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Best Hair Masks For Dry Hair


Different people have different choices regarding their hair, as they have other goals like treating damage, adding moisture, and shine. But many of them are very expensive. Instead of purchasing, you can make hair masks at home as well. You might not even have to go out to bring the ingredients as they are probably at home in your kitchen. Homemade masks are good for your hair as it’s calm and restores cuticle damage from the curler or straightener, color, chlorine, and saltwater. And they act good for all types of hair. Some of the best hair masks are listed below. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is considered a powerhouse of beauty and is best for controlling and softening thick hair. Fatty acids are the main reasons why hair can soak up coconut oil easily. Coconut oil has Vitamin E present, responsible for new hair growth, and a UV filter to restrict sun damage. It also keeps your hair moisturized to prevent it from drying.

There are many methods for using coconut oil, which, eventually, are based on your requirements. Apply it to your hair, massage it on your scalp, and let it sit on your head for almost 10-15 minutes, and then rinse your hair with water first and then wash it with shampoo. For de-frizzing and moisturizing, you can apply oil midway from the hair to the ends, basically replacing the conditioner with coconut oil. According to professionals, coconut has antibacterial properties, so when you massage your hair with coconut oil, it promotes hair growth by unblocking and opening pores. It also helps in combating dandruff. 

Milk and Honey

If you have thin hair and want a hair mask that can cure your hair’s damage, honey and milk is the right hair mask for you. Honey has keratin which is responsible for keeping your hair strong and avoiding breakage of hair. It promotes cell restoration for a healthy scalp, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties which will not cause irritation (and if your hair is already itchy, it will calm it down too). Honey and milk might help support the hair’s structure and soften the hair because of the mixture’s zinc, iron, proteins, vitamin B12, and amino acids.

Milk has a liquid and thin density. So, in a spray bottle, you can take a cup of milk and a tablespoon of honey, mix it and apply it after you have shampooed your hair (as a conditioner). Leave it on for 10-20 minutes. And then wash it with warm water, which would later result in shiny and smooth hair.  

Banana and Olive Oil

This hair mask can make your hair as if it just came out of a fairytale. Olive oil has many fatty acids and vitamin E, which makes your hair sleek and glossy. Olive oil is also responsible for healing the damage that causes your hair to break and moisturizes the hair. On the other hand, bananas are responsible for moisturizing and hydrating your dry, dull, and damaged hair. Bananas also manage the pH level of the scalp as it’s rich in minerals and vitamins.

For making a DIY homemade hair mask, all you have to do is take a ripened banana and just one tablespoon of olive oil and mash it to the point where there are no lumps. When in the shower, use your fingers to spread this mixture evenly in your hair and scalp. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse your hair thoroughly. 

Avocado and Olive Oil 

The presence of split ends results when the cuticle’s structure gets weak. Hair damage is mostly caused when you style your hair by curling iron, straightening iron, blow-drying, or coloring your hair (because many chemicals cause harm). Sometimes, it is the pollution in the atmosphere that causes hair damage. There is nothing you can do to repair split ends. You have to chop them off for a nicer, cleaner look, but you can apply a hair mask to make them look healthy. 

Avocados have a few vitamins and minerals that lock the cuticle and proteins to soften and nourish the hair. A coat of olive oil for making the damaged hair extra shiny and sleek. You can make the hair mask by mashing the avocados and a half cup of olive oil together (avoid lumps). Put it on the split ends and let it sit for half an hour. 


Many professionals confirm that a mask of yogurt can assist in keeping frizz in control. Lactic acid is responsible for hydrating the damaged hair and avoiding frizziness. When you wash the yogurt out, it also helps clear away the dead skin that develops in your hair follicles. You can pair it up with literally anything for different goals. To prevent hair loss, you can add coconut oil to restore the moisture; for shiny hair, you can mix avocados in it, etc. You can also add olive oil for sleek and shiny hair, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, and then wash it with warm water. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

According to many experts, apple cider vinegar can have advantages for different hair types. It can help in detangling long hair. It might assist in closing the cuticles of colored hair, in turn, repairing the damaged hair. It can also assist in taming curly hair. It might also help clean the hair follicle from debris and assist in slowing down the hair fall. And if you already have dry hair, make sure you are not using it more than is required, as it can make your hair drier by stripping off many oils. 

For a light mask, blend honey and apple cider vinegar (this is used as a connecting agent to keep the hydration away from the scalp and hair). Transfer this mixture into a spray bottle and then spray it into the hair. Let it sit for 10 minutes, and then wash it with warm water for better results.  

Brown Sugar and Coconut Oil Mask 

It must sound like you might be preparing some base for cookies, but this mixture does wonders to your hair and scalp if you are experiencing itchy and dry scalp. Its fine particles might help in exfoliating the scalp without being too rough on your hair. This mixture will help you in getting rid of any flakiness, dandruff, and itch. As we have read before, coconut generates hair growth and reduces hair fall, whereas brown sugar encourages scalp health and combats dandruff and lice. 

Take two tablespoons of brown sugar and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Massage it into the scalp after shampooing (mainly on the scalp). Wash and condition the hair. 


These DIY hair masks help in repairing the hair big time. Purchasing those expensive hair masks has no guarantee that they will be effective at all. Instead, make these hair masks at home with available and affordable ingredients, and get that shiny hair you have dreamed about. 


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