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Best Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Blackheads are one of the most common skin problems that people face. They often appear because of excess oil in the skin, which is exposed to air. This causes oxidation of the sebum molecule, turning it black. Blackheads are also typically found in areas with a lot of sweat and buildup of dead skin cells. The body naturally produces facial oils that will build up if you don’t control them properly with good hygiene practices and proper skincare products. They can be embarrassing and hard to deal with, but there are some easy ways to get rid of them. In this article, we will discuss the top ways to get rid of blackheads.

Topical Retinoids

Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that help in unclogging pores, reducing oil production, and rejuvenating skin. It is a good idea to use products with retinol or retinoic acid for this purpose. There are also prescription versions of these chemicals, such as Tretinoin (Tazorac), Adapalene (Differin), and Tazarotene (Zorac). Topical retinoids promote the turnover of cells on your outermost layer of skin and will open up plugged hair follicles which should prevent blackheads from forming over time. They can cause redness, irritation, and dry patches if you use them too much, but it’s worth sticking with them until you get results because they do work well.

Derma Rollers

Micro-needling is a method of using tiny needles to create hundreds of microscopic wounds in your skin, which triggers the body to produce new collagen and elastin fibers for repairing your skin. This will help reduce wrinkles and fine lines while also helping to unclog pores. It’s not necessary, though, so you can stick with just topical products if it works better for you and your lifestyle/budget!

Don’t Sleep With Makeup On

This is a big no-no as it clogs your pores and creates blackheads. It’s best to remove all makeup, including eye makeup, before going to bed at night so that you don’t have to worry about acne the next day. If this is difficult for you, try using an oil-based remover or micellar water on a cotton pad instead of regular soap and warm water, which can dry out skin even more!

Skin Brush

Like a face scrub, a skin brush may exfoliate the same as AHAs and BHAs by removing extra dead skin cells. You can actually use a soft, natural bristle brush to exfoliate your skin and unclog pores. Gently brushing the surface of your skin with this will help move oils from deep within your face so that they come up towards the top layers. You need this oil for hydration and to balance out oil production without causing breakouts or clogged pores! Several types of skin brushes are available to use with your everyday cleanser, depending on your requirements and budget.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a great way to remove the top layers of skin to remove your blackheads and other issues deep within your pores. Chemical peels can reduce sun damage and other signs of aging, such as fine lines and age spots. They also can reduce the appearance of scars and treat some types of acne by removing discoloration on your skin. The best way to use them is weekly at first, then gradually reducing down until you can go a month or two between treatments. You can find chemical peels at your local dermatologist, spa, or online!

Clay Mask

Clay masks are one of the best ways to pull out impurities from your skin. They typically come in powder form, and you add water to create the perfect mask for your face. This type of mask is typically used once or twice weekly to unclog pores, remove blackheads and reduce excess oil that might be causing breakouts on your skin! Although they can be messy, it is so worth it for how clean and clear your skin looks. There are a lot of these available at drugstores, and you can even make them yourself if you want to!

Oatmeal Mask

An oatmeal facial mask may help eliminate acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce swelling and absorb excess oil on the skin. Just grind up some oatmeal in a food processor until it becomes powder-like and add an equal amount of water or rosewater. Mix and apply over your face for 15 minutes before rinsing off!

Lemon Juice Mask

The citric acid found in lemons can help exfoliate dead skin cells from your face, which helps unclog pores and prevent blackheads from building up around them! Mix fresh lemon juice with enough honey to create a runny paste, then massage it into the skin for 15 minutes before rinsing off! Using lemon juice is great because it’s all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals that might dry out your skin too much.

Green Tea Mask

The tannic acid found in green tea can help tighten skin and reduce oil production, making it a great ingredient in an acne mask. Brew some green tea, then place the used bags into the refrigerator to cool them down completely. Once cooled, apply over your face for 20-30 minutes before removing with cold water! The chilled temperature will also have a toning effect on your skin when you take it off, so don’t be surprised if you feel tighter after using this mask too! This is another all-natural option that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients.


Blackheads are one of the most annoying skin problems out there, but there are plenty of ways to treat them! From masks to chemical peels, there is something out there for everyone and every budget. There are lots of options available, so it should be easy enough to find one you like! If you’re looking for a way to treat your blackheads, consider trying any or all these methods.


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