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10 Ways To Reduce Signs Of Aging


It is vital to pamper your skin in your 30s as several signs of aging develop. These could be dullness, pigmentation, fine lines, or wrinkles. But, all of them equally make you look old. Surely, no one wants that. The internal and external changes result in sensitive skin as you step into your 30s. Here are the top tips for creating a healthy skincare routine and a visage free of fine lines. 

Use Sunscreens, Avoid Tanning

UV energy destroys elastic fibers and collagen. As a result, it causes spots, sagging skin, wrinkled skin, fine lines, dilated blood vessels, and crosshatched wrinkles. A tanning bed can effectively and quickly ruin your skin. If you expose your skin to ultraviolet rays, free radicals produce and promote skin cancer and aging. 

So, what to do? Apply SPF 30 (broad-spectrum sunscreen) throughout the year as it contains either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. You can apply it to the chest, neck, and face. 

Treat And Control Acne Scarring

Often the blemishes and pimples leave behind brown spots. These last for months. Acne can continue in women till their 30s. Pimples and pop-ups on the skin prevent it from being clean and spot-free. If you have acne-prone skin and they keep breaking out, read further.  At times, tissue damage accompanies this acne under the skin cysts and nodules. As a result, your skin scars. Frustration is natural when your oily skin is loaded with acne. So, continuous picking can also be a cause of scarring. In the 30s, the skin starts losing its elasticity and is among the signs of aging. Also, if the scars aren’t stretched flat, they appear more prominently. 

So, what to do? You can improve mild acne scarring using topical Tazorac cream. There are spot treatments that should be carried out under the care of a dermatologist. For acne-prone skin, one may get fractional laser resurfacing done. 

Prevent Collagen Breakdown 

Suppose one over-indulges in carbs like corn syrup, sugar, honey, dextrose, white rice, or bread; premature aging will be obvious. There’s even scientific evidence behind it. Even concentrated fruit juice can age your skin in the mid-30s. Glycation is a process through which the protein molecules in elastin and collagen are ingested with sugar bonds. It forms AGE products, also called advanced glycation end products. These are harmful.

Elastin and collagen weaken with AGE. It leads to clogged pores, wrinkles, and sagging effects on your body. Foods that do not break down to carbohydrates are low-glycemic diets. You can include these in your skincare routine. 

Stop Smoking

The smoke of tobacco can damage elastin and collagen. These are the fibers that make your skin strong and elastic. Further, the nicotine present in cigars constricts your blood vessels. So, the blood flow to your skin reduces. If your skin doesn’t get enough oxygen, it will also stay untouched by vitamins. Cigarette heat can also cause wrinkles, as per studies. In addition, pursing the lips repeatedly to inhale results in premature aging and wrinkling around the mouth. In research of 2013 conducted on 79 identical twin pairs, those who smoked had more fine lines than those who didn’t. Tobacco can harm all skin types and deteriorate your overall health. So, if you currently smoke, visit a healthcare expert and learn about smoking cessation programs. 

Control Weight Fluctuations

In the 30s, it’s common to have weight fluctuations. Whether it’s related to food choices or pregnancy-related weight gain, dead skin cells are a result. People who have stress-related eating, a hectic lifestyle, and no time to exercise face skin issues. Also, repeatedly losing and gaining weight can make your skin more elastic, leave behind loose skin, stretch marks, and jowls. So, you can ensure that your weight stays in the normal range. 

Increase Internal Hydration

Your skin health will directly be impacted by how hydrated your internal organs are. Drinking three to four liters of water every day and taking a daily supplement will promote hydrated and healthy skin cells. Vitamin E and collagen help rejuvenate the skin and glow it up. Along with that, you may consume walnuts and almonds every day to provide your body with sufficient omega 3. 

Get Good Sleep

If you want your skin cells to replenish and reboot, make sure you get a good sleep. Damaged cells repair themselves, thanks to the growth hormones. However, not sleeping well in your 30s can lead to dryness under your eyes, puffy bags, and visible wrinkles. You may pick eye creams available in the market for curing what’s already happened. But, nothing can replace six to eight hours of sleep. Sound sleep also helps reduce stress levels. You can seek other ways too to control anxiety as it directly turns your skin older. 

Exercise Regularly

Ensure that you regularly exercise even if you’re preoccupied with a hectic work routine. Your skin starts sagging after 30. Hence, exercise to keep the skin cells healthy. Meditate and practice mindfulness every day apart from strenuous exercises. 

Learn deep breathing exercises and move your facial muscles by frowning, squinting, and pursing your lips. Regular workouts and yoga not only protect your skin they also keep your body in good shape. 

Use Gentle Skin Cleansers

In your 20s, your skin may have required harsh products for acne-prone skin. However, using them in your 30s isn’t right since your sensitive skin can no longer bear harshness. If you don’t want to look aged or end up destroying your skin, use gentler alternatives. So, the skin will have a healthy and natural glow, and it will retain all the essential oils.

Moisturize Your Skin

Dehydrated skin can accentuate the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. So, if you keep your skin moisturized, you can prevent aging. No matter the skin types (especially if it’s dry), apply a moisturizer soon after taking a shower. It protects your skin from turning feeble, thereby making you look young. Green tea is a great skin moisturizer. 


Too many skin solutions can be hard to digest. But, you can pick a few randomly (depending on your skin type) and create a personalized skin routine. Apart from SPF 30 and increasing body hydration, you can also go for beta hydroxy acid skin products. These peel off the dead skin cells and make room for rejuvenated ones. So, adapt the ten ways to reduce signs of aging in your 30s and pave the way for a younger you! 


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