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Things To Know Before Having Your Lips Done


Is there a perfect lip shape? Though most of us would debate on this, one thing we all agree upon is nothing beats a lip that can pout well! A plump and fuller lip is on the wanted list of many women since they were heavily popularized on the media pages. Getting them done using simple non-invading surgical processes is the best bet most of us have. But are these surgeries as simple enough as they sound? What all goes into attaining the natural look for a perfectly unnatural lip makeover? Get to know these before you get yours done! To make lips look more fuller, the practitioners inject fillers in your lips. The most common one used back in the day was collagen, which hyaluronic acids have now replaced. Hyaluronic acids have multiple advantages over traditional collagen. The most significant of them is a negligible allergic reaction. Since hyaluronic acids are similar to naturally occurring substances in our body, they offer minimum irritant and the consequent reaction.  Lip fillers add volume to the lips, either by themselves or by retaining water. This gives you the perfect pouty lips that celebrities run after. But if you are expecting to see instant results, then take a pause. The final look requires a countdown!


Let Your Doctor Take The Call

An ideal type is good, but how much of it can be replicated on your lips depends on your facial features and the money you splurge. The perfect pouty lips that shine on social media are not at all cheap. And the naturality of it is also a debatable topic. There is a lot of filler types that will give you different vibes. Hence, after discussion, let your surgeons take a call depending on the inference. 

NOTE: Double-check any of the allergens in your filler.

Be Prepared For The Swelling

You’ll have to wait for a week or two for the swelling to subside gradually. The more voluminous the look you want to achieve, the longer is the healing time. Most doctors suggest adding fillers over some time as fillers take little time to settle down. Then, once they make a visible change, you get the rest injected to define the shape further. 

Don’t Be Alarmed At The Bruising

Generally, yes generally, you can escape with some light bruising followed by the procedure. However, there are always chances that the bruising might be more severe than expected, even when you are under expert hands. When the needles accidentally tear the blood vessels, you see the bruising. Generally, the bruising dissolves with time, along with the swelling. 

Look Out For Lumps And Necrosis

If the doctor injects the lip fillers incorrectly, they are bound to form lumps and remain aggregated beneath the lips, giving a somewhat unnatural vibe to the look. The allergic reactions or the hypersensitivity of the patients also cannot be ruled out. The smaller lumps gradually even out with time. However, if the lumps don’t go down, you’ll be required to dissolve the fillers. 

Say Goodbye To A Few Things

Anything and everything that decreases the blood’s viscosity requires it to be abolished from your life at least a week before you set the date. Processes that sensitize the area, like waxing, should not be done before the procedure. You should also avoid alcohol consumption and exercise immediately after getting the fillers, though you can resume them eventually.

Post-Surgery Care

As you are greeted with the bruising and swelling, apply an ice pack on the affected area. It will help you desensitize by numbing the area. You can also take supplements that reduce the bruising. Refrain from fiddling with the injection site as it may worsen the bruising.  Don’t partake in anything that increases the bruising. 


Lip fillers are not permanent, and hence you need not be worried if they don’t look good enough as you imagined them to be. The seven-step countdown demands that you keep a buffer period between when you get injected and when you want the look to settle down. Follow the post and pre-operative care guide to seamlessly transfer to the final stage of the fuller lips you want!


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