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How Hair Extensions Can Damage Your Hair


The internet is full of misconceptions, false information, terrifying pictures, and terrible experiences of people who faced worse hair health and hair loss after using hair extensions. And all this information is especially terrifying for a person who is a newbie to the world of extensions, is buying them for the first time, or is worried about damage caused by different types in the market.

To deny the fact that hair extensions can cause damage to the hair will be wide of the mark but is it hair extensions or the technique that genuinely drives the damage? Are all hair extensions equally damaging? And is there no way to avoid the damage?

There is not one but several myths that need to be busted with imperative know-hows to keep in mind. To find more information on what is a myth and what’s not, read the article till the end with some pro tips to maintain hair health without giving up on that extra volume.

Myth: Hair Extensions Cause Hair Fall And Bald Patches 

There is not much difference between using hair extensions and putting one’s hair up in a tight high pony. The hair extensions you wear, though pull and stress the hair follicles, are not damaging when correctly done or when the right product with adequate measures taken. 

The absolute worst thing you can do is sleep with hair extensions. Tossing and turning in sleep is something we all do, and we are well aware of how difficult it is to manage one’s natural hair. The additional length and stress caused by clip-in hair extension and attachments to the scalp holding extensions in place cause more distress while sleeping. 

The permanent hair extensions are the worst in the case, as it is possible to take the clip-in out, giving your hair a break from the continuous strain and keep the locks healthy, which is not the case with the permanent ones. 

The bald patches noticed are mainly caused due to hair strain during sleep for an extended period. They don’t just regularly pull the hair out and make the follicle scarred permanently, and they can also restrict any future hair growth.

Myth: Hair Extensions Cause Traction Alopecia 

Again, to blame hair extensions for the condition will be wrong. There is a strict pattern to follow when using extensions, especially if you have fine hair, weak follicles, or suffer a scalp issue. 

To use hair extensions that are well supported in multiple ways, such that the overall stress on your scalp reduces, is the only way to go if you wish to use them regularly for an extended period. 

If not necessary, give your hair a breather and go for a natural look every once in a while. You could alternatively also try and use the lighter and shorter extensions for a refreshed and damage-free look.

Myth: Hair Extensions Can Cause Hair Breakage, Make Hair Thin, And Harm Hair Health

It is no brainer that whenever a person uses hair products or devices, whether it is heat styling tools like curling irons or hair extensions, the need to take better care of hair grows intense.

To recover the damage or strain caused, proper hair care, including conditioning, oiling, etc., is a must so that they get the much-needed vitamins and minerals. Moreover, if possible, try and avoid getting the permanent hair extensions as the heat, glue, techniques used, and clamps can dramatically impact the hair’s health, which is not worth the volume you get.

A frequent scalp massage using essential oils or coconut oils, etc., is another trick you could try to avoid thinning hair.

Myth: Hair Extensions Do Not Let Natural Hair Grow

This one is a false claim as many who wish to grow out hair, are not happy with their current hairstyle, or are looking to experiment for the future styles all use hair extensions.

Wearing hair extensions does not stop or halt the growth of natural hair; the slow hair growth people notice more or less is due to improper hair care and nutrition. Hair requires to be equally nourished and cared for as one does for their skin and nails if you want to promote hair growth, as it is an altogether different process.

Is There A Way To Avoid Damage Caused By The Permanent Hair Extensions 

Seeking professional support is a must if you wish to get permanent extensions instead of going for it at some local salon or home with little experience. The professional knows what exactly suits you and what is safer as per your hair type.

However, getting hair extensions is not the end of it. One must schedule a maintenance appointment with their stylist at least once a month. They will ensure that your extensions are correctly placed without potentially stressing the hair follicles. If not, they remove and reapply it, making the process much more efficient and valuable. 

The professionals also rotate the hair extension position if it has been stressing the same hair groups for a long time. This rotation is an excellent way to keep the hair healthy while not promoting hair loss or bald patches. Try and avoid styling tools that often include pulling as much as possible.

Other Common Myths 

All those who think hair extensions do not blend in with natural hair know that the only thing causing the struggle is the wrong weight or type of hair extensions or an improper clipping technique. There are enough tutorials online to get the trick right and find what suits your hair type better. And, when you have it all right, see how those locks blend seamlessly into your beauty.

Truth: They Cause Headaches

Though true, this does depend on how sensitive your scalp is and your history with headaches. If you feel like the extensions are pulling or are causing irritations, remove them right away or choose a lighter one, giving the scalp a break.

Also, sometimes all you need is to give yourself some time to get used to the extensions.


A healthy and voluminous head full of hair goes with almost any look and can instantly lift it a dozen times as well. Seeking professional support and guidance when choosing the locks is the ultimate way to know that you’re choosing wisely. However, there is no definition of being beautiful, and if extensions do feel uncomfortable, feel free to toss them away, acing your natural look.


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