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Vitamin A Benefits


Did you know that Vitamin A is a nutrient your body needs for healthy skin and strong bones and muscles? In addition to that, Vitamin A can also help you maintain healthy eyes. As if that wasn’t enough, this vital vitamin offers other benefits as well! Keep reading to learn more about all the beautiful things Vitamin A can do for your health.


Strengthen Bones And Muscles

Vitamin A is a nutrient that’s essential for muscle and bone growth. That’s because Vitamin A ensures that your bones are getting enough calcium, which makes them strong. It does this by converting the calcium in food into an organic compound called calcitriol which your muscles can use to help them grow. Vitamin A also helps build proteins that make up new tissue, playing a crucial role in creating new cells. 

Give You Healthy Skin

Vitamin A is a nutrient that works like magic for your skin. For starters, Vitamin A can remove wrinkles and blemishes by maintaining the health of your skin cells. This is because Vitamin A repairs any damage done to the DNA of these cells, which helps prevent them from growing damaged or unhealthy. Vitamin A keeps all of your skin layers functioning correctly, so it can protect you from free radicals and other environmental toxins. It also keeps your skin hydrated by promoting proper oil production.

Improve Eye Health

Vitamin A is highly beneficial to keep your eyes healthy. It does this by keeping the cornea, the transparent dome on the front of your eye, clear so light can pass through it quickly to allow you to see. Vitamin A also works with other nutrients in foods such as zinc and Vitamin E to keep your retinas healthy. Your retinas are what let you see clearly because they convert light into electrical impulses, which are sent via nerve fibers to your brain, so it knows what you’re seeing!

Fight Cold And Flu Viruses

Another great benefit of vitamin A is that it can help you fight cold and flu viruses. Vitamin A has potent antiviral properties that stop the spread of infections from one cell to another. This means that with enough Vitamin A in your system, cold and flu viruses have a more challenging time infecting your body! 

Lower Risks Of Some Cancers

So you know that vitamin A can keep you healthy when fighting a cold, but it does even more than that! Some studies show that people who get plenty of Vitamin A in their diets are up to 20% less likely to develop lung cancer. Other research shows that men who consume large amounts of Vitamin A are 54% less likely to develop prostate cancer. This is because Vitamin A can help slow the growth of abnormal cells, which could eventually turn into cancer.

Helps Healthy Hair Growth

Vitamin A is a nutrient that helps you grow healthy hair. That’s because Vitamin A can reduce testosterone levels in your body which decreases the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that can damage hair follicles. To give you an idea, DHT is the leading cause of male pattern baldness! So if enough Vitamin A is present in your system, it may decrease how much DHT your body produces and thus keep your hair growing strong for years to come.

Improves Fertility For Men And Women

Vitamin A can also improve fertility in both men and women. For women, this is because Vitamin A ensures the production of healthy eggs since Vitamin A provides your body with essential fatty acids, which produce estrogen. This hormone regulates your menstrual cycle, so you get one every month! When you don’t have enough estrogen, it disrupts ovulation, meaning your body won’t be able to release an egg for fertilization. Low estrogen levels also contribute to infertility because the lining in the uterus doesn’t grow thick enough for a fertilized egg to implant itself properly.

Vitamin A plays an equally important role in promoting sexual function and sperm health for men. That’s because Vitamin A helps create testosterone which stimulates sperm production. A lack of testosterone can result in low sperm count and poor sperm motility. That is why both men and women should include good sources of Vitamin A like cod liver oil or multivitamins with beta carotene in their diets.

Great For Antioxidants

One of the best benefits of Vitamin A is that it’s a powerful antioxidant that protects your cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are molecules produced in your body during natural processes like breathing and digestion. They cause harm to your cells because they steal electrons from other molecules around them. This lets the free radical develop a positive charge which makes it unstable. The good news is vitamin A helps stop this process before it starts by neutralizing free radicals so they can’t do any more harm. 


There are so many benefits to Vitamin A. To get these results, you don’t need to take supplements. Instead, make sure you’re eating foods like liver, egg yolks, and dairy products daily because they contain high levels of Vitamin A, which can keep your body healthy from the inside out!


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