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8 Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy


If it were up to any of us, we would always choose to be young. Although aging is inevitable, you can do things to slow down the process of aging and age with grace. It is very important to have good skin because you look healthy and full of life when your skin looks good. You might not have the money or the time to go through an extensive skincare routine, but these points are simple and basic, and anyone can follow them to keep their skin healthy. 


Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

We touch so many things throughout the day and commonly touch things and places that are not very clean. When you do this, you transfer all that oil, dirt, and sweat onto your face. Therefore, it is best to avoid touching your face, especially if you have a habit of doing so. Also, if you have pimples, try not to touch them or pop them because if you pop your pimples, you could get an infection. 

Change Your Pillowcase

If you sleep the recommended eight hours every night, that is one-third of your day in bed. Your face is rubbing on that pillow, and all the oil, hair, and dust is on it. Try to change your pillowcases often because it will keep your skin fresh and soft for much longer. If you cannot wash your pillowcases too often, you can flip your pillow and use the other side for a while to have a longer gap between days that you have to wash the pillow covers. 

Clean Your Phone

Your phone might be as dirty as your hands because it comes along everywhere with you. When the phone is near your face, those germs might get transferred to your face from your phone. Even the oil from your hands can come to your face via the phone so make sure you have a clean phone. One trick is to use the speaker or headphones when you speak. By doing this, you can be safe from any impurities reaching your face. 

Pull Your Hair Back

As mentioned above, your hair has many oils and buildup. Therefore, it is best if you pull your hair away from your face. Your hair might get in contact with dust and other impurities in the air as well, and this can transfer onto your face as well. If you work out a lot, you must keep the hair away from your face during your workout because that is when a lot of sweat comes onto it. You can also change your hairstyle to move away from your face. 

Remove Your Makeup

Sleeping with makeup on is a bad idea. The makeup might clog the pores, and this can lead to breakouts. You might also get some dry skin, irritation, and redness. Instead, wash off all the makeup before you go to sleep every night. Your skin will be grateful for it. Makeup can make you look good for some time, but sleeping without makeup will make you look better in the long term. 

Avoid Alcohol-Based Skin Products

Alcohol in products can dry out the skin. If you naturally have dry skin, this can worsen due to the alcohol in some products. Dry skin can make you look much older than you are. Try to look for alcohol-free products because they are more gentle on the skin, and in the long term, your skin will look better. 

Clean Your Glasses

You might get some breakouts on your cheeks and nose from your glasses. You can put some spray or rubbing alcohol on it to clean it. However, you must clean it every day to remove all the oil and dirt so that your skin can look good. It is a good habit if you keep your glasses clean. 

Show Your Body Some Love

You can get breakouts all over your body. You must clean your whole body and moisturize the skin as well. Use clean towels along with soaps or body washes that are light on your skin. Avoid products with lots of harsh chemicals because these chemicals can clean your skin, but they also cause dryness, and these products are not good for your skin in the long term. 


When your skin is healthy, it looks beautiful. Even if you do not do a lot to beautify it, it does not matter if you have healthy skin. Any of the points above can help you get that healthy skin. There are many other things that you can do for better skin, but these points are a good place to start as many of them are quite basic.  


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