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7 Signs Of Dry And Damaged Hair


People usually notice your hair and how you wear it during the first impression. However, it is essential to know whether your hair is healthy or not. There are numerous reasons responsible for making your hair unhealthy, and all those reasons have different symptoms. If you know about the clear signs of your hair getting damaged, you can find out the reason behind it, and it will help you take care of your hair in a much better way. First of all, let us understand the layers of hair strands. Each hair strand has three layers: the inner, the middle, and the outer layer. The inner layer is called the medulla, and the outer layer is called the cuticle, which usually protects the hair, and the middle one is the cortex. When the outer layer, whose function is to protect your hair, gets damaged, your hair will become brittle and dry. It, in turn, poses a threat for further breakage and damage to the hair.  Dry hair is from the lack of natural oils. The function of natural oils is to act as a lubricant all along with the hair fiber. If you feel that you have done everything to condition your hair, but you fail in every attempt, it is a sign of a damaged cuticle. Dry hair needs moisture, but damaged hair requires proteins. The difference between damaged hair and dry hair is that dry hair is accompanied by white flakes of skin and a rough, coarse texture, but damaged hair will easily break when you pull it, and it also has split ends.


Your Hair Has Split Ends

It is one of the easily noticeable characteristics of damaged hair. You can notice them by scanning the tips of your hair. These are the result of harsh treatment and dryness. You cannot treat split ends, but the only solution is cutting them off. Cutting off the split ends is better because the damaged hair cannot fuse back together.

Your Hairs Are Tangled

Damaged hairs are prone to unnecessary tangling. This situation can arise due to the lack of moisture or damaged cuticles. Healthy hair is easy to comb, while dry and damaged hair clumps, stick together, and gets unnecessarily tangled. The entangled knot and hard-to-comb-out hairs signify damaged strands.

Hairs Appear Dull, Dry, And Frizzy

Dry hair is not a direct sign of damaged hair because dryness can occur in many cases. For instance, if someone spent their day on the beach, the hair will likely get dry by the end of the day. But if you see that your hair is overly dry and even after conditioning, the dryness exists, it is a sign of damaged hair. And damaged hair will no longer shine or give a smooth look. The cuticle protects healthy hair, strengthens your hair, and gives a shiny look, but unhealthy hair will appear frizzy and dull as the outer layer gets damaged.

Hair Is Brittle And Breaks Easily

When your hair is damaged, you can feel it like straw, and it will be prone to breakage. To check whether your hair is damaged, you can hold a part of your hair upside down and run your finger over the end to check the texture. If you feel it is brittle and your hairs easily break, you can conclude that you have unhealthy hair. It is one of the problematic symptoms of damaged hair to manage.

Hair Thinning And Hair Loss

If you notice excessive hair loss while combing your hair or in the shower, this can signify damaged hair. Hair loss is a normal process, but if it is more, then it requires immediate attention. The hair shedding will eventually result in hair thinning. If you don’t treat this condition on time, it can result in bald spots.

Rough To The Touch

While running your fingers through your hair, if you feel that your hair is not smooth and is rough to the touch, this can be a sign of unhealthy hair. Unhealthy and damaged hair will feel rough and dry. It is better to seek treatment for your damaged hair and reverse this condition and allow them to grow smoothly. 

Causes Of Damaged Hair

    • Environmental Factors Like Uv Rays, Sun, Pollution, Etc.
    • Chemical Treatments
    • Over Coloring Or Styling
    • Over-Shampooing
    • Use Of Heating Tools
    • Improper Brushing
    • Negligence
    • Health Conditions
    • Improper Nutrition



Damaged or dry hair is a condition you can treat if you notice its signs and symptoms. But remember that it cannot regenerate by itself. You will have to take the help of some conditioners or treatments to treat the issue and make your hair healthy. There are various hair treatments available for the regrowth of hair. You can adopt them if you have experienced excessive hair loss or thinning. And while choosing your conditioners or shampoo, try to embrace natural hair care products and avoid harsh chemicals. Using natural ingredients for your hair and eating nutrient-rich foods, fruits and vegetables will help you get better results and healthy, smooth, strong, and shiny hair. 


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