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Trending Eyebrow Shapes And Designs


Eyebrows frame an individual’s face naturally and are said to be a silent powerhouse. However, every individual has unique eyebrow shapes, and trends change quite frequently. Women have shaved, plucked, threaded, waxed, or added makeup to create modern and innovative trends throughout history.  

During the 1920s, actresses and socialists completely shaved their eyebrows and painted a thin line with black kohl. Today, the thicker the eyebrow, the better, and the different color pencil eyebrows create more emphasis. What eyebrow shape and style works better varies from to individuals’ face shape and preferences.  


Different Eyebrow Shaping Methods

Eyebrow Makeup 

Eyebrow makeup is trendy. Women use eyebrow powders and sticks that are readily available in the market. If an individual’s eyebrow is naturally thin, there are eyebrow stencils or various freehand application applications that you can utilize. The only drawback of this method is the time it requires practice to achieve the desired result. 

Eyebrow Wigs

Shocking right. Eyebrow wigs are made out of human hair, easily attached by gel strips, and replaced every three months. The only drawback of this method is eyebrow wigs are quite expensive.  

Eyebrow Tattoos

One of the easiest methods to get desired eyebrow shape and style is by getting an eyebrow tattoo. They are easily transferred into your skin by water and last up to three days. They are cost-effective and made out of vegetable dye which makes them look relatively natural. The only drawback of this method is that sometimes the color may not match your hair color.

Types Of Eyebrows

Every individual has different types and shapes of eyebrows which naturally complements their face. Listed below are types of eyebrows that determine the arched-shaped eyebrow that will best fit you.

Arch Height

Arch Height is a term used about how lifted or raised in the bottom arch of an eyebrow. The different variations of the arch height can be high, medium, shallow, or straight. 

Arch Shape

Arch Shape is about the peak of the arch in the different eyebrows. The different variations of shape are round, soft angle, or hard angle.  


You can measure eyebrow thickness as thin, medium, or thick. In comparison to straight eyebrows, the thick ones are highly valued today. There are many ways to enhance thin brows.  


Definition tends to label the eyebrows by how voluminous or filled-in they are and depending on individuals, and they are called full, medium, or soft. You can increase your brow definition by adding a highlighter or concealer underneath your brow. 


The length refers to how far the eyebrow is between the temples and the bridge of the nose. They can also be referred to as short tails, regular, or extended to describe eyebrow length easily.  

How To Shape Your Eyebrows 

One of the best ways to measure or predict what eyebrow shape and style will suit your face is by determining your face shape. Listed below are some of the complementary options. 

Oval Face

Every woman desires an oval face as it is one of the most convenient face shapes for styling eyebrows. The oval face needs a soft brow with a low pointed arch.  

Diamond Face 

Diamond face shapes have a good number of angles, and to properly balance the face cut, a soft brow shape along with a curved arch will perform wonders. 

Round Face

This face shape requires an extremely opposite eyebrow style—a long arch, something medium to high along with a sharp and high arch. A round face should altogether avoid rounded eyebrows. 

Square Face

The bold and square face requires a thick and full eyebrow and a hard or soft angled brow. Square face individuals should avoid a round arch eyebrow. 

Heart-Shaped Face

In comparison to other face shapes, heart-shaped faces require a complementary opposite. It needs delicate and similar eyebrows to match soft facial features positively. Thin and soft eyebrows along with low and soft arch heights are highly suitable for this face shape.  

Pear-Shaped Face

A pear-Shaped face requires a medium arch and extended tails to increase the width of the forehead.  

Oblong Face Shape

Oblong face shape is long compared to other face shapes, so the most suitable eyebrow shape is extended tails and horizontal lines for creating balance.  

Different Eyebrow Styles 

Now that we have discussed eyebrow shapes for different face shapes, it’s time to cover the current and trendiest eyebrow styles. Listed below are some of the on-trend eyebrow styles.

Arched Towards The Tail

It is a classic eyebrow shape used by many women and is still one of the trendiest forms. This style is highly suitable for a round-face individual.  

Arched In The Middle 

It is merely an edgier version of the above eyebrow style.  

High Arch

High arch style is to create a dramatic look as it promises the beautiful illusion of framing.   

Straight Eyebrows

This eyebrow style falls naturally into a straight and horizontal line. No arches just make use of tweezers for minor touch-ups.  

Tapered Eyebrow Style

This eyebrow style requires a lot of maintenance and costs many trips to the salon. It requires transitions and a lot of attention to detail.  


Whether you follow various eyebrow trends or decide to stick with a natural or classic shape, it is essential to follow the guidelines complementing your face shape. However, every individual has a natural eyebrow shape and can experiment with different shapes for fun.


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