiently works. Matte bronzer is another product that you should have. It is a warm-toned bronzer that’s very buttery and beautifully pigmented. 

The final product is the eyebrow pencil. The best thing is it has a lead at one end and a spool at the other end. It’s not very creamy, nor very pigmented as extra pigmented pencils give a very sharp look to your brow, too much that it ends up looking artificial. The only problem with it is that it’s very delicate, so even if you put a little bit of pressure, it tends to break. They do have some harmful products that people generally avoid, but most of their sales end up in flying colors with great reviews. And that’s where you really can’t go wrong with this brand, which is why it is a must in many girly makeup kits.


That’s one of the brands that understand what kind of fantastic products must be made to meet a price that everyone can afford. Most people choose to buy their classic lipsticks due to their vast range of shades and the ability to last all day. Some of their unique products include foundations, eye shadow palettes, liquid lipsticks, and even a gel liner that beautifully gives a finishing touch that other rival expensive brands in the market lack.


Many people connect with this brand because of the affordable price and the wide range of products any girl could wish for and buy. That’s the only reason why many end up avoiding this brand, but that’s a great mistake as they create several other unique products. They produce one of the best primers among all at a very pocket-friendly range. 


This company’s most loved product is a concealer that helps cover up all of the little imperfections to give you a perfect glam look. It is the ideal thing you can have in your hand when you have dropped your regular concealer back at home and are in haste and need a quick way to hide up that old acne spot. Customers also are crazy about the wide range of powders they produce. One of such is their best-loved classic eye pencil. Many things are prone to sink below the benchmark, but none can disagree that they know what kind of stuff they offer when it’s all about hiding a person’s flaws.

Physician’s Formula

This brand came into existence when Dr. Frank Crandall produced makeup for the sensitive skin that his wife, who had lupus, used. Nowadays, people love to pick up their favorite products from the local drugstore as the items are cheap and affordable that won’t leave you penniless also, and they work wonders on their skin. Some of the best-loved products that customers look up to and recommend others include Murumuru Butter Blush, Natural Defense Total Coverage Concealer, and The Healthy Lip Velvet Liquid Lipstick. One can never go wrong with their products, as they are all tested by dermatologists. Even there are an ample number of product reviews published online to help you figure out whether the product you wish for is the right and suitable one for you or not.

N.Y.C. New York Color

The products that have a place in your makeup kit depend on what you love and buy, but this brand tends to be very reliable and affordable as it all comes under a price that won’t empty up your bank balance. Their products range from various foundations, lipsticks, eyeliner, and several eye shadow palettes that work brilliantly for every occasion. In the beginning, it will be an experiment of hit and miss, but once you find something that suits you, you will never be able to shut your eyes to it but will try to reach out to the brand of your favorite drugstore for your makeup.


Neutrogena is famous for the variety of skincare products that they offer, but out of that, they have some fantastic creations too. The products that they provide to their customers are a great combination of their exciting skincare products with a light touch that can bring out the enhanced beauty in you. This brand sells products like Hydro Boost Hydrating Foundation Stick Formulated With Hyaluronic Acid, Satin Eye Shadow with Antioxidant Vitamin E, and different eyeliner types depending upon their customers’ makeup preference. And, the best part is that it all comes at a price that can fit in your wallet too.


Next time you find yourself at the drugstore browsing through the makeup section, you should pick up some of these brands/products and try them yourself. They are all affordable, good quality products with many raving reviews. They may not be as high-end as some, but at least they don’t break and bank.


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