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Trendy Summer Hairstyles


This summer, try out something new with one of the trending hairstyles. Summer can be the busiest time of the year, but lucky for you the hairstyles below are easily obtainable, and anyone can look gorgeous with these styles. All the bases are covered, from bangs to messy buns!

Check out a few of these hairstyles and try to recreate them on yourself! Or give your friend a brilliant hairstyle suggestion before a night out. The best part is that after you become familiar with a hairstyle, you will repeat it quicker each time, which means less time in the bathroom fixing your hair in the mornings. 


Messy Bun 

This is a classic summer hairstyle that is perfect for days at the beach. The messy bun is the best because the messier, the better! Simply put your hair in a ponytail more towards the top of your head. Then starting at the bottom, begin to roll your hair upwards. Secure with another ponytail or elastic band. 

Enhance this style by pulling a small amount of hair out to frame your face. If you have side-bangs, then this is the perfect moment to showcase them. Also, do not forget to use pins to hold in the flyaways. 

Double Twisted Bun

There are many variations on this style, depending on your level of expertise. The videos online always make the hairstyles look so simple, but when you try to replicate it yourself, it is next to impossible. But do not worry yet, because this style allows you to build to more complex versions. 

Typically this style is two low buns at the nape of the neck and tends to be a more messy and loose look than sleeked back. Some also choose to do this hairstyle almost reversed with the buns on the top of their head. 

Curly Bangs 

A perfect hairstyle for summer is cute curly bangs, making the hair more feminine and elegant. This hairstyle is an excellent method to refresh your look in summer. It is easy to maintain and gives you the look of having more length and volume. This look is popular worldwide, so it is perfect for all occasions and those with long hair. 

Fishtail Braid

This is a complex-looking style that is best for those with longer hair. Instead of doing a simple braid, change it up with a fishtail. Like most braids, this one looks the best loose and almost messy look. There are many tutorials online that show this easy hairstyle. 

There are also many versions of this style to make it stand out. And remember to pull out your favorite hair accessories to add to this style.  

Sleek High Ponytail

Being stylish and having a good hairstyle is an integral part of our everyday life. A sleek high ponytail is a fashionable hairstyle you can build on. The best high ponytails always incorporate a suitable product, whether it is a hairspray, shine spray, or gel. 

Half Bun

Half buns are perfect for those days when you want some hair off your shoulders. It is easy to accomplish a style and can help hide greasy roots. It is also great for those that want to show off their bangs. 

If you have thin hair, try adding a hair extension or a hair bun donut. This will help add volume to your hair without teasing. Ensure to keep your bun loose so that it does not hurt the top of your head during the day. 


A hairstyle is generally a way of displaying one’s character but can also be a way of changing one’s appearance. Choosing a hairstyle is always essential to make yourself look good and have you feeling confident. Your hairstyles express your personality through your physical appearance.


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