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Tips To Getting Soft And Smooth Feet


Baby soft feet skin is something every human craves for. And with summers being the season of wedges, foot care is even more vital. When we ignore our feet’ needs, they turn dry and crack. Not just that they become unattractive, these calluses cause pain. But, good news! Here are the best ways to have smooth and soft skin. 


So What Causes Hard And Dry Feet Skin?

The hard skin on our feet is because of intermittent pressure. Since we all move, it’s likely to have a foot callus in life. Long commuters, hikers, and runners face more hard-feet issues. Further, if someone is overweight, the chances of foot trouble increase. High arcs and natural flat feet are other responsible factors. 

Why Cracked Heels?

When your heels become rigid, hard, and dry, they crack. Cracked heels often go unnoticed until they start causing pain. The reason is simple. When we put pressure on our feet, the skin’s got nowhere to expand. So, it does not remain soft and cracks. These cracks expand when you take long baths, overlook moisturizing, and do not use foot scrubs. 

How to get the softest feet skin?

Make Use Of Baking Soda 

Baking soda works miraculously in removing dead skin cells, resulting in soft skin. To prepare a paste, mix one part of water and three parts of baking soda. Apply the paste smoothly on the dry, cracked area in a circular motion. You may even use a foot file or pumice stone if the skin is too dry. Rinse your feet with lukewarm water, and then apply some foot cream or moisturizer. 

Pro-tip: Baking soda can be used in another way too. Fill a container with water and put three tablespoons of baking soda. A foot soak in this mixture for 5-10 minutes makes your feet’ skin totally smooth. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix one part of apple cider vinegar in one part of Listerine. Add two parts of warm water to it. Then, soak your feet in this container for 10-20 minutes. Finally, exfoliate your feet’ skin with foot scrubs and pumice stone. You may also use lemon juice instead of vinegar.

Pro-tip: Another amazing way to use apple cider vinegar is to soak a cotton ball in it. Apply it on the area of dry skin and calluses. It’s better to use this as an adhesive over that portion. Then, go to sleep and exfoliate with a foot file in the morning. You may do this for a couple of days in case of excessively dry skin. 

Olive Oil

Though all essential oils are pretty useful for cracked, dry feet, olive oil is one of its kind. It’s a great natural moisturizer, and the method to apply is easy as well. Before going to bed, gently apply olive oil to your feet in a circular motion. Wear socks to eliminate the dead skin cells. 


This sweet and delicious food is more than just a treat to your tongue. Honey is a brilliant moisturizer as well. It traps all the skin moisture and gives surprisingly soft skin. 

Take four liters of warm water and add one cup of honey to it to prepare a honey foot soak. Honey scrub is another trick after that. To make it, you need two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of coconut oil. Add three drops of peppermint oil and one-fourth cup of brown sugar. Massage it all over your cracked heels for 15 minutes. Next, rinse and dry with a towel. Lastly, moisturize with either lavender oil or foot cream. 

Peppermint Oil

If a cooling effect is what your feet crave, peppermint oil is the best. Add one cup of oat flakes to a cup of cornmeal. Next, add one-fourth of a tablespoon of sea salt and finally, a tablespoon of peppermint oil. Mix all and apply to your wet feet. Massage this foot scrub in circular motions for some time. Finally, rinse and pat. Do not forget to pamper your feet regularly after applying plant extracts. It’ll make them glossy. 


These are fantastic for dry feet. It’s because the vitamins and amino acids in bananas make your skin soft. Here’s how your feet can benefit from this tasty fruit. The first way is to mash a few bananas and make a mask. Next, apply this mix in a circular motion over both your feet. Finally, use lukewarm water to rinse it. If you love eating them more, don’t use the fruit part. Instead, take the inside of its peel and rub it on your dry, cracked heels. Wait for some time, rinse and dry. 

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is a miraculous moisturizer, and everyone knows that. But we do often forget to use its gel to get rid of dry skin. So, you can either use your home plant or buy aloe vera gel from the store. There’s no special recipe here. Just apply this gel on your cracked heels after taking a bath. 

Petroleum Jelly

Prepare your dry skin for more exfoliation using petroleum jelly. It is commonly called Vaseline. Just apply a thick layer under your feet, over the cracked heels. Wear socks and sleep, and in the morning, use foot scrubs or a file to remove the dead skin cells. 


Sounds surprising? Since it contains abrasive particles, you may use it as a cooling scrub. Just as peppermint oil, toothpaste is relieving. Once you rub your feet with a pumice stone or foot file, apply toothpaste. Then, massage in a circular motion for best results. 

Warning: However, if you have deeply cracked heels, do not apply toothpaste. It also has methanol that can cause a burning sensation. 

Other benefits of toothpaste: It can whiten your toenails. Just scrub it using an old toothbrush. Not only is a paste good to remove dead skin, but it’ll also eliminate blisters. Apply the paste for a few hours and clean with a washcloth. Repeating this process 2-3 times a day gives magical results. 


Dry feet do not just look awkward. They cause real pain. But making use of the right foot creams and remedies is a sure way out. Pure essential oils, aloe vera gel, and other soft skin tricks given above are awesome. Also, remember not to take a hot water bath. It’s not good for your feet. Prefer lukewarm showers, massage your cracked heels often, and don’t overlook them.


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