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Why You Shouldn’t Remove Body Hair Chemically


People like to experiment and hence try out different methods to get rid of excess body hair. Depilatory creams, waxing, and threading are a few standard techniques to clear body hair. Shaving is the most inexpensive and quick method that gives instant results. However, the duration for a re-growth is relatively short, and hence people move for a longer result of waxing. Some even resort to depilatory creams because of the instant results. Among all these methods, chemically driven products call for attention due to their harmful effect on the body.

How Do Depilatory Creams Work?

These creams do the same job as any other method of hair removal. The difference lies in the components present; these creams include chemicals that directly affect the body’s hair. These chemicals can either break the hair shaft or dissolve it. They can quickly destroy the body hair due to their intense chemical nature that can break the hair keratin protein. Imagine the effect they would have if they seep into your tissues.

Though these shaving creams are easy to function, show instant results and make parlor visits extremely rare, they come with many side effects. So if you’re a frequent user of these creams, you ought to know about these side effects that can pose a problem to your skin.

Skin Irritation

Most of these creams incorporate chemicals such as potassium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide. These chemicals can be irritant to those having sensitive skin leading to redness and swelling. Some individuals also have a burning sensation that becomes a rash and leads to skin darkening if they don’t treat it appropriately. 

Allergic Reactions

These chemicals dissolve your body’s hair and can seep into the deeper layers of the body, where your body will recognize them as foreign particles. Your body will mount the immune response, leading to an allergic reaction manifested in itching, burning, redness, and blisters. In addition, our skin has a slightly acidic pH different from the pH of the creams, causing all the more irritation.

Cuts And Bruises

You should never use these creams on areas with cuts or bruises. If you ignore the warning and yet use these depilatory creams in affected areas, you can get chemical burns leading your skin to break down. Your wounds may also take longer to heal.

Should I Permanently Stop Using Depilatory Cream?

Perhaps, if you’re a frequent user, then you should re-think its usage. Minimizing the exposure of chemicals to your skin will protect it from skin conditions that can get severe. Of course, you can always try out alternative methods of hair removal. However, you can restrict their use only in cases of urgency. Make sure you do not use them to remove hair from your pubic areas or even facial hair. These regions are highly sensitive due to more delicate skin layering and will lead to burns.

Do a patch test before you put any depilatory cream. Select a small area of your leg and apply a small portion of this cream or lotion for this test. Please read the instructions given for the duration and then discard it by thorough washing or wiping. If you have any skin reactions or itching, do not use the cream. Conduct the patch test 24 hours before use.

Which Is The Best Method For Hair Removal?

There isn’t one particular method that can be entitled to be the best. Depending on the situation, you can make each method the best. For instance, if you need urgent shaving, then using a razor will be the best method. On the other hand, waxing is the best idea if you’re looking for a longer no-shave time. And if you want to go the medical way, a laser for hair removal is also the best idea.

Though it doesn’t permanently remove body hair, the growth gets reduced drastically. Laser hair removal is usually advised for women with hormonal problems such as PCOD, which gives rise to excessive facial hair due to the extra doses of the male hormone testosterone. While this method is the most efficient one, the cost of laser treatment is relatively high. Hence, every technique has its pros and cons.

Is Excessive Body Hair A Bad Sign?

While you may be born with excessive body hair due to your genetic makeup, excessive body hair is a normal condition in such a scenario. However, as puberty hits an individual, hair growth is dominant in pubic areas, underarms, and even facial hair in males. If females observe excessive facial hair, then it is a matter of concern that requires medical help. Please do not resort to waxing or threading but find the root cause of it. In addition, hormonal changes in women or reproductive conditions can cause excessive hair growth in sensitive body areas.


While depilatory creams are cost-effective, easy to use, and show instant results, they can harm the body due to the strong chemicals they incorporate. Therefore, their routine use must be discontinued, especially if you have very sensitive skin or skin prone to damage. Though there isn’t a single best method for hair removal, you can resort to alternative approaches that have lesser or negligible side effects.


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