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How Often Should You Visit The Salon


Most of us need a terrible hair day, a special occasion coming our way, or unmanageable hair damage to acknowledge that it’s time for a trim or a haircut. But is it reasonable to wait for hair damage to show up? Frequenting a salon is an intelligent way to keep your hair health in check and, in most cases, is recommended by the hairstylist. But, self-care is not easy to maintain, especially in the hectic work schedule. Below is everything you must know on how to schedule a salon visit depending on your current hairstyle, whether you use heating tools or not, and much more.

Haircut Routine Based On Hair Length 

Short hair or long hair, if you wish to maintain a similar length or style them differently, your haircut routine can vary widely depending on all these factors.

Short Hair 

One might think that maintaining short hair is easier, and though it indeed is in terms of taking care of it, the frequency of salons does not favor short hairstyles. People with short cuts such as pixie cut, bob haircuts, etc., need to schedule a visit every once in three to four weeks. The frequency makes it so that your hairstyle is maintained. 

Styling short hair becomes harder even if the growth is slightly uneven; therefore, for those who wish to ace the look, it is recommended that they visit their stylist at least once every month, if not more.

Medium-Length Hair 

There is not much difference between the sessions’ frequency for people with long and medium length hair as they both share almost similar damage experiences. Similar patterns, i.e., six to eight weeks, is a perfect schedule to get your hair styled out.

Long Hair 

Unlike short hairs, there is no visible difference in hair length or style, even if you do not go for a haircut. But, that’s not the case with trimming sessions. 

People with long hair are bound to tie their hair up more often than not, in a bun or a pony, whenever too busy to wash or style them, damaging the hair. Similarly, long strands are often damaged, causing breakage through touch and improper conditioning, making longer hairstyles prone to trimming sessions. 

For healthy and casual restyles, visiting a salon every once in six to eight weeks for slight trimming is recommended. Although if you have bangs or layers around your face, the schedule may differ.

Haircut Routine Based On The Hair Type 

Fine Hair 

Thin hair can quickly look limp or damaged if not trimmed in regular intervals. Sessions every four to six weeks are ideal for thin hair types and don’t matter if they are straight or wavy.

Curly Hair

While it certainly may not be easy to maintain thick, coarse, and curly hair regularly, it saves you time and money on salon days. Visiting a salon every once in 12 weeks has been proven to work just fine. 

Regular haircuts are not a must because the scalp itself helps in keeping the hair in good health. The hair follicles are maintained stronger and healthier through the natural scalp oils that run down the hair strands. 

Some salons prefer a six to eight-week interval to prevent split ends and knotting, which is quite a common problem with this hair type. 

Haircut Routine If You Use Heating Tools

Heating tools like curling irons may give you a desired and perfect look, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks. Extended use of heating hair appliances, even just a hairdryer, can take a toll on your hair health.

No matter your hair type, whether straight hair or thick hair, the hairstyles modern shag or bob, if you use heating tools, you need to visit the salon every four weeks. The damage done can only be reduced by regularly cutting it off and maintaining an equally good hair care routine.

Visiting Schedule For Colored Hair

When it comes to taking a cut for colored hair, don’t use heating tools or even blow dry them, play or stress them, you can push visits up to eight weeks. 

If we talk about re-coloring sessions, it depends on the type of color, hair region you chose, and mostly personal preference. To conceal the pesky greys, you will need a root touch-up that varies on individual hair types, growth rate, and textures. And since, on average, roots tend to appear around the fourth-week mark, you can at most push it to the five or six weeks.

Contrast highlights need visits every three to four weeks, while for temporary hair color, it is your choice when you need to get a touch-up. These timings may vary further depending on your hair care routine, options, and preference. 

Routine For Those Who Want To Grow Their Hair

While you must have heard many people recommending frequent trimming sessions to those who want long hair, that’s not the case. Though it is good to get the damaged and split ends cut out, letting them grow for ten to twelve weeks works the best in such cases. 

While it gives you a length to have a better cut and style, it also makes it easier to tie them into buns and ponytails, which are great for growing them better, faster, and healthier.

Asking the hairstylist for hair dusting is a great way to ensure they don’t cut it too short and just the lower length and split ends at the very most. 


Haircuts for women significantly impact their overall look and, in most cases, how confident they feel about themselves. Though it may not be easy maintaining a hair care routine at home, a couple of hour salon sessions every once in a while is a good self-care regime and a gift to oneself. 


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