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Hairstyle’s For Older Women


Hairstyles for older women may be one of the most popular searches on Google. It’s no secret that as we age, our hair changes, and so does our confidence level. We’re searching for different hairstyles because we want to feel confident at any time of life. If you feel like you need a new ‘do, here’s what you ought to know about some of the most popular hairstyles for older women.

The Bob

The Bob is a timeless hairstyle that flatters various face shapes and hair textures. It’s done by cutting hair short around the sides and back then slicking it down or sweeping it to one side.

The shorter your hair is, the younger you will look. If you’re looking for a more youthful cut, consider a tapered bob that starts longer at the top and gets shorter toward the bottom. The opposite would be an inverted bob – think Victoria Beckham – which starts at chin level and gets longer as it goes down towards the ends.

The Pixie Cut

This cut is sexy and edgy (think: Rihanna and Natalie Portman) and works best for women with thick hair. For fine-haired ladies, don’t even bother because this style requires volume to frame the face properly. This cut can also be highly controversial, especially when it comes to career. Ask your stylist for the benefit of the doubt when you think they’re pushing you towards an outdated cut.

The Lob

The Lob is a long bob cut. If you’re thinking of getting this look, the most important thing to remember is that it should be no longer than your shoulders. A lob haircut can last for years as it grows out and never goes out of style. This hairstyle is a great option for women who are afraid of commitment or cannot handle the stress of frequent salon visits.

The Updo

An updo keeps all hair off your face, whether it’s twisted into a chignon or slicked down into an elegant bun. This look is perfect if you have longer hair and want to wear it up without worrying about how it looks from behind. This style will get you compliments on the back of your head instead! The key here is choosing the right updos for round faces and stick-straight locks, so it’s not too overwhelming on you.   

The Half-Updo

This is also called a half-up or half-down style, which requires your hair to be parted in the middle then pulled up into a high ponytail, bun, braid, or twist. This look is great for women with medium-length hair because it’s not too long or too short. It gives off an instantly polished vibe and gets you through those days when you have no time to wash and dry your hair.

This style works well on most face shapes, but you might want to avoid it if your face is rounder at the jawline–it can cut down your face even shorter since it tends to create width around the chin area instead of adding height toward the crown. To make your face appear longer, try wearing a half updo with sleek, pulled-back hair instead of pieces sticking out.

The Half-Updo with Curls

Hair with a natural curl is an asset that makes it perfect for updos since the style works well on most face shapes. When seeking out an updo, remember that they’re all about length–the longer yours is, the more elegant your do will be (just make sure not too long, or else you’ll resemble Cruella deVille). Those who want their curls tamed opt for sleek waves instead of tight ones because they tend to become more frizzy as time goes by and won’t stand up as high as loose locks.

The Half-Down

If you’re looking to combat frizz and flyaways, this is the hairstyle for you! The half-down look works best on thicker hair types because the weight helps keep the style in place. When choosing this cut, remember that it’s all about length. Too short will cost you major league points, while too long will just be messy and lack structure.

Fishtail Braid

A side fishtail braid or twist is a sexy option if you want all eyes on your tresses. It requires little work since it only needs an instant pop of glamour (with some help from the product) to make your locks look sleek. This style is best for straight to wavy hair types because they’re easy to create and hold in place. The downside of this look? It costs a lot of time if you don’t know how to French braid your own hair. Find someone who can do it right or fork out cash for this look which is oh-so-worth-it!

Messy Bun

This cut works for casual, low-maintenance women who want their locks off their faces without looking like they tried too hard with an updo. It’s the kind of ‘do that works well on many different face shapes–especially rounder ones since it gives the illusion of height up top. A messy bun also frames the jaw area, so you’ll get a little of that width you desire. 


This cut is classic and foolproof, making it the perfect everyday style for women of every age. It’s pretty much fail-safe regardless of hair texture or hair type since it works on most face shapes and won’t cost you plenty in terms of time and effort to maintain. To add instant glamour, throw up your ponytail high by creating a part at the crown area then letting all your locks fall toward the back. If this hairstyle is not enough height for you, grab a teasing comb to create some volume before you secure your look. For an even more polished look, throw in some loose waves or sleek it down with a flat iron for some extra shine.

