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Top Ways To Help Make Your Makeup Last


People have tons of worries and stress-inducing hurdles to overcome but what one shouldn’t be worrying about is their makeup. Makeup is like armor you put on before stepping into the world; it is a form of expression for many, and for some, it is simply a fun and exciting art form, and as we all know, art and armor both need to be preserved. Makeup is a process; learning how to apply makeup and knowing the art of long-lasting makeup are two different things. Applying makeup is considerably easy, but making it long-lasting is where the trouble rises.


Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate, Repeat

Before diving into the intricacy of applying makeup, the first and most important tip is to take care of your skin. Healthy skin ensures the better application of makeup, and if you apply your makeup correctly, it stays on longer.  One can use several techniques to ensure healthy skin, but the simplest approaches are eating healthily, drinking lots of water, and using products that work best for your skin. You need to apply makeup on clean, exfoliated, and hydrated skin. Applying makeup on an oily, dirty face will lead to cakey and blotted makeup. Plus, applying makeup on a dry face leads to a cracked foundation.

Primer is the Savior

After cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating your face, the next step is to prepare the skin for makeup application, and one can do that by using primer. Primer serves as a base for your foundation and eyeshadows. It makes your makeup last longer without getting greasy or shiny. There are several kinds of primer available in the market, each addressing a different skin concern. The trick is to keep trying different formulas until you find one that suits well for your skin.

Use Quality Makeup Brushes And Sponges

Using low-quality brushes and sponges is where most people make a mistake.  The quality of the brushes you use to apply foundation, eyeshadow, and all other products determines the product’s blending and penetration. A good brush can make your makeup go from caked-up to skin-like instantly. 

Foundation Precedes Concealer

There are a lot of different hacks and tricks on the internet about makeup. One such trick was to apply concealer before foundation, which is exactly the opposite of what you should do. Concealer is a thick product and requires a bit more blending than foundation, and hence applying products over concealer leads to a build-up of products. The process is to apply foundation and concealer on troublesome areas such as the under eyes. Applying concealer over foundation ensures proper blending and ensures long-lasting makeup. 

Remove Excess Oil

Oily skin is one of the reasons that your makeup won’t last long. Oil release is the skin’s way of combating dryness, and it helps keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. However, too much oil can lead to a greasy look which is something you wish to avoid. To remove excess oil, use blotting paper specially designed for the work, and make sure you carry some in your bag at all times. 

Seal the Deal with Loose Powder

The loose powder texture is simply amazing and especially useful to those who wish to set their makeup without having to add anything excessive to their skin. Pressed powders are also a good product, but the texture is somewhat heavy. However, all you need to do is simply take some loose powder on a powder brush and lightly dust it over your foundation to ensure long-lasting makeup. Additionally, the loose powder also helps reduce the excess shine and oil. 


There you have it, seven easy and small tips and tricks that you can adopt to ensure the lasting factor of your makeup. Good makeup requires minimum touch-ups and can go all day long without cracking or melting off. Make sure to keep your skin refreshed and cool by using a facial mist, and the most important of all, keep your face clean and hydrated at all times. 


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