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7 Ways To Keep Your Feet Soft


Feet can be quite sensitive, and since we always have to wear shoes, the wrong shoe can cause problems with your feet, which can be quite harmful, so you have to take good care of your feet at all times. One of the worst things can be cracked heels. People often try and hide the cracks, but it is best if you eliminate them completely so that you have softer feet. It is better if you take enough precautions because once cracks get bad, you face a lot of pain and bleeding.

Keep Your Feet Clean And Dry

The best way to keep your feet feeling soft is to clean your feet well. Many people usually do not clean their feet well enough or as much as they should. Scrub your feet well enough and between the toes as well. Once you do this, you should dry your feet well. Wet skin is very bad for your skin health because you could get a fungal infection. 

Look At Your Feet For Problems 

Keep looking at your feet for any problems that you might have. Always look at the soles of your foot for scaling and peeling of the skin, especially between your toes. Discoloration of the nails could mean that it has nail fungus. Even diabetes could also lead to more infections and foot sores. 

Protect Your Feet When Out In Public 

Some public places could easily have a fungus that could infect your feet. You should wear shower shoes when using gym locker rooms or public pools. This can keep your feet safe from any fungus.

Wash Your Footwear 

We might wash our socks often, but it is common to neglect the footwear. Therefore, washing your footwear could be very important. Once you wash the footwear, you should leave it outside in the sun to dry. If you always keep your footwear closed up, then it can be good to let it outside so that it can dry out occasionally. 

Treat Your Calluses And Cracked Skin 

If you have calluses and cracked skin, you should apply a cream regularly in the morning and at night, especially after a bath. Before that, you can soak your feet in some warm water, and you could use a pumice stone to rub off and exfoliate the dead skin cells. Over some time, your feet would be much softer again. If your cracks are too bad, you could use some peppermint oil. This oil kills germs and also prevents all bacteria from infecting your skin, so your feet would be better.

Try Some Olive Oil 

Olive oil can act as a good moisturizer, especially for dry skin. You can use a cotton ball and use olive oil to rub it into the dry skin. Once you have applied the olive oil well, you can leave it on the skin to absorb the oils and then rinse it off after about an hour. If you wish to, you could also use it overnight, which is usually better. 

Use Apple Cider Vinegar 

Vinegar is another good home remedy that you can try for dry heels – Use apple cider vinegar on your heels and let it sit for a while. Apple cider vinegar is very effective in treating dry feet. 


All the points mentioned above are useful, and they work. It will help you keep your feet more healthy, and eventually, you will not have infections or any cracks in your feet. Even if you take good care of your feet and see that something is wrong, you should go to a doctor because they know better and could help you fix the problem before it gets much worse. 


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