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Are Eyelash Curlers Harmful?


Beautiful, long, thick, and curled eyelashes have been a trend for over a century. There is nothing like those sweeping eyelashes to complete a whole look. There is hardly anyone who wants perfect, cute curly lashes, but this look does not come naturally for most of us. Lash curlers have been a complete lifesaver, but is it safe to use eyelash curlers every day? 


You’re Pulling Out Your Eyelashes

Like most things, when strained beyond their capacity, they will eventually break off. Similar is the case with hair. Regular pulling of hair makes it weak and causes breakage. So, when eyelashes are pulled and clamped down regularly, it will make the hair soft and cause accidental pulling out along with the usual fallout – which is what you want to avoid! The strain on the lashes will lead to shedding resulting in thinner lashes in the long run. 

Most times lash curlers tend to become sticky due to gunk and mascara; lashes stick to the curler and, when pulled, break off. So, make sure you wash your eyelash curler before every use this way; avoid getting your lashes stuck and keep it nice and clean. Some makeup gurus advise using an eyelash curler after applying mascara, but this can lead to sticky lashes leading to thinner lashes, so make sure you take caution while following such techniques.


Everyone is always late for something or the other, always rushing from one corner to another, trying to outrun time. Getting ready in a hurry can make you hurt yourself. When we get ready in a hurry, our primary focus is to do everything soon, and this would prevent us from not washing our eye curler, which could create a problem when we use it the next time.

Red And Irritated Eyes

When you use an eye curler, our mascara sticks to the rim, and there is a hundred percent chance of that entering your pores. Those pores are known as meibomian, which produces oil to the stable tear film and then begins the story of red eyes, which are itchy all the time. This is because the mascara blocks the pores, the oil doesn’t come out, and near the eyelash remains dry. Some people recommend using the curler before applying mascara, but there’s no significant difference between whether you apply it before or after. 

Increase In The Risk Of Eye Infection

Just like the hair in our nostrils saves the particles from entering, our eyelashes also act as barriers. When we use a curler, all those particles stick to the pores or enter our eyes. And if you say that makeup artists do it too, but they don’t have any infections, they take care of everything before applying anything on their face or even their eyelashes. Health experts advise you to change the mascara every three months and wash the eyelash curler after every use. The makeup artist follows this routine, and that’s why they aren’t prone to any infections. 

There are other things to be taken care of, too, like washing your face before going to bed every night and using the correct type of moisturizer on your face. To keep your belongings clean and in a sanitary place is what you should practice. That can save you from getting into some trouble with your eyes.

The Bottom Line

Curling the eyes and applying mascara is the most common thing and many people follow it daily. But there are circumstances to it, and if you are careless about it, you risk the possibility of losing your eyelashes. 


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