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How To Make Money Selling Your Old Clothes


Are your unworn clothes, that are spilling out of your closet, causing you feelings of guilt? We all grow out or get bored of our old clothes, but don’t toss them. The best way to get rid of them is by donating or selling them. These online platforms are a sigh of relief for many who need extra cash, which might excite you to jump up and put your clothes up for sale. However, this can be taken as an innovative idea to provide clothes for those in need. Well, you may open an NGO to collect and distribute clothes too. Whichever reason you may have, there is an upside for selling used clothes. Let’s figure out some tips so that you can sell clothes online conveniently. There are online and offline marketplaces available to facilitate sellers to market their clothes.

What Will You Sell?

Sell those clothes that no longer spark joy to you or the ones that you no longer fit in. Also, consider selling clothes that don’t fit your personality. Declutter your wardrobe and throw away the torn clothes without giving them a second thought. 

Here Are A Few Must-Have Tips For Selling Your Clothes:

  • You must have good quality, clear photos, so users know your item well and buy.
  •  Honesty is the best policy. Honestly, write a description of your clothes or items. It saves you from feeling embarrassed later if something goes wrong.
  •  Etiquettes will take you far in the long run. Each app has its regulations and rules, but some universally recognized tips for making yourself a rockstar seller, for example, be prompt and patient in replying or solving queries. Communicate timely if there are delays.

Online Marketplaces are the best places to consider if you wish to sell old clothes. Though in comparison with electronic items, old clothes may not have a high resale value, even then, you can make yourself some money. Poshmark, Tradesy, eBay, and Thredup are popular websites and stores where you can sell your worn-out clothes.


Poshmark is an online platform for marketing your unwanted clothing items. You post a photo of your item with its features and details on the website. People can look for and purchase various clothing options standardized in themes such as blouses or boots. If your item sells, then shipping descriptions are provided, and they cover the total price below 5 pounds. Directly from their website, check out the commission pattern. With total sales under $15, Poshmark keeps a flat commission of $2.95. The rest is all yours and above $15 or more, 80% of your sales you can save, and Poshmark’s commission is 20%.


Due to rapidly increasing competition among online marketplaces, eBay has tumbled down between the sellers in a few years. The reason is mainly that eBay increased seller fees, but it’s a fantastic option for selling clothes, accessories, and shoes. The eBay price pattern is favorable for clothing dealers as the initial 100 auction-style listings you have are free, and every additional item is $0.30 post that sale. When you make a deal, you spend a 10% cost on the article’s total payment, which is considerably less commission than several other clothing deals sites fee.


Gently used women’s and children’s clothes are put up for sale on Thredup where you can utilize their clothing calculator to specify how reasonably the company may payout. Using this platform, you can discover what brands they accept and what brands they do not accept during the selling process to save you from fewer headaches. The first step you send them your clothes free through courier facilities in a Thredup clean outbox and get up to 80% of your clothes, and they keep 20% commission for themselves. Typically payments are given in the form of purchasing credits or PayPal payments. In the whole process, if they received the item but didn’t approve in that case, you can give those items to charity or pay the shipping fee of $12.99 to get the commodity back.


Tradesy is one of the online selling platforms that cut the lowest commission from a sale, which is 9% if you choose to put your sale money on Tradesy. On the other hand, if you prefer the money to yourself, there is a PayPal transfer fee of 2.9% added to Tradesy ‘s commission, which is 9%. Despite taking a total commission of 11.9% from the sale, Tradesy puts extra money in your wallet than any other online preferences. It’s easier to use Tradesy’s online selling platform. Snap a clear picture of your clothing item you want to sell and share a post. They will then submit a price for your item or fix the price point, whatever you prefer. As you set the price, they pull the background from your picture in 24 hours, so your items look clearer and great.

Apart from all the online platforms, offline outlets are also available to sell your worn-out stuff.

Regional apparel exchanges: Find out the stores using the internet nearby you or in the city which buys used clothes and sells. Review rates and other commission related policies with other shops and decide.

Garage sale: Clothes are not a popular item in comparison with electronics or other items. If you don’t get a good deal and nothing seems to be working out, then it’s better to host a garage sale on any weekend. This is the best bet for you to get extra bucks for your old clothes.

Buffalo Exchange: It’s a brick -and- mortar based company around the U.S. in several locations. If you consider making some additional money in exchange for used clothes or another dress, it’s the right place. However, they don’t accept everything for various items they sell on an average of 15%.

Goodwill/ Salvation Army: Though you will not get cash for giving off your clothes at the Goodwill/Salvation Army, you can use your donations to charities as tax deductions, which can save you some money and perhaps get you large tax returns.

Final word

Declutter your wardrobe and do away with the old energy by selling your old clothes as your closet is spilling over and your wallet is dry. Well, jokes apart, it’s a feel-good factor since your brimming over wardrobe is getting clearer, and at the same time, you are earning cash out of that stack. Our world is full of good ideas; now it’s high time to use these innovative ways. There are various platforms where you can sell clothes. You must look into one of those to solve your purpose and live a clutter-free life. 


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