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Side Effects From Lip Fillers


Celebrity and Instagram culture has always set trends and driven people to shift the wavelength of beauty standards towards a higher range. People have a set notion of what is ideal for perfectly imperfect things, from the perfect nose bridge to the lifted cheekbones! With plastic surgeons making the impossible a possibility, people are trying to craft themselves in a mold they think is ideal for them. 

Biases aside, everyone has the right to deem what is fit for them without anyone’s judgment. This is the main reason why face rejuvenation has seen increased acceptance among people today. With little intervention to the natural skin, the cosmetic procedures with fillers may take as little as five minutes to get yourself the desired facial feature. But here is the things that you should be wary of before committing to a lip plumping procedure!


The Underlying Issue

Fillers are not natural! And something unnatural in your body, let alone lips, is going to have consequences sooner or later. The fillers are composed of many synthetic substances along with natural substances. Depending on the longevity, the fillers are added with specific combinations of the compositions. The good thing is that these are tested and tried on humans with few side effects. The bad news is that they do have side effects that are hard to ignore.  

The Procedure Itself

The procedure involves injecting the lip with fillers which give it a fuller appearance. There are always risks of the fillers getting injected into the blood vessel of the lip tissue, leading to necrosis due to lack of oxygen supply. Necrosis means the death of the tissue. You can reverse these effects naturally. However, it would be best if you stopped the cause. If you do not give proper attention, the damage can spread to nearby tissues, requiring antibiotics or surgery. 

Once they inject the fillers, an immediate swelling is seen, which subsides after about one week. However, depending on person to person, the swelling may not go down and result in bruising. The main composition of fillers is hyaluronic acid. Though it is naturally present in our skin, some might develop reactions against it or other allergens present in the fillers. 

The pain and redness are unavoidable effects that come with any surgical process. The lip fillers are no exception. The procedure involves analgesics, which significantly reduces the impact; however, you’ll feel the pain once it wears off, which might need ice pack treatment. 

There are many precautions that you have to take to ensure a speedy recovery. Regulating blood pressure, hydration, and sodium levels are essential to ensure swelling does not increase. Also, avoid straining the body by participating in exercises or steam rooms, increasing the recovery period.   

Two Things To Check Before Getting Fillers!

Lip fillers may cost you around $400 to a higher range, depending on multiple factors. This makes many people turn towards cheaper fillers from the market. However, you should be aware that the fillers might contain some synthetic material that can cause itching and swelling on your skin. Hence, before getting fillers done, make sure you check the quality of the material is good. 

Secondly, even trained hands can make mistakes, let alone non-professionals. Hence, it is imperative to only reach out to trained medical personnel to carry out the procedures. Though the process is quite simple, a highly experienced doctor can guide you, choose the suitable fillers for your procedure, double-check any area of concern and give you aftercare tips. If anything undesirable happens, you can always count on them.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Fillers!

Apart from the fact that there are possible side effects, there are other things you must know before getting the procedure done.

  1. There Are Other Methods

If you want to check how your lips look with filler or just want to have the effect for one evening, you don’t need to have the procedure done. There are many alternatives, less expensive, and non-invasive ways to get the perfect shape of the lips. Hence, try them out first to see what suits you best. This saves you from two troubles. First, you’ll know what you want and second, without side effects!

  1. It Takes About A Month To Give The Desired Effect

It takes time for the body to accept the fillers. Hence, it is only after a week or so; you’ll be able to see the fillers taking the position as to how you want. So if you are getting injected for an occasion, keep a window open for emergencies.

  1. They Last Only Temporarily!

The lip fillers have longevity of six months to one year at the max. These are temporary ones that dissolve after some time, giving you your natural lip back. However, the permanent solution often uses silicon which is highly damaging to the lips. Hence, consider both price and longevity factors before getting it done. 

  1. The Celebrity Styles Are Not Everything

Don’t get fazed by celebrity styles. Instead, consult the doctor to deduce what will look good on you and what you should get done!


With few side effects, lip filler cosmetic surgery draws high attention from the beauty industry. However, though the procedure is seamless without many invasions on the skin, it is worthwhile to note some complications that people can suffer from. Hence, you need to consult a trained practitioner to perform and guide you through the healing period.  


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