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How To Stay Young With A Healthy Lifestyle


Most people resort to anti-wrinkle creams, expensive beauty products, and a hundred different home remedies to look young. Will you make you LOOK young? Maybe. Will they help you STAY young? Not. There is a massive difference between looking young and staying young, which needs to be understood. However, achieving ever-lasting youth is not all that simple. There are a few things that you must keep practicing every single day and ultimately build a healthy lifestyle. That’s right. No matter how expensive products you use and how fancy your makeup brands are, it will not take you anywhere close to your young dream unless your health basics are on point. 

This guide will discuss how your lifestyle and youth go together while inspiring you to become a healthier version of yourself. Let’s get started!

Let’s Learn The Value Of Taking A Holistic Approach Here

For any significant result in your body, be it physical, mental, or spiritual, you must always take a holistic approach. A holistic approach is when you consider all the significant factors of your health and align them to develop a healthy lifestyle. When this happens, your body starts getting younger, inside out. 

Now, there are four primary pillars of your health: diet, exercise, sleep, and stress. A sense of balance needs to be achieved to bring all these factors into the ideal alignment. Your diet should be nutritionally sound; sleep should be 7-9 hours, regular exercise, and stress must be under control. When all these things happen together, you become physically and mentally fit. And when that happens, you stay young. 

Use Sunscreen Every Day

Instead of treating signs of aging by using a dozen anti-aging skincare products, work on preventing it by using sunscreen. The UV rays that we face every day can cause irreversible sun damage, which results in wrinkled skin, age spots, hyperpigmentation, etc. All of these can be prevented if you wear sunscreen of at least SPF30 or more. You shouldn’t just apply sunscreen on your beach days, but on every day you head out of the house, or even if you spend your time indoors near a window or so. Sunscreen will not just protect your skin from external damage but will also ensure healthy, radiant, and spotless skin. 

Engage In Physical Activity Regularly

Pick any physical activity that suits you best and that you find fascinating. It could be low-impact cardio such as walking and cycling or high-impact exercises in strength training, HIIT, etc. The point is to actively move your body every day, to release sweat on the outside and other essentially happy hormones on the inside. As you sweat, the impurities from your body are eliminated, making your skin look fresh and plump. Exercising also releases hormones like endorphins, which are responsible for inducing a positive feeling. Other than that, regular exercise will also make you tired, resulting in a healthy sleep cycle. 

Eat Clean As Much As Possible

Clean eating means consuming whole foods, such as whole grains, nuts, eggs, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. These are nutritionally solid foods, which will help your body gain energy and strength while improving your immune system too. Seek medical advice and find out how many grams of protein your body requires and can digest. Accordingly, plan your meals such that there are an adequate amount of protein, carbs, good fats, and fiber is present. Protein will help you gain and maintain muscle mass; carbs will give you energy, fats will help in mental and physical stimulation, while fiber will encourage a healthy digestive system. 

Stay Hydrated At All Times

Water is the key to a lot of skin, hair, and body issues. The most commonly expressed concern about aging is wrinkled skin. However, this concern can be easily tackled by simply drinking enough water. A well-hydrated body also means well-hydrated skin, which looks plum, fresh, and glowing. All these things can practically reverse most of the signs of aging most naturally. Coming to the ideal water intake, you should be drinking at least eight glasses of water every day, approximately 2 liters. Try to keep track of how much water you are drinking to work on building a healthy and hydrating habit. 

Sleep Sound

Sleep affects almost every other factor of your lifestyle. For instance, poor sleep results in an anxious and tiresome state of mind, significantly hampering your mental health. Similarly, less sleep will also result in lesser energy throughout the day, leaving you with no motivation to exercise. And when you don’t exercise, your body won’t feel as hungry as it should, and your diet will be affected. Ultimately, all these factors will result in poor sleep quality, and you will be trapped in a vicious cycle. This is why it is advisable not to play with your sleep schedule unless it is essential. 

These were some of the top tips to help you become a healthier and younger version of yourself. In addition to these, you may also consider the following:

    • Control your sugar intake
    • Keep your skin moisturized
    • Avoid junk food
    • Stay away from soda
    • Meditate regularly
    • Cut back on alcohol
    • Socialize and stay active


All in all, there are many ways to get your youthful energy back. All you need to do is improve your lifestyle by adopting healthy practices. Even a little care and time to improve fundamental factors like diet, exercise, sleep, and stress can go a long way. So, what’s stopping you? Prepare a suitable workout plan, eat clean, sleep well, stay hydrated, and mediate your way through life. Lastly, remember, you are never too old to be young again. 


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