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Best Ways To Style Your Hair Without Heat


Everyone wishes for those flawless-looking hairstyles when going out, and heat styling tools are the best choice for getting that quick and perfect fix. But, how often do you neglect the damage they cause? Though relatively easier to achieve, heat styling can harm your hair health in the long run in many ways, such as drying out of the hair, hair thinning, frizz, premature hair fall, and several more issues. 

There are various ways to fix a hairstyle using no heat and without having to compromise on the perfect health of your hair. The following article gives you tips on getting that seamless look to ditch the heat and damage. 

Natural Hair Texture

There is nothing better than letting your hair loose in its most natural state. Embracing your hair’s texture and how they flow will give originality and character to your look, which no other product can match. There is no trick to this; just avoid any sort of heating techniques. Don’t use a hairdryer to blow-dry the hair; the most natural way is to let them air dry. Simply comb your hair, tie them up or not, and you’re good to go.

Heatless Beach Waves

You do not have to use a flat iron or a curling iron to create the effect of beach waves on your hair. Towel dry your wet hair making sure they remain slightly damp. Now to the damp hair, add an oil or serum of your choice. Now make tiny twist buns by sectioning your hair and pinning them up in a loose manner. Let them sit for an hour and then carefully unpin each bun. Use a wide-tooth comb for combing (only if necessary), and your perfect beach waves are complete.

One can also try and braid their hair while damp for achieving the curls. Though the texture of these waves might not be as defined as you get with the styling tools using heat, the slightly messy and curly look works well on regular days. Depending on the hair texture, you might want to switch the serum to the one that improves the ability to hold these curls.

Fix A Great Shower Routine

Often, the way your natural style hair textures up depends on the products you use and how well you keep up your hair care routine. 

Though shampooing and conditioning is a no-brainer, switching from chemical-rich products to the ones to meet your hair requirements and are relatively low on damaging elements like sulfur, etc., ensures both good health and volume. Furthermore, deep condition hair to avoid damage and split ends without fail each time you wash your hair.

Remember to towel dry your hair as much as you can; do not blow-dry until essential. Be gentle and pat the excess water out, and not rub the hair to prevent damage. Doing so reduces the risk of frizzy hair and tangles while also keeping the hair follicles intact.

Also, ensure you prime after air drying. Do not neglect to moisturize your hair and use essential hair protecting products after each shower or before going out.  Hair serums and oil can effectively give your hair volume and shine, reducing the need for hair styling tools.

Style As You Sleep

Instead of typical braids, fix your hair in a rope braid and keep them tied overnight. The waves you get through rope braids are textured differently than those with the regular braids and do not look tacky. The techniques work well for all hair types, giving out a curly look once untied. 

Much like a three-sectioned braid, the rope braids simply need you to twist each braid section and go along with the standard setup. The units can vary depending on the thickness of your hair. When you untie the braid in the morning, put on an effective hair spray to keep those beach waves in place.

Switch To Heatless Styling Tools

Instead of your typical heat-operated styling tools, try exploring the market for much safer styling equipment. There are various online products, which simply need to be tucked in the hair using a few bobby pins and can naturally serve the desired look. 

Many online tutorials show how to use these tools, with most applications built to assist sleep as they work their magic.

How About A Wet Look?

To have your hair looking wet is much in-trend and a must-try look for everybody. It serves a perfectly bold, neat, well-kept, calm, and trendy aesthetic with minimal effort and no use of heat. A multitude of hair products and creams can get the desired sophisticated look to your hair. Simply apply the cream or serum onto your hair after air-drying them. Use a comb to slick your hair back simply with your hands and part them as you like.

Tie It Up

The most elegant and straightforward way to fix your hair is to tie it up in a ponytail or make a bun. The internet is flooded with different hairstyles to match any aesthetic and dress without applying heat to your hair. There are always sophisticated braids and buns, but ponytails (high and low) and messy buns also work just fine, serving a traditional look on a much quicker and simplistic level.

Tying your hair gives a neat and composed overall look while keeping your hair in good health, preventing damage like split ends and frizziness. There is no need for styling tools or serums and creams whatsoever. 


Taking care of one’s hair is much more than using the best hair care products out there to reverse the damage done by using heat styling tools. It is about avoiding anything that can potentially damage the hair in the long run. Though that doesn’t have to mean you can’t create a seamless hair look while prioritizing your hair’s health. 

The tricks mentioned above might not be the quickest and most effective ways to nail a look but are worth trying. So take a break from your heating appliance and let your hair breathe without giving up your aesthetic because healthy is beautiful. 


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