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Hormonal Acne: Try This Supplement


Yes, there are many things in the world to fret over, and surely acne does not win the race to be the meanest. But if you have gone through it (or are still going through it), then you know that not only the meanest things are mean. Everything on the list is.

Generally, the acne goes over with time. But sadly, this is not a thumb rule. Many have to bear the breakout well into adult life. Many a time, this becomes a vital issue that confronts our confidence and how we carry on. When years of medicines and DIY home remedies fail to give satisfactory results, people learn how to compromise.

But not anymore. Though these supplements are not a life savior, you can enjoy significant improvements on your skin over time. Check out the list and know why your skin needs them.

Why Should You Consider Taking Supplements?

There is a saying that goes by- the food you eat makes the person you are. The healthier diet that you feed your body, the healthier your body will become. That is why dermatologists often suggest you lay off foods from specific categories to control your breakout. Staying clear of them may help you control your breakouts, but they are no guarantee to heal the menace.

To cure your dysfunctioning hormones, you must have the correct dose of the specific vitamins and minerals that will heal your skin problems rather than preventing them. But it is easier said than done. Even the most balanced diet that we will take won’t provide us with enough dose of the required minerals. And this is where the role of supplements comes in.

Supplements give you a concentrated dose so that you can reap its effect faster and more effectively. 

Some Supplements That You Should Consider To Fight Acne

  1. Vitamin B – Vitamin B is directly related to the rejuvenation of the body. They are essential for cell growth (the red blood cells) and the body’s overall functioning, including metabolism. When your body rejuvenates, your skin gets healthier, and you can have an escape from acne.
  2. Zinc – Zinc has anti-inflammatory property which can soothe your skin and lessen the outbreak of acne by suppressing the sebum produced by the skin. It also makes the skin more efficient in fighting off the bacteria that can cause irritation and the resulting inflammation.
  3. Magnesium – Magnesium has properties that reduce skin inflammation in addition to the many other benefits that it gives. If you have a hormonal outbreak, then using a magnesium spray might be more effective, giving you better results in a few weeks.
  4. Omega-3 – Omega 3 or fatty oils/fish oil, as we generally call it, can regulate the hormone testosterone produced in your body. Testosterones are associated mainly as the cause of over-stimulating the oil glands, releasing more sebum and hence triggering acne.
  5. Ashwagandha – It is a herb that boosts your immunity. Packed with chemicals that infuse your body with the right things, it also helps you treat acne and scars. 

Are The Supplements Different From Conventional Medicines?

If you’ve been to a dermatologist, chances are high you have either taken retinol or antibiotics to ward off the bacteria on the skin, thus reducing the outbreak. But most of you would have noticed how little these medicines worked, and they were never really to heal the skin but to keep them from breaking out.

Moreover, these medicines have some serious side effects that last long. The main victim of this is your gut. With the medication working on the good and bad bacteria, the gut is deprived of its microbiome, and this leads to a series of upset stomachs. 

Downside Of Supplements

For example, zinc is an excellent alternative but should not be the only source of medication you trust. Sure they will provide you some results, but for a foolproof method, there are a lot of things that you should keep under check.

Another area where taking supplements harm us indirectly is that many of the supplements follow a basic rule when they are absorbed by the body. For example, zinc and copper follow an inverse relation. The more zinc your body takes up, the lesser it has an affinity to take copper, leading to copper deficiency.

IN SOME CASES, Vitamin B has been found to increase the breakout in some people by increasing the activity of germs (especially P. acne) in the pores causing acne. Hence if you notice that the supplement Vitamin B increases your acne, discontinue.

While using any supplement, you should have good knowledge about the dosage and the effects it can have on your body. Each body has its unique way of reacting and yielding results. Hence, while trying out a new product, be sure to consult a dermatologist or an expert in the field.

Do Home Remedies Stand A Chance?

As natural it sounds, the home remedies may have been your first step to treat acne. You might also put them once in a while to soothe your mind. But the fact that home remedies cannot fight against the medicines/supplements holds mostly true.

Home remedies are best suited when you have a pimple here or there. But if you suffer from a severe acne issue that is persisting for too long, home remedies should not be your only resort.

Moreover, they are tedious. Even for supplements, it takes over two weeks to show significant improvement. Hence, for home remedies, it may take months if you have not run out of patience.

If Nothing Works Out, Then What?

Going acne-free is sure going to make you rejoice. But what if they don’t go away even with all the efforts? 

Then take heart; you have tried it all. You tried to do everything in your capacity. But sometimes things don’t go as planned. It is best to get expert advice; hence you can consult a few doctors and get an opinion on your skin.


Many times acne is a result of stress and anxiety. This is because during this time, the body experiences imbalance in hormones. A similar effect is seen when women get pregnant or around the time of the menstrual cycle.

It is a common problem that most of us face, but with no absolute medicine. The supplements available now give the closest possible result now and hence are the best take for acne.


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