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Top Rated Hair Extensions


Hair extensions can change the map of your hair and face. They beautify you and give your hair great shape and length. But buying good hair extensions can be a tricky thing. They aren’t super cheap, and you don’t want to add damaged plastic-y strands to your hair. So, you want to be sure that you get them from a credible brand. When you go on the internet, you can’t avoid seeing ads by hair brands; there are so many of them now. To solve your problems, we are listing the best-rated hair extensions and brands in the market. 

Before Diving Into The List, Though, Let’s Get You Familiarised With Some Hair Extension Vocabulary

  • Clip-In Extensions – These are clipped pieces of hair that you put in beside your natural hair to create a fuller look.
  • Sew-In Extensions – In this process, your natural hair is braided into cornrows throughout the entire head. Then hair extensions are weaved through it with a needle.
  • Tape-In Extensions – Wefts of your hair are taped in between two wefts of hair extensions.
  • Glue-In Extensions – You use these extensions by gluing hair to your head with keratin bonds using heat.
  • Human Hair Extensions Vs. Synthetic Extensions – Human hair extensions are donated or sold by a person, while synthetic extensions out of super-thin plastic strands.
  • 100 Percent Virgin Hair – Hair that has not undergone chemical treatments, dyes, or processes. The purest form of extensions.


Bellami Hair 

Bellami is a household name for hair extensions, and not without reason. Bellami is overall the best hair extensions you can get in the market. They provide 100% Remy hair as well as top-tier quality synthetic hair. The strand quality is excellent, and they give you as many as 20 options in colors for every product. You can get sew-in, tape-in, clip-in extensions. From bangs and long straight hair to ponytails, they have it all. 

Mayvenn Hair 

It is also a platform for hairstylists to render services and hair extensions to customers. About 50,000 hairstylists are currently working with Mayvenn. They give you 100% virgin human hair in Yaki straight, Kinky, body wave, deep wave, closures, and many more styles. 

Glam Seamless  

This is another brand you probably have heard about a lot. A leading competitor in the hair extensions business, Glam Seamless is famous for the smooth and silky quality and long durability. The hair extensions are reusable, and you can find great sew-ins and tape-ins. 

Kendra’s Boutique 

Big names like Blac Chyna and Megan Thee Stallion are a few of its biggest fans and promoters. Kendra’s Boutique provides options for custom dyeing and quick delivery. The hair is 100% human, and the quality is excellent as well. Follow their social media, and they are constantly putting out great bundle deals on there. 

Indique Hair 

Known as one of the best human hair providers, Indique Hair’s customers include Oprah and Jorja Smith. With wigs, clips, and wefted hair of all textures and sizes, you can find hair in the style and color that you want. They offer straight, curly, wavy hair in all kinds of hair lengths. 

Great Lengths 

These are the most ethically sourced hair extensions you’ll get in the market. As the name suggests, they go to great lengths to find 100% Remy hair for you. The hair comes from donations at Indian temples, the temples sell hair to the brand, and the proceeds go to local charities. The hair is then bundled in Italy, each bundle containing hair belonging to the same donor so that the texture is excellent. 


They have been in the game for a long time. Hotheads have the best tape-in hair extensions you’ll get. They are easy to install in your hair, do not damage your natural hair, and last long. Hotheads extensions are available in over 40 different colors and shades. 

Boho Locs 

Growing out your locks takes lots of time and effort. Boho Locs allows you to achieve your favorite looks without any hassle. They are one of the best brands when it comes to hair. Their locks are very light and don’t pull on your natural hair. You can get hair in any thickness, length, color, and texture. 

The Hair Shop 

Another one of the legends in the hair business, they have it all when it comes to your hair needs. You can even visit their brick-and-mortar stores in seven different locations if you’re not one for online shopping for hair. They provide helpful tutorials on how to use other hair extensions. You can get any texture or style of hair at this hair shop.


These hair brands will help you get the stylish hair that you deserve to flaunt. Most of these brands are endorsed and used by celebrities and celebrity hairstylists. They have high-quality hair in different textures, colors, and price ranges. 


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