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What You Should Know Before Going To The Beauty Salon


Going to a beauty salon can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s essential to be aware of what can go wrong. Most people have heard some beauty salon horror stories, while others have seen some fantastic things stylists can do with a head of hair. Here are some tips to help you have a positive experience every time you visit a beauty salon!


Not All Beauty Salons Are Created Equal

Just like restaurants, beauty salons differ. They can vary by price, quality of work, and service. It’s essential to find the right salon for you! Do your research beforehand. You don’t want to pay $60 for a haircut only to find out they don’t offer shampooing or every style after the c. Sometimes, places just cut your hair and send you on your way!

Also, the more expensive salons typically have better stylists trying to support themselves on $10 haircuts. If you think that pricey place is too good to be true, it probably is! It’s always good to read reviews online of any salon you visit. Be aware of all that you want to be done. Some salons charge by the hour for their services, so it’s essential to book longer appointments than you need!

Communication Is Key

It’crucialnt to communicate with your stylist! They work so hard to give you what you want, but some people don’t know how to express themselves. If they ask your opinion on something, answer them! If it doesn’t look right, let them know. A good stylist will take constructive criticism and apply it moving forward. It’s to tell them what you would like done and tell them what you do not want to be done. This may be the most important information for a stylist because it gives them an insight into your beauty style and taste level.

Be Open-Minded

Being open-minded is another way to have a positive experience. If you go into a salon with the mindset that nothing will look good on your head, it will be super hard for the stylist and yourself to create something beautiful and flattering. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone’s idea of beauty is different. For example, if someone wants to dye their hair green but they think no one would ever do it because it’s too crazy, they may not get what they want out of the visit because they already planned everything in their head beforehand.

Get Recommendations

If you’re unsure where to go, ask someone whose opinion you trust! A salon can be a great place for bonding because it’s an experience that cannot be replicated at home. You can talk about your visit with friends or family who have had similar experiences and hear their recommendations! If there’s one thing everyone should know to do when they visit a beauty salon, it would be to stop stressing!

Too many people are worried about what other people will think of their hair when they leave the salon. The only opinion that matters is yours! Who cares if your Aunt Jane thought you should have left with 10 inches less? You’re the one who has to deal with this haircut for the next year!

Make An Appointment

Most salons require appointments, especially for hair dye. Make an appointment online, but many salons offer phone-in reservations. If they don’t, call ahead and ask! When making your appointment feel free to be flexible with time because things happen! You can always cancel or reschedule. Double-check your date and time, though!

Be Aware Of Pricing

Don’t be shocked at what you end up paying. Salons are pretty pricey to stay in business! Before making an appointment ask the salon what you can expect to pay for your service. If there are multiple stages or longtime, make sure they tell you all the costs before beginning any steps. Also, don’t forget about tips! These people are doing a service for you, so it’s essential to be grateful! If you have a fantastic experience, show it with your money!

Bring In Photos Of What You Want

If you have photos of haircuts, color, or styles you like, bring them along! A good stylist will take these and follow them closely. If this doesn’t seem right for your salon visit it’s best to be honest, and let the person know. You can always do a different style in a later session if you like the service! Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something if you’re not comfortable.

Confirm Your Appointment 2-3 Days In Advance

This is another way to relieve stress. Confirming your appointment 2-3 days in advance is important because if anything comes up you can easily reschedule or cancel. If something does happen and you cannot keep the appointment, be sure to let them know as soon as possible so they can fill your spot! This also goes for your stylist. If they know in advance that you need to cancel, they can plan accordingly and fill the time with someone else!


No matter who you are, going to a beauty salon should be fun and exciting! Remember that these people work very hard for their money. Whether they’re washing your hair or painting your nails, always look at the situation from their perspective. They’re constantly trying new things and finding out how they can improve their service! These people want to make you happy and beautiful! Stay positive, and everyone will have an amazing time. 


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