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How To Get The Best Dewy Skin Look


Who wouldn’t love dewy, shiny, and glowing skin?  Dewy skin is an indication of a perfectly balanced skin tone and healthy glow. Now don’t get me wrong. Greasy skin is excess oil and not dewy skin!

Dewy skin is a hydrated skin with a perfect tone of moisture in it. It is akin to dewdrops in the grass – fresh and glowing. A few moisturizing products may help you get the glow, but it is the moisturizer that gives a dewy look and not your natural skin.

If you think we will talk about the regular use of the shelf facial creams, you are wrong. We will share dermatologists and skincare experts’ secrets to get the best dewy skin look you’ve always craved.


Exfoliation Is Essential

With age, our skin loses its luster; one of the main reasons is the slow shedding of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells are culprits of a dull look. Exfoliate them to regain the dewy look.

Schedule a weekly exfoliation process in your skincare routine. Glycolic acid/lactic-acid-based peels or enzyme masks will help to get your glow back instantly. The twice a week process works out well; more than that will strip off your skin.

Exfoliation will help your skin absorb nourishers much better. It opens the skin pores for moisturizers and skin ointments to get absorbed deep for a dewy glow. Using a gentle fruit extract scrub twice to three times a week will also help get your face glowing.

Cleanse With Vitamin C

Vitamin C is bliss for your skin. It helps brighten skin, keeps your skin healthy, and removes pigmentation. Vitamin C also reduces inflammation acting as a shield to protect your skin from pollution and direct radiation.

Get a Vitamin C facial cleanser for glowing, bright, and dewy skin. Get an enzyme-based or a fruit extract cleanser for better results. Vitamin C will awaken your skin to keep a dewy glow with vigorous hydration. 

Toning Supplements Cleansing

Skin hydration is essential for healthy skin. After cleaning or washing your face and wiping it dry with a towel, it is imperative to apply a toner to hydrate the skin cells. Choose an alcohol-free toner to deliver bouncy, dewy skin.

For naturally dry skin, use a glycerin-based or rose oil-based facial toner. Glycerin or any natural oil-based toner will keep your skin soft and seal the skin cells to retain moisture intact. A moisturized skin reflects light making it glow.

Facial Massage

Regular facial massage helps drain our toxins and puffiness. Massaging the skin revitalizes the cells and builds blood circulation getting more oxygen supply for healthy skin. 

Even while applying skincare products, gently massage your skin for better absorption. Facial massage also helps to depuff under-eye skin. The correct way to massage is in a circular motion upwards. Start with the neck and move upwards to your cheeks, under eyes, and forehead. You can also try a jade roller for massage to tighten your skin, healthier glow, and reduce pore size.

Face Masks

A face mask is also effective in achieving radiant complexion with glowing mien. Try charcoal and a pure clay mask to get rid of all impurities. If you have dry skin, use a hydrating skin mask. 

Another great secret is to make your mask. All you need is to mix half a yogurt cup, half a cup of strawberry or orange-peel extract, and two tablespoons of honey in a bowl. Mix it well and apply it to your neck, face, and forehead. Avoid it with your eyes. Let it sit for five to six minutes, and then rinse your face for glowing, dewy skin.

Increase Blood Circulation

It is a scientifically proven fact that blood circulation is vital for glowing and young skin. Skincare products with essential ginseng root extract, Vitamin B12, peppermint, and niacinamide are proven to enhance blood circulation.

Vitamin B3 is excellent for brightening skin. It also repairs damaged cells, restores facial cells, and protects from U.V. radiation damages. Apply these products to open up blood vessels, allowing a good blood and oxygen supply for radiant, glowing skin.

Repair From Inside

Skin also needs nourishment to glow; eat antioxidant-rich food for healthy, dewy skin. Eat berries, nuts, grapes, dark chocolates, and green leafy vegetables. Antioxidant-rich food also helps protect your skin from U.V. damage. It is advisable to use a good SPF sunscreen while going outdoors. Incorporate salads, fruits, and yogurt into your daily diet.

Drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. Choose plain water over sparkling water and avoid sweetened beverages and soda. Fresh coconut water or lemonade is also great to keep your body hydrated for glowing skin. Avoid too much tea or coffee.


Dewy skin is healthy skin, hydrated, and well-nourished. Some of the secrets for dewy skin are regular exfoliation and supplementing a vitamin C-rich cleanser. A facial mask and daily facial massage are also essential to tone up your skin. Use a hydrating toner, drink lots of water and eat healthily are secrets for young, glowing, and dewy skin.


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