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Best Devices To Help With Your Posture


A good posture is essential for your health. It has been reported that 90% of the Americans involved in their jobs spend most of their time sitting at the desks. Hence, they suffer a lot from posture issues. In the morning, when you wake up with proper alignment of spine, shoulders, and back but by evening, the condition changes, and long hours of sitting at the office desk results in poor posture problems, affecting your actual health. Every child is asked to sit up straight at a growing age, but the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar curves are never straight. When incorrect posture increases, your spine’s natural curve is affected, and you face health issues. 

Your appearance changes due to poor posture and can become more chronic, enhancing pain in the neck, head, or back. It may also lead to deformities in the spinal, stress, low blood circulation, etc. Studies show that poor posture is linked with high B/P and muscle pain in the neck. And when you strain your neck muscles, the cells that send signals to the brain for supplying blood become less functional. Therefore people are switching to technology for improving posture. 

To fight the harmful effects of poor posture, there are many ways and solutions like using an ergonomic chair for lumbar support at the office, shifting your body your body’s position, exercising to core muscles taking short breaks. When you fail to improve your posture yourself, then it is better to use devices. 


Lumo Lift

It is a small magnetic tool that is worn on the shoulders to track your posture. It intends to gently vibrate and ask you to sit and stand straight in case of bad posture. 

Mac Breakz

This is a posture improving app that offers prevention and recovery mode programs. Prevention mode coaches and encourages stretch exercises to lose your muscles and pull for your good posture with a short break. The second mode, i.e., recovery mode, is useful for people who have back, neck pain, poor blood circulation, and weak vision. 


This is also a wearable tool with clips to fit into your waistband. Prana tracks breath patterns, posture, and diaphragmatic breathing.  It sends alerts with occasional push to remind you about your improper posture. 


Using a hypoallergenic adhesive strip, this device is attached to your lower back to deliver a mild vibration when it finds that posture is slipping. It is designed to train your muscles and could be worn per day for 15 to 60 minutes. 

There are some more posture corrections to improve your sitting and standing habits. It isn’t easy to maintain good posture due to long working hours. Bad posture is due to some injury, or genetic, whereas good posture is when muscles and skeleton both are in alignment means when both are energy efficient and stable. Some mistakes like daily habits, exercise, or even bad shoe choice can affect your posture. They all lead to deformities in the human body. Hence to check to slouch few posture correctors can be used to keep your back in its proper shape. 

Qualities Of A Good Posture Corrector

When choosing posture devices, it’s better to pick lightweight and comfortable items that could be easily worn when your spine’s position is neutral. It should also correct when you round up your shoulders. The straps should have velcro to help it make them more adjustable for different body sizes and types. It should be easy to wear on your clothing. 

Among the traditional posture correctors, some products are not bulky and could be worn under your clothes. These are designed to distribute pressure evenly between the shoulder blades. They are available in different sizes beginning from regular to XXL or XXXL, depending on your body’s size. The fabric used is breathable, and it fits across your back with the help of padded straps without hindering your movement. They have a slim design and are exceptional for posture corrections. Some simple stretch exercises pull your shoulders, upper body, abdomen, arms, and chest. Aligning your body from top to bottom with your head in the upright position. Keeping your shoulders and neck along with spine alignment can help improve your posture. 


For good posture, stretch exercises, meditation, and the use of devices (complex cases) can be helpful. But make sure that the exercises and workouts should be practiced under the guidance of a trained physiotherapist to avoid injury, muscle damage, and other problems. It is recommended to use office chairs with back support to aid your naturally curved back. It’s also advisable to take a small break from long sitting at the office desk. Follow these steps and improve your health.


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