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Steps To Maintain Scalp Health


Everyone wishes to have beautiful and healthy hair. But healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp. So, just like flowers need healthy, nutritious, oxygen-rich, and bacteria-free soil to bloom, your hair also needs a healthy and bacteria-free scalp. Just like healthy skin requires care and attention, your scalp also requires treatment and maintenance depending on its skin condition. People suffer from different scalp problems like dandruff, minor infections, dryness, itchiness, etc. these problems depend on a person‘s skin type. The dermatologist can suggest chemical exfoliation, oil treatment, or particular hair products, depending on your situation. Along with consulting a dermatologist for these problems, the following few steps can help you maintain a healthy scalp.  


Ensure Moisture And Oils

The human scalp generates natural oils such as sebum that keep your skin hydrated and healthy. If your scalp does not have these oils, it will make it dry and damage the hair. Do not wash your hair frequently (shampoo can remove the sebum on the scalp). Prefer shampoo that is sulfate-free and is from natural ingredients. The natural shampoo doesn’t strip oils from the scalp and does not damage hair. 

Your diet plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy scalp. Add omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil to your diet to keep your scalp hydrated and moisturized. In addition, eat a lot of chia seeds and salmon. 

Aloe vera gel would prove to be your best friend. Applying aloe vera gel on the scalp helps in maintaining the natural feeling of your scalp. It also protects your hair and scalp from dryness and dandruff. 

Maintain PH Balance

Our body is all about maintaining a healthy PH balance. The pH of a healthy scalp should be between 4 and 5. The pH of the scalp is important for maintaining moisture in the hair. If the pH level is too acidic, it will flatten the hair cuticle and cause it to retain moisture. On the other hand, if the PH level is too alkaline or basic, the hair cuticle opens up quickly, and the hair dries out faster. 

A healthy PH level keeps fungi and bacteria away. It tightens the hair pores making hair healthier and stronger. But many products with extremely high pH values can disrupt the PH balance of the scalp. Products with extremely low PH values can demean your skin and hair. 

Do not use harsh hairdressing products, and always contact a professional to check the pH value of your scalp. Choose products that have almost the same pH level as your scalp. Avoid using alkaline products like harsh shampoos. Instead, maintain a healthy and vitamin-rich diet for marinating the pH level naturally. 

Cleanliness Is Important 

There is nothing more evident than this. Cleaning the scalp is beneficial not only for biological reasons but also for esthetic reasons. Washing hair is necessary for getting rid of the smell and oil from your scalp. Oils, hair care products, dead skin cells, and dirt can quickly accumulate and clog the pores and hair follicles on the scalp. This buildup is irritating for the scalp, and it prevents hair growth and promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi on the scalp. Fungi, bacteria, and other infections cause dandruff, itching, irritation, and many other hair problems.

Occasionally washing your hair with warm water is important to keep your scalp healthy. In summers, wash your hair 2-3 times a week in summers and in winter, no more than twice a week. Follow these tips for better cleaning of the scalp:

    • Using apple cider vinegar can purify the scalp and affect microorganisms.
    • Regularly use a scalp scrub to exfoliate. 
    • Avoid products containing silicone oil or mineral oil as they clog the hair pores, increasing hair loss. 
    • Applying tea tree oil on the scalp works magically.  

Blood Circulation Is A Must

Everyone is aware of the importance of blood circulation. It helps us in existing, moving, and living our life. It works in the same way as fertilizers work for the plant. Blood circulation provides oxygen and nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles, promoting hair growth. 

Scalp massages using essential oils improve blood flow to your hair scalp. Massage your hair while washing it or if you are using essential oils, then give it a minute or two for absorption. Use gentle, smooth, and circular movements and do not use excessive force. In addition, you can practice yoga and stretch for better blood circulation in the whole body.  

Protect Your Scalp

This is the last and final step. It is very important to protect your scalp from many factors like UV radiation, heat, and harsh chemicals. Because a damaged scalp affects the growth of hair. You can take some simple steps like:

    • Wear a scarf or a hat to avoid sun exposure. 
    • Avoid using hair care products that irritate your scalp.
    • Use chemical treatments, relaxers, and perms very carefully and only when necessary. 
    • Do not wash your hair with extremely hot water. 

But keep in mind that your scalp requires protection all the time. This means repeating the previous steps over and over again. 


A healthy scalp is as important as healthy skin. These five steps would help get rid of dry scalp, dead skin cell buildup, hair loss, clogging pores, dandruff, and other scalp problems. Try to balance all these elements consistently to walk around with a healthy scalp. 


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