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Get Rid Of Stubborn Facial Hair


Facial hair is common to all. However, some women have it more than others due to hormonal imbalance, also called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or increase levels of hormones called testosterone.

Some would like to flaunt it, while others would want to get rid of it, and it is entirely a personal choice to decide whether to let them grow or trim them.

If you plan to get them removed, follow these easy tips.


   Shave Them Off!

So there are two types of facial hair- vellus hair and terminal hair. Vellus hair is the fine invisible hair present all through the face, which holds a significant role in regulating skin temperature. It is primarily present at the forehead, cheeks, side, and upper lips.

On the other hand, terminal hair is present at the sides, lines the jaw below the ears, and is darker. You can shave to get rid of both Vellus as well as terminal hair. Being one of the fastest and easiest methods, it can clear your face of debris, dry skin, hair follicles and give a smooth texture to your face.

However, one cannot ignore the side effects associated with shaving. 

    • Skin Damage- If you have acne or psoriasis conditions, then using a razor will damage your skin all the way more.
    • Sensitive Skin- Cannot be used on sensitive skin, red skin that can provoke more irritation and inflammation.
    • Faster Growth- Shaving may give you short-term relief for two-three days. However, it does not entirely get rid of the facial hair permanently, and you might need to use the razor several times a week. 

So if you are not comfortable with shaving, do not stress as there are better alternatives to try on!

   Facial Waxing

Though this procedure can be a bit painful, women can easily bear this pain. Waxing removes the hair follicles from their roots, and therefore, it takes longer for the hair to grow back. You can quickly do it at home or the salon with the assistance of a professional.

Waxing is an ideal method if you want to target a lot of hair together, and the hair should be more than one inch long to hold a better grip of the wax. Before you indulge in waxing, you should do a patch test at home to save yourself from any allergic reactions. Remember, the wax should not be scorching, or else you will end up burning your skin.

Tips For An Easy Wax At Home

    • Exfoliate Your Skin Before The Procedure
    • Hold The Skin Taut While You Apply The Wax
    • The Strip Should Be Removed In The Opposite Direction The Hair Grows
    • Remove The Leftover Wax With The Baby Oil Or Coconut Oil

   Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a commonly used hair removal cosmetic procedure. By beaming a high-intensity light into the hair follicles, the hair gets destroyed when the hair follicle absorbs the light pigment. Though a semi-permanent and expensive technique, it provides long years of lack of facial hair, making it worth the investment.

Laser hair removal is very effective for people with a dark terminal hair and can also be for people with vellus hair. Though laser hair can be an effective method to reduce facial hair, hair can regrow over time in some people. However, hair growth will be lesser and smoother the next time it regrows.

Some Of The Side Effects Due To The Procedure Include:

    • Sense Of Burning, Irritation, Or Discomfort
    • Change In Skin Color
    • Redness Of The Skin
    • Skin Blisters Or Crusting Of The Skin

Things To Do Post-treatment:

    • Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure
    • Avoid Using Sunscreens, Tanning Creams As They Can Cause Skin Allergies
    • Follow The Proper Precautions As Advised By The Dermatologist

   Depilatory Creams

Depilatories often come in creams, lotions, and gels that remove facial hair temporarily. These creams are easy to use and are of utmost use during critical or emergency dates. For someone with a tight budget, they are inexpensive as compared to other hair removal methods.

The hair regrows smoother with a tapered end and is lost lasting compared to the traditional shaving technique. However, these products may contain irritants, and therefore, you must use these with caution against the face’s delicate areas. These can also include chemicals, as these creams burn the hair follicle on your skin; they can result in burns, itchy skin, and rashes.

Tips On Using Depilatory Correctly

    • Read The Instructions Carefully
    • Try Out A Patch Test Before You Use It On Your Face
    • Wash The Region To Be Used Thoroughly And Let It Dry Completely
    • Apply The Cream In The Required Area- Note The Duration 
    • Rinse With Adequate Water
    • Clean Your Skin Well And Apply Moisturizer

Consult A Doctor If The Growth Is Inevitable!

Some of the prominent causes of increased facial hair growth include genetics, hereditary conditions like hormonal imbalance, polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, adrenal gland disorders, hirsutism, and certain medications. Book an appointment with the dermatologist today if you feel the need. Remember, there is a preventive step to every issue.

Bottom Line

There can be a couple of procedures one can employ to get rid of stubborn facial hair. However, safety stands first, and it is essential to read the instructions, pros, and cons before sticking to one technique. Remember that your skin is unique, and the methods others use may not be the best for your skin. 


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