Ponytail With Side Braid

This look rocks because it works well on most face shapes–it’s all about length. The key here is getting the right braid size for your locks which depends on how thick they are and how much hair you have. For thinner hair, opt for a thin three-strand braid with less hair woven into each strand to avoid overload. To give yourself an instant facelift, throw in some loose waves at the ends of your locks before braiding them together.

To add another dimension to this cut, wear it with a low ponytail by pulling back only the top section of your hair as if you’re making a bun but leaving out those pesky pieces that stick up since they’ll defeat the purpose of this updated look. Don’t forget to tease your hair before pulling it into a ponytail for that additional volume you desire.

Headband Hairstyle

This isn’t just any hairstyle since it requires some serious talent. It’s really hard to pull off if you’re not already blessed with natural waves. If you’re lucky enough to have waves without styling, this is the cut for you. Because it’s a natural look, you can wear it anywhere–at a party or during a first date. It works well on almost every face shape since it focuses on areas lacking refinement and enhances those qualities with gentle waves of softness.

A headband creates instant glamour, which gives your locks an added lift, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t recreate this look as soon as possible! Pull back all your hair into a low ponytail, then place the headband slightly lower than where your hairstyle ends. Wrap all your hair around the base of the band and fasten it in place with bobby pins until every strand is tucked away neatly. For added drama, tease your hair and throw in loose waves for some gorgeous movement at the ends of your locks.

The Half-Up Side Braid

This style is great if you want your hair out of your face but still on one side of your head. It’s perfect if you don’t have the patience to deal with two separate braids; plus, there’s no need to pick just one side since this braid works for both! Keep in mind that any type of braiding needs time and practice, so do plenty of research before attempting this style at home–or book an appointment with a professional hairstylist who can show you how it’s done.

Half-Up Twist

This style looks like the messy bun’s sophisticated sister. It works for any occasion if you want to go casual or dress it up for some glamour. A twist is ideal if your hair is shorter because it adds some height around the face area without causing too much width on the chin, so it’s perfect for women with rounder faces–just make sure to vary between sleek finishes and loose waves, so you don’t come off as too serious.

Half-Up French

This is the chicest cut you can go for if your hair is rather long because it instantly adds volume to your locks. This style works on any face shape since the crown area’s height will help elongate a rounder face and add width if you have a square jawline. It’s a good option for women who want a half updo but don’t have time to do more than one–plus, it costs nothing in terms of effort or cost! Just use some product for hold and separation, then let the rest of your hair fall as if left naturally wavy.

For this style, keep the front section of your hair slicked back, so it doesn’t cover your face when you pull up the rest of your locks. Make sure to vary the direction of your strands, so they flow beautifully in every photo.

The Band Braid

If this is your first time trying out a side braid, stick with something simple for practice purposes before attempting anything more complicated. Pull back all your hair into a half ponytail, then divide into three sections–two in front and one in back. Create Dutch braids along the sides, then gather all your hair together into an updo by wrapping around the base of a band until it’s secured in place with pins or grips to keep strands from spilling out. When pulling back the two sections of hair, try to vary between tight and loose spirals, so your style looks less tacky.

Three-Strand Braid

This is one of the easiest styles to create because it isn’t much you need to do other than separate your strands into three sections and braid them together. It’s best for women with medium-length hair since it reduces width around an oblong face shape while maintaining volume on top, which should be flattering for most female shapes. If you’re going for a more casual appearance, just keep the ends wavy instead of straightening them out as if they were meant to be sleekly tucked away as usual.

The Loose Braid

This style only works if you have medium-length tresses because it adds width to long manes, creating the illusion of having a rounder face! Simply create two braids along the side, then pin them together by tucking strands into an updo behind your head instead of trying to wrap them around like usual.

Give each braid some volume at the bottom with light teasing, then tie these sections together with rubber bands to keep them in place all day/night. As for parting, this hairstyle is suitable no matter how many strands are on one side–although most women tend to focus on having the same number on both sides while making the rest of their hair look more natural.

For this style, you don’t have to worry about whether your braided sections are too tight or not–just keep them loose enough so they’re secure but can also be pulled back when desired. When gathering both braids together, make sure to slide rubber bands underneath the section of hair on top so no one can see how these strands are being held in place!


If you’re constantly feeling insecure about your hair, take the time to explore different styles that can help you feel fabulous no matter what decade it is! There are plenty of options out there whether you want to go for simple or complicated hairstyles that require more work. So if you’re looking for a new ‘do, here’s what every woman should know about the haircuts and hairstyles for older women!


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