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How To Dye Your Hair At Home


According to a study by Nexxus, around 43 million in the United States get their hair dyed every six months. Though it could be a real pain if you hate dyeing your hair at home, you have to do additional hard work. But it’s not that bad in dyeing hair at home. Yes, it does take time to do it at home, but salons are expensive, as we all know very well. So, it would help if you had some valuable tips and adequately explained steps so that dyeing your home can be a breeze. After you have made up your mind to dye your hair at home, there is more to think about before committing. With the vast range of coloring products, techniques available, and shade options, it may be challenging to decide on something specific. 

A Little Guide To Choosing The Right Color 

If you have blue, brown, or hazel eyes with maybe green or blue dots, you should opt for cool-toned colors for your dye. If you have hazel, blue or brown eyes with brown spots, you should go for warm-toned colors such as auburn red, golden brown, wheat-toned black, or reddish tones over black. It is recommended to leave the more drastic job dyes for the

professional salon colorists, though. Now, maybe you don’t prefer using store-bought dyes; you can dye your hair naturally, too. This article has the answer for it all!

How To Dye Your Hair Naturally?

Traditional, store-bought dyes could contain chemicals like ammonia that could damage your hair. If you are taking the natural dye route, here are some options for you:


You can dye your hair red by using henna. It comes in powder and is the best, most vibrant, and long-lasting dye option. You would have to mix half a cup of henna in a quarter cup of water. When you have a mixture that matches mashed potatoes’ consistency, let it sit covered in plastic wrap for 12 hours. Wash, but don’t condition your hair before applying it on damp hair. Let it stay overnight, preferably before washing.

Carrot Juice 

If you want a reddish-orange tint in your hair, use carrot juice. Mix it with olive or coconut hair and apply it liberally all over your head. Let it sit for an hour and rinse it out with apple cider vinegar. If you want the color to be brighter, repeat the process the following day.

Beet Juice 

If you want a deeper red tint and cool undertones, beet juice is a great juice. Mix the beet juice with any carrier oil, coconut, or olive. It would be best to wait for about an hour before rinsing it out.

Chamomile Tea

If you are a blonde or want to lighten your hair a bit, chamomile is the way to go. Use boiling water to steep half a cup of chamomile flowers. Let it sit and cool. Strain out the flowers and pour your steeped tea after washing your hair. It would be best if you did this ten times, and you can wash it out only after waiting for 15 minutes. Do this treatment once a week if you want the light, gorgeous color.


Darkening up your black or dark brown hair is comfortable with sage. Firstly, in boiling water, steep a cup and a half of dried sage. Steeping it longer would result in a darker tint. After the water cools, strain the sage out. Wash and dry your hair with a towel and pour the tinted water on your hair for a long time. Letting the tint develop before rinsing for as long as possible would result in a darker shade.


If you want a quick boost to your dark hair, coffee is the option to go for first. Firstly, you will need a cup of the strongly brewed dark-roast cup. Make a mixture of coffee grounds measuring two tablespoons, a cup of hair conditioner that you can leave in, and half a cup of the brewed coffee. Please put it on your hair for an hour and then wash it out. Though this won’t last long, it’s perfect if you want rich-colored hair for a day or two.

How To Dye Your Hair With Store-Bought Dye

If you opt for dyeing your hair with products, follow the steps given below for optimal results. You will need a hair-dye box, brush for applying, a mixing bowl, and makeup remover wipes. To get the best results, it would be best that you don’t wash for two to three days before dying. Choose a color that is a bit darker than the shade you are going for, as the color would be lighter. You should also do a strand test even if you are very inclined to ignore it as this step is crucial. Your hair texture and hair thickness will affect how fast the color lightens. 

Follow all the instructions given on the box to the dot. You should start applying the dye half an inch away from the roots and work your way to the ends of your hair. This tip would help the color develop quicker. Use a brush to get precise and professional results. If you don’t dye your whole head but want some highlights, use a toothbrush instead of a brush. Instead of highlighting random strands, work your way from the back toward the crown of your head. Take parts that are a quarter-inch wide, each a quarter-inch apart. Rinse your hair as per the instructions in the box.

Hair Care Tips After Dyeing

Tips that you should keep in mind after dyeing your hair at home.

    1. Wait for at least three days after coloring to wash your hair and use cold water. Preferably, use a shampoo and conditioner free of sulfates as sulfates may ruin all your hard work. You can also mix the dye into your conditioner. Ultimately, it would be best if you skipped washing your hair on some days use a leave-in conditioner. A good option for that is one by ‘Living Proof.’
    2. It would be best to avoid hair styling tools totally or use the heat-protectant spray before using them.
    3. It would help if you avoided pools as they have chlorine, which could dull your hair color. If you do have swimming classes, though, use a swim cap or shower cap. 
    4. You should also get regular trims and use a clarifying shampoo the previous day of your appointment at a salon. It will clean your scalp from any oils, potentially blocking the dye from profoundly penetrating the hair cuticles.
    5. Use tea tree oil. It is an excellent essential oil that has been in use in medicine for hundreds of years. It does wonders to keep your scalp and hair healthy by cleansing it of toxins. It is a great oil to use before dyeing if you have dry or damaged hair. 
    6. Jamaican castor oil is a great oil to use regardless of what your hair is. It will moisturize, strengthen as well as thicken your hair fast. Not only does it increase blood circulation in the scalp, but it also carries valuable nutrients that are great for your scalp. Overall, it will keep your scalp and hair healthy, just like the tea tree oil.


As already mentioned above, it is relatively safe and comfortable to color your hair at home. You must follow every instruction given on the box when you are using dyeing products. Besides that, it would be better not to dye your hair if your hair is damaged. You have other options, too, such as getting extensions of a different color, getting a wig, or get a temporary color job done. It’s the 21st century, and you have many things to play with, so choose what works for you!


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