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Tips To Deal With Bags Under Your Eyes


It is essential to know the basics behind how your skin changes can help you immensely in treating it right. For example, most of us will eventually have to see the signs of aging –this includes dark circles and wrinkles, among other signs. The skin will lose its collagen and start looking different, but that does not mean it’s not beautiful. However, many of us have to deal with the signs of aging before we should, and being frustrated about it is understandable. 

It’s one of the days when you want to look fresh and radiant, and while your dress matches the intention, the bags don’t –and no, we’re not talking about the adorable handbag you ordered online. Bags under our eyes often mar the enthusiastic look we’re going for. Eye bags can make you look fatigued and snatch away a touch from your overall bright appearance, leaving you looking pale and dull. And while the market claims to be very helpful in getting rid of these eye-bags, rarely do the products end up being of any use. Instead, it’s better to follow these tips with dedication if you want to get rid of them. 


Resting Well

This is probably unsurprising, but if you are dealing with the stress of bags under your eyes, you’re also likely dealing with stress in general. Our body gives us signs, and it’s vital we learn to read and respond to them. Resting enough is important is public knowledge –but ‘enough’ can also vary from one individual to another. If you’re dealing with more fatigue or stress, you’ll need more time to regenerate. Seek help for improving your sleep if that’s where the issue lies. You’ll be amazed by how much of a difference decreased stress (and cortisol levels) can have on your eyes. 

Green Tea

You can safely assume that green tea’s health benefits are far-reaching. For starters, having your usual cup of green tea to sip on is going to be beneficial for your health. Its well-known antioxidant properties have a significant effect when it enters your body. But you can also simply apply those tea bags under your eyes and see how well your appearance responds to the anti-inflammatory magic of green tea. Furthermore, these tea bags are also known to have reasonable control over the aging process, which is another benefit you don’t want to miss out on. 

Cold Compress 

While dark circles are generally a cosmetic concern, the remedy doesn’t have to be fixated on super expensive cosmetic products. Easy and quick methods that help relieve the bags under your eyes include some of the most basic supplies. For example, a simple cold compress session can help you massively. For immediate relief, at least, using a cold compress for your eyes can easily suffice. The cold of that area will help get the blood vessels back to normal, and you’ll feel and look better and fresher. Ordinary materials like frozen veggies and washcloths can help, but if you’d instead buy something from the store, that is also a good option. 

Quit Smoking 

An essential requirement for healthy skin is vitamin C. When you smoke, among the numerous harmful effects on your health, it can also potentially be the cause behind those bags under your eyes. Not only will it rob you of Vitamin C, but the nicotine withdrawal that is common with smoking will leave your eye bags worse. If you’re serious about getting rid of the dark circles, you’ll need to spend time and energy on getting healthy from the inside. While quitting can be super challenging, it is possible with the right help. Various resources will help you let go of this habit, and when your dependence on smoking is gone, you’ll look better and healthier.


One of the biggest causes behind most issues we have with our skin is hydration-related. Dehydration turns out to be something our skin despises. You’ll start noticing the loud, glaring symptoms of your skin if you’re dehydrated. Generally, the issue is that while people are aware of how vital water is for them, they don’t particularly like drinking it or tend to forget. You can follow some tips if you deal with the same issue, like setting a hydration reminder or switching to other fluids. Eating fruits with high water content is also a good option. With your hydration done right, you’ll be surprised by how you can get rid of under-eye bags. 


Under-eye bags are an ordinary skincare problem people struggle with, but with the proper routine, change is standard. The key to the right skincare routine is to understand your skin and its needs. If dark circles happen to be your target focus, using retinol cream may help you significantly. With its vitamin A content, the cream helps with collagen deficiency. As a result, you look far brighter and fresher. 


Yes, the friendly old tomatoes can help you with those hard to get rid of dark circles. Since tomatoes are rich in a substance known as lycopene, you can take advantage to get healthy-looking and beautiful skin. Lycopene is responsible for making your skin softer and more supple. Many people are also impressed by how applying tomato juice to the under-eye area helps them improve the appearance of dark circles. A commonly accepted way of using tomato for more beautiful skin is mixing it with lemon juice and then applying it to the skin. Drinking it is also a fantastic way of achieving your skincare goals. 


While these were some of the most effective tips, it’s important to remember that you’re beautiful just as you are. Your appearance should do more with how it makes you feel from inside and less about what it looks like to others. This is why you must remember that there could be multiple reasons for the appearance of your under-eye area –from genetics and age to skin type. While there are extreme options available to get rid of these dark circles, you must not plunge into this water thoughtlessly. 

Ask yourself why your dark circles matter and what they’re telling you. Maybe your skin reminds you to take better care of your diet, your mental health, and your overall peace. Working on these lifestyle habits and gradually making them a significant part of your life is a much healthier route to take.


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