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Are Dark Circles Trending?


Out of all the various aspects of our daily life, the trends in fashion and makeup are the ones that change most frequently and sometimes may even seem a little questionable. Some of the most famous ones include the cloudy eye makeup, two-toned eyebrows, sock-curls, fake freckles, and the list continues. One such beauty trend that has blown on social media, particularly Tik Tok, is creating dark circles. Now, I know what you’re thinking; most of us seem to have them because of all that late-night binging, so what’s so fascinating about dark circles? What has caused people to deliberately draw them instead of covering up with a concealer like we used to do? 

Well, to answer all these questions and satisfy your curiosity, let’s have a detailed look at the hows and whys of this trend. 


First Of All, What Is The Eye Bag Trend?

It is something that most of us would have never imagined to be on-trend. People use brown-colored lipstick and draw one line under each eye and smudge it with their fingers to create an illusion of having dark eyes, making the person look tired and sleep-deprived. A dark shaded concealer or eyeshadow stick is also used to create these dark under-eye circles. To achieve the famous ’90s and ’00s grunge makeup look, we saw reddish-brown eyeshadows paired with the deep purple lower lash line. 

People have been going crazy over this look for several reasons that we will find out later in this write-up. As of now, let’s know when and how this trend started in the first place. 

How Did The Under-Eye Bag Trend Start?

It all started when a Tik Tok-based influencer named Sara Carstens, having more than 73 million followers, put up a video of her creating artificial eye bags using brown lipstick. The video has more than 6.8 million views and over one million likes, and the numbers continue to increase by the day. Even after having attracted so many likes, the video has received a significant amount of hate from people accusing her of pointing out others’ insecurities.

However, Sara Carstens later made another video wherein she explained she did not intend to “make fun” of those who have dark circles. Instead, it was to normalize dark circles and embrace them. She even confessed that she has dark circles and considers them to be significant insecurity, so she decided to embrace them and accept herself. She stated that things like dark circles and eye bags shouldn’t go in and out of trend; they should be normalized. This was the whole intention of the previously uploaded video. After this explanation, she received a great deal of love and support from her followers, who then hopped on to the trend. 

Here’s Why People Are In Love With This Trend

Most people have been trying to get rid of their eye bags through various ways, like using cucumber slices to get rid of puffy eyes, placing tea bags near the eye area, applying several makeup products, and hemorrhoid creams and the list goes on. Some people even opt for an outpatient procedure or laser resurfacing to reduce swelling under the eyes. All of this, only to meet the beauty standards set by society over time.

The eye bag trend has given people a chance to embrace their facial features and accept themselves the way they are. People felt inspired by Sara’s video and her way of taking insecurities, and hence, this beauty trend is seen all over popular social media platforms. 

If we try to recall, there was another similar trend wherein people intentionally drew freckles of their faces instead of covering them with makeup. Such trends prove that the young generation is steadily marching towards the much-needed self-acceptance using social media’s power. 


In a nutshell, the trend that seemed questionable and absurd at first has turned out to inspire millions of people. In the end, it all comes down to what you feel confident and comfortable in; whether it is drawing eye bags or covering them up with concealers and powders- the choice is truly yours. 


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