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Most Unique False Eyelashes


There are all sorts of false eyelashes available in the market. So we have collated the best ones for you here based on the world-renowned makeup artists Porche Cooper, Robin Black, and  Benjamin Puckey’s recommendations combined with the online reviews. Given underneath are some of the best eyelashes that are not only affordable but will make you look like a diva.


Ardell Lash Natural 174

Some of the best affordable eyelashes come from Ardell. They are priced under $7, cruelty-free, and loved by makeup artists as well. Makeup artist such as Benjamin Puckey, who has also worked for Tracee Ellis Ross, is especially fond of Ardell Lash Natural 174. He quotes, “The eyelash has slightly longer hairs, but flares towards the end which gives the eyes a beautiful as well as sultry look.”  Puckey recommends: applying mascara on your natural lashes at first, then add another coating to combine the falsies with mascara but keep it to the root. Only applying mascara to the lashes from the root to the end takes away its featheriness.

Lilly Lashes 3D Mink

If you desire the dramatic look that is on reality stars, you will love these eyelashes. The Bravo star Lilly Ghalichi developed these lashes. Kylie Jenner, as well as J.Lo, have also worn them. Different from other lashes, these are remarkably long and full. They also have a moderate variation in length taper slightly by the end, which gives them a natural look. They are Sephora’s best-reviewed lashes. Even though they are an expensive brand, you will be glad to hear you can use them up to 25 times.

DYSILK 3 Pairs Eyelashes Wispy

These lashes have garnered more than 1000 impressive reviews on Amazon; the reviewers have praised this lash for being fluffy and super long, and flirtatious. They are also renowned for their lightweight dress; we bet you’ll forget that you have them on; what’s even more exciting is that it’s under $6.

Camara: A Unique June Lashes

Makeup artist Porsche Cooper, some of her notable clients, including Joan Smalls, Mary J.Blige, have been using these lashes. She loves the glam and natural look that these lashes sport. She explains that she has been using these eyelashes for Zoom meetings and her Instagram Live series, and they do not disappoint! She also says that the bands on these lashes are “superior”; they are Über-flexible and invisible, which provides for a seamless and easy application on the lash line without the need for eyeliner.

Dark Swan Of Denmark Honey Lashes

Makeup artist of Beauty is Boring; Robin Black loves these eyelashes for red carpet events and editorial shoots. These lashes are cruelty-free and made of synthetic fiber, and each of these eyelashes is handmade, and its hairs are of varied length. The lashes grow in size slightly towards the tail end of these eyelashes.

Luxe False Lash 

These lashes sport a slightly lifting flare and have a natural volume; the band of these eyelashes is straightforward while soft and flexible, allowing you to wear these lashes even without eyeliner, making it an excellent option for lash novices.


The eyelashes mentioned above have been highly appreciated by the customers as well as by the makeup artists. They are easy to attach to your natural lashes and are very pocket-friendly. So wear your swag today and give yourself one of these for a fab look. 


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