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Top 5 Foods To Fight Fatigue


Maybe you have had one of those days where your exhaustion seems to be dragging your body down. Perhaps you’ve woken up feeling fatigued, or maybe your mood is not helping you concentrate on work, family, or other aspects of your life. Depression, fatigue, and anxiety are all terms we casually throw around on a typical day. We must understand that these are serious, existing conditions people have to deal with every day. Here’s another thing that you need to know –nothing can magically cure depression. Getting a proper diagnosis from an expert is always recommended. However, a healthy diet that provides energy to shed away the fatigue is crucial to wholesome living. Experts have always emphasized getting the basics of your living right –eating enough nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising. 

It’s not surprising because our food determines how much energy we have in our body to last us through the day, and in the times of processed and unhealthy snacks, we’re ignoring the central relationship shared by mental health and food. Below listed are the top five foods that help in fighting fatigue and depression. 


A sweet banana rarely disappoints. Unless you have an existing medical condition that makes bananas bad for you, for example, kidney disease. Many are surprised to find out that bananas are fantastic for your health. Potassium-rich and loaded with usable sugar for energy, this yellow fruit can charge you up for a long day ahead. Bananas also have plenty of magnesium and B vitamins. This fruit is also an excellent fiber source and can easily be accessible and quick for energy. It’s essential to choose ripe bananas over the unripe ones for getting an extra energy boost. It’s also an excellent option for making smoothies.


Some foods are simply too fantastic to get tired of eating. For example, avocados! This popular fruit has continued being a much-preferred delight for the people of this country. Avocados are a superb addition to the diet. Avocados can act as an advantage to get some energy and feel ready to fight fatigue. Good, delicious food plays a role in making you feel better. Many people undermine the importance of having a healthy, balanced diet for better mental health. While avocados, like other foods, cannot magically cure depression and replace proper therapy and medicine, eating them has improved mental health. Avocados are highly nutritious and loaded with fiber. They also help you avoid sugar highs and lows. 


Things as simple as minor dehydration can play a role in you feeling less than adequate. Staying hydrated is vital for your mood, and watermelons are magicians in this cause. With 90% water and abundant nutrition, adding watermelon can help you feel good. Vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals are all richly present in this fruit, along with L-citrulline, known for reducing muscle soreness. Adding watermelon to your diet can help you stay hydrated and improve your mood. It also works in getting a quick and intense burst of energy. 


The age-old belief suggesting that a considerable chunk of our mood is dependent on our food is not far from the truth. Eating eggs can be a significant first step towards a good day. Not just because it appears to be nourishing and tasty, but also because of its properties. Choline, present in eggs, helps produce the neurotransmitters responsible for regulating our mood and stress. Many times highly anxious people do not have sufficient choline in them to reduce stress. Eating eggs can help you by improving your mood. It also contains vitamin D, which further helps people dealing with depression. You can take eggs in various forms, including salads made with eggs and avocados. 

Chia Seeds

The world has not been kind to the subject of depression. While the current and the last century has been more progressive about mental health and invested time in proper research, we’re still not fully aware of the details. Superfoods like chia seeds are associated with a positive mood and relief from depression. This plant-based source of omega-3 fats is exceptionally nutritious. They keep you fuller for more extended periods, helping you avoid bingeing on unhealthy snacks that negatively impact your mood. Chia seeds are also full of protein, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals –in a nutshell, they’re a superb addition you shouldn’t be missing out on, especially if you’re a vegetarian. They act as a magnificent source of energy and help you win against fatigue. 


Certain people are more prone to be fatigued and stressed. For example, older adults have to face fatigue a lot more than younger people, and sadly this goes unnoticed many times. Having the energy to get through your daily activities is essential. Sometimes you need extra energy to fight depression and fatigue itself. Apart from the specific foods mentioned above, you must ensure that you eat more vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and legumes. They nourish your body and provide your muscles and brain the required amount of energy. Iron, magnesium, and vitamin B12 are essential for good mental health as well. Stay hydrated, keep a check on your caffeine intake, and never shy from asking for professional help. 


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