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The Right Way To Clip In Hair Extensions


Clip-in hair extensions are gaining more popularity day by day. The advantages of excellent quality clip-in extensions are far too many. In addition, using the extension is also simple and easy with adequate instructions and practice.

What’s even more impressive is that these extensions are available in different styles, brands, lengths, and weights of extensions. So, while purchasing a hair extension, make sure that it matches your natural hair texture and color. Generally, the clip-in hair extension is available in lengths from 14 inches to 22 inches, and the number of pieces can range from anywhere between six to ten, depending on the brand you buy.

You may also have to adjust the application for the number of wefts, the texture, and the length of your natural hair. If your hair is naturally thin, you may not need to use all the wefts, and similarly, if you have thicker hair, you may require additional wefts to get a natural appearance. Clip-in extensions that are high in quality also come with a set of one or two strips for testing that doesn’t have any clips attached to them. These are perfect for trying out hair dye if you decide to go for another color of your extensions, allowing them to match your natural hair color better.

Types Of Hair Extension 

Hair extensions can be semi-permanent, permanent, or even temporary. Temporary hair is unlikely to cause damage to your hair. However, you can only use them for a day or some hours. 

Semi-permanent hair extensions like a micro link or tape-in extension are also less likely to cause any damage to your hair. You can use these for the time duration of two months. 

You can use permanent ones for up to six months, and while the risk of any damage is minimal, they can still bring some damage to the roots of your hair.

It is also important to note that the typical cost includes application cost and the hair extension cost. The lifespan of a hair extension refers to the wear time duration. Most kinds of hair extensions also require regular visits to a hairdresser for their maintenance.

How To Clip Your Hair Extensions

1st Step 

Begin by making sure that your natural hair is tangle-free as well as dry. Lay the extension down on a flat and clean surface while ensuring no tangles.

Position your fingers on either side of the hairline around an inch or so below your ears. Then separate your hairs at this position and place the top layer into a clip or ponytail. Generally, hair extensions come along with two to three wefts for the rear of your hair, as these are the most extended pieces.

Take the smallest weft from the set and clip it into position onto your hairline. It is ideal to begin at the rear of your head with the middle clip and make sure to get as near to the roots as you can. If you are worried about the extensions falling out or have fine hair, tease the sections of your hair that you would be attaching clips to, and add some hairspray. This can be a necessary step if you have virgin hair.

Once the flip clip is secure, then work on the side clips. As near your face as you can and make sure that there is no bunching down the weft. 

2nd Step

When you have successfully secured the first weft, bring down around a half-inch of hair again while making sure that it is not tangled up. Bring the second longest weft that came with the set and secure it, similar to how you attached the first one.

Now with the rear of your head, secure the middle clip, then attach the remaining pins on any side of your head. Keep it as close to your face as possible.

In addition, if the hair is fine, ensure that you tease the section of the hair where you will be securing the clips. In most kits, this one would be your longest weft.

3rd Step

Generally speaking, hair extension sets will include two to four wefts of the same width. You have to attach those wefts to the side of your head. To connect those wefts, bring your hair down to eyebrow level, pick any one of the wefts to begin securing it on any side of your face, and in this step, start connecting the clips that will be closed to your face first.

As for the remaining clips that will go to the rear of your head, attach them as far as possible. Repeat this same process for the remaining side with the other weft.

4th Step

Once you have completed the steps mentioned above, you will have two to four small wefts remaining and usually only an inch-wide. These secure at the front of your head, and there is no foolproof method of securing. These are filler pieces and rely significantly on the haircut of your natural hair.

To begin securing these, you can bring down all your hair and try to spot any gaps while noting that these are to surround your face. To hide the weft, simply lift a few inches of your hair and clip them right in. You can also wear three of the smallest wefts, one on either side and the remaining on others, depending on your haircut or wear.

You can also browse for videos that demonstrate how to clip in hair extensions, as it may help better understand the process by seeing it yourself first, and the ideal way to get good at it is by practicing.

You can also try placing wefts at different spots or where you are parting your hair to bring out the best look for you.


Don’t stress yourself if you cannot get the clip-in extensions ideally on your first attempt. Always remember that these extensions are temporary, allowing you to try again as many times as you’d like to get the perfect look. Over time you will be able to find extensions that work for you and suit all your needs. 


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