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How To Dress Up Your Look Hacks


Looking smart and stylish is not about wearing super intricate designer dresses but about how one style can match the occasion and persona. Dressing up is one of the most overwhelming processes, sometimes even deciding how one feels about themselves, impacting the events throughout the day. While it is no rocket science, still to dress in a way that serves both minimal yet chic looks has its fair share of struggles for both men and women.

A fabulous wardrobe with a multitude of expensive dresses might seem tempting. But the discomfort and efforts one needs to put in carrying the look around are barely manageable. Moreover, to create a fresh and trendy look while still being comfortable, all you need is to keep a few dressing tips and tricks in mind. 

Check out the following article for tips and tricks on how to dress up your look in your most basic outfits. 



Most women have a closet full of fancy clothes and whatnot. Still, many of them fail to achieve that picture-perfect look. Let us look at a bunch of simple ways to excel at this fashion game with minimal effort. 

Tucking That Top In

Do not hide the shape of your body or fear flaunting the curves with those baggy-looking clothes. An instant method to elevate a plain tee’s look or that oversized shirt you kept is to tuck it into the jeans or to tie a knot in the front. 

Tucking in brightens the appearance of even the dullest of your closet t-shirts without compromising on the comfort. It is a perfect regular look with a polished and intelligent feel to it.

Have Fun With The Colors

Black, white, and gray are not everyone’s favorite colors for a reason. They are comfortable and a safe bet. Therefore, many people do not even bother with different shades, and it is a loss.

A hint of color to your boring dresses can hugely impact your overall look and aura. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone and adding colors is not necessarily extravagant like neon, but a simple light and vibrant tone can give that touch of modishness and attract attention. 

A Great Pair Of Shoes

Invest in shoes. Nothing can beat a good pair of footwear. They can easily make or break your look no matter your hours in front of the mirror. 

There is always a pair of footwear that goes best with an outfit, and it can be sandals, boots, or even flip-flops. But, in case you do not have multiple options, choose a pair of white sneakers or heels.

A typical white sneaker goes with almost every outfit, but if they feel too familiar to give that trendy touch, try something new and put on those heels. You do not have to break your legs in high heels; choose a comfortable pair and rock the outfit.

Add Layers


You do not have to wear an expensive dress to look so, add a leather jacket and some clothing layers over that simple blouse, and you’re good to go. It instantly builds up individuality and delivers character to the look.

Now adding layers doesn’t mean pulling up any random piece of clothing over another. Styling carefully, mixing, and matching to give a trendy abstract touch is essential. Moreover, if you plan on wearing the outfit both day and night, it is better to choose layers on factors like temperature, ambiance, occasion, and trends. Simply release a layer, and voila, it’s a new outfit.

Don’t Miss The Belt

Not just with jeans, one can use a belt with dresses and even layered outfits to give that polished and sleek quality to them. A belt makes the outfit seem well put together, adding the flair curves to an otherwise baggy look.

You can further choose a belt with fun textures and colors for that extra flavor and use it as that eye-catching feature of the entire fit.

Cuff Those Jeans

Bottom wears as jeans work significantly in the long run. Since one can never run out of outfits to work with a decent pair of jeans, a much smart trick to freshen the look with the same old jeans is to roll or cuff them up.

A little ankle hurts nobody, and the chic look it creates is worth a try, especially when you are trying to flaunt those stunning pair of shoes. 

Cuff the skinny jeans with neat and more minor folds to maintain that fitting look of the pants while going all casual and rolling that baggier, straight-leg jeans in a messy way work exceptionally well.


A simple scarf, some funky earrings, a necklace, etc., can make a huge difference with minimal effort, instantly spicing up the look. 

You don’t have to go all out with lavish and expensive jewelry or accessories; a simple scarf or even an elegant phone case will do the job when chosen thoughtfully. They add interest and taste to the most basic outfit like a plain t-shirt and are perfect for making a statement, even more with a customized piece. 

Stacking up multiple rings is another must-try trend for that fabulous and funky touch, instead of just one or two, which adds a cute character.

Trendy And Safe Masks 

2020 and the pandemic made masks a necessity, and however long the corona stays, face masks have entered the trend game for good. 

Since it is imperative not to compromise on quality and effective masks in the name of fashion, a lot of brands are stepping up the game by putting out masks that serve both trend and safety. A funky, stylish, and cool face mask acts as an accessory, enhancing the basic look.

Do Your Hair Different

Deciding to spend a little extra time and effort to style up the hair a bit different from the same old way of tucking them works efficiently to add character and give a fresh overall look.

Hair accessories are an effective way to manage a bad hair day while also adding flavor to simple hairstyles like braids and ponytails. Many hair accessories give the elegant and neat regular look without risking it for a flashy appearance as that on special occasions.

If you are ready to go a step further with the style trends, go for that haircut session, you have been postponing for a while now. A well-done haircut boosts your confidence and instantly helps you pull off almost any look.

Know The Occasion

You can’t wear a t-shirt to work; choose a button-down shirt with solid colors and an elegant design. Similarly, you do not wear skirts for a walk in the park. Selecting the dress as per the occasion and the surroundings is a foremost step towards styling it right. 

Each place’s dress code, specified or not, is directly influenced by the working environment, comfort, and ambiance. Know the correct way to add that style element to an outfit as per the place you’re wearing it to and nail it.

Be Confident

Everything comes down to one thing, and that is how you carry the look. Being comfortable in one’s skin and wearing everything with confidence boosts the chances of you rocking the outfit by 100%, even the dullest of them all.

Models and the stylish women you see do not look good because of the expensive clothes or the makeup they do; it’s confidence. Let your socks peek through your shoes, wear bold lipstick shade, make a style statement of your own, and feel great in what you’re wearing.


A capsule wardrobe with limited mixing and matching options, and a person can still rock the fashion game when styled right. The unlimited possibilities and ways of implementing intricate looks can get so overwhelming that it can scare a person off with dropping self-assurance and no attempts whatsoever. 

The simple changes and tricks mentioned in the above article increase your chances of looking as bright, if not more, than that girl you adored for her dress sense. Remember to carry any look you may, prioritizing comfort and with confidence. Therefore, the next time you leave the house, make your efforts count.


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