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Hair Trends You Should Avoid


The new year is coming, and it’s time for some real change. Start your year with new hairstyles breaking aways the monotonous look and trying something fun. Even if you are cool with your current cut, it’s always better to experiment a little bit. It’s time to toss out the outdated hairstyles and fill in with some crazy trending styles. Check on to ditch these outdated hairstyles and start with something new, unique, and trendy.


Frizzy Waves

Natural waves were trending in 2020. Unfortunately, the trend is accompanied by unpleasant frizz. To avoid the disastrous look, check out some anti-frizz spray in the market. Of course, there is no wrong with low-maintenance hair, but you can calm the frizz by using argan oil or some curl cream. You can easily manage your soft, sleek hair by using such solutions. If you, too, are dealing with hair frizz during humid summers, use sulfate-free shampoo or hair moisturizer.

Crimped Hair

Crimped hair is a method of styling long straight hair, becoming wavy in a zig-zag fashion. Hair crimping is usually done with crimping iron or braiding hair in multiple strands for a few hours and then undoing the braids to get the wavy shape. Crimping is the popular hairstyle of the 1980s-90s. Although crimping gained popularity again in the 2007 Chanel runway show, it tends to return in ten years, but this outdated hairstyle can majorly damage your hair. The heat of the crimp does more damage than a hairdryer, curler, or straightener; therefore, before thinking about doing so, don’t forget to use heat protection spray beforehand. 


Pompadours hairstyle makes your hair look voluminous, but oversized pompadours may ruin your look. There are many trendy hairstyles; therefore, it is absurd to bring them back. Additionally, pompadours don’t suit everyone. It is better to leave towering bouffants and pompadours for an event like a red carpet.

Super Long Locks

Don’t you think long hair is heavy and difficult to keep clean and manage all the time? If you too believe so, it’s better to try shorter and bouncier hair this new year. However, it’s challenging to break emotional attachment with long hair, but there are reasons to try new styles after a breakup as the change is liberating.

Half Up, Half Down

Half up and half down hairstyle became famous among bloggers and other social media natives. The hairstyle looks good on people who have thick, voluminous hair. Unfortunately, those with thin hair can cause disaster to your hairstyle. Additionally, this hairstyle is not trendy at this point. 


Remember when the Kardashian clan used to chic top knots? That is still happening today. Piling your hair tight at the top of the head might make you look taller but looking at the tradeoff, it’s not worth it. In addition, the hairstyle can cause you terrible headaches, or if you are prone to migraines, don’t prefer this hairstyle; instead, you can try a low ponytail. 

Asymmetrical Haircuts


Once asymmetrical haircuts were too trendy but as the trends fade, so does the style. It no longer looks excellent, and it seems as if the stylist has attacked your hair with scissors. Instead of getting an asymmetrical haircut like 90’s punk rockers, it is good to allow your stylist to cut your hair in layers. Getting a haircut done according to your face cut is a new standard of beauty.   


An innovative modern twist to classical bouffants is undoubtedly a fantastic look, but the time to achieve such a look is not worth it. This year don’t tease your hair with permanent damage; instead, try getting a hassle-free hairstyle. Also, bouffants are more of a formal hairdo; therefore, don’t waste your time; try keeping your style subdued and modern. 

Micro Bangs

Micro bangs have made a comeback again but are less likely to last for long. Most people do not prefer it, so don’t forget to say goodbye to this old trend; this doesn’t mean getting long bangs. If you still wish to cut bangs, it’s better to strike a balance between the two. Ask your stylist to suggest the length of bangs that will suit your face shape.


Go trendy this year by avoiding outdated hairstyle trends. Ask your stylist about the hairstyle you wish to get, whether it’ll suit your face or about other trendy styles that you wish to get. Add fun this new year with a new look with powerpack energy. 


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