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Benefits And Disadvantages Of Shampoo Bars


Vegan shampoo bars and conditioners are taking up all the love from the general public. The crafted product is as effective (if not more!) as the mundane alternative and more sustainable. Technically speaking, these shampoo bars are not a novel idea but have been around long before liquid shampoos commercialized the sector. So then, what is it that has reignited the flame and pushes the audience to embrace it again?


The Kindler!

The main selling point of the shampoo bars is the ethical point. The shampoo bars are a lot more eco-friendly in the production and packaging, helping you take a step closer towards a sustainable lifestyle. Today’s world is inching towards a more holistic approach to their lifestyle by adopting products and goods that less harm the environment. With shampoo bars, you ensure minimum damage during the production process as they heavily rely on natural goodness to make their product gentle and safer for use!

What Are Shampoo Bars!

The shampoo bars, unlike liquid shampoo, come in a highly concentrated form. The production process removes the water and cakes the ingredients as a solid bar of soap. The high concentration of ingredients makes sure that you won’t need to rub, lather, and rinse endlessly. Though they may not look like it, shampoo bars can effectively last for 80 washes, more or less equivalent to your liquid shampoo minus the chemicals!

The high concentration of ingredients compels the producers to adopt natural goodness and minimize the chemicals to give the best-in-class service to the customers. Furthermost of the production units operate under small-scale enterprises, which ensures quality for the services. 

The Pros That Glitter!

    • You are saving the earth! There are multiple aspects where a shampoo bar beats the liquid alternative. 
    • First, no need for plastic bottle containers to store the shampoo. These bar soaps come in aesthetically pleasing natural packaging that is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.   
        1. They use fewer chemicals during their manufacturing process, which leads to lesser elimination of synthetic waste into the water bodies during the manufacture and use. 
        2. A high concentrated formula makes sure they work wonderfully in small amounts. 
    • A gentle treatment for your hair! Enriched with the goodness of natural goods and essential oils, the bar soaps are much gentler for your hair against the liquid alternatives. Liquid alternatives use multiple chemical additives in the form of preservatives, cleansing agents, and moisturizers. Unfortunately, these chemical additives often leave a residue in the hairs damaging them, in the long run or making you adopt other products to minimize the damage.  
    • Suitable for all hair types! The bar soaps are suitable for all hair types. Be it straight or naturally curly, your hair will love the bar soaps. Not ignoring the fact that they will appreciate low chemical levels, the natural goods make sure that they apply to all hair and scalp types. In addition, the gentler formula further aids in the recovery of the damaged hair, giving you stronger, healthier, and glowing hair!   
    • Multi-purpose use! One of the most common traveling dilemmas is to carry bathroom supplies. From shampoo, conditioner, body wash, serums, face wash…the list is endless, and so are the bottles to store them. But your space isn’t!! With bar shampoos at hand, you can tick the worry of. The gentle formula ensures that they are safe for your skin and effective for all washes. 

The Underwhelming Aspects!

That being said, there are some underwhelming aspects of the bar shampoos. You might want to know about them to understand the common problems you might face when you buy them!

    • Storage problems: Since the bar shampoos have few added chemicals, making them difficult to be stored for long without proper care. If too much moisture comes in, the soaps melt or break into pieces fast. With no hard case for storage and highly vulnerable making, make them susceptible to wear.   
    • Short expiry date: Since they have many natural goods, they have a shorter shelf life. Little chemical additives and storage worsen the issue. Hence, even if they last long theoretically, your soap may get exhausted fast if proper care is not taken. 
    1. Wax build-up: The shampoos react with hard water leading to the formation of a waxy substance. These waxes remain as residues on the hair and scalp and may require double rinsing for removal. The wax build-up may additionally be damaging to some hair types, making them frizzy and dry. 


Though there are a few cons to adopting bar shampoos, they all are variables that can be controlled. Proper knowledge about the storage takes care of the first two, while the wide range of product choices ensures that you can always try and test which product works best for you


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