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Why Do You Have Itchy Eyes?


Itchy eyes are a widespread problem nowadays. In scientific terms, it is called Ocular pruritus. The most common reasons that result in itchy and red eyes are allergies or dry eye syndrome. It is essential to detect the reason behind its itching and treat it properly to avoid any further profound complexities. Visit an ophthalmologist and treat the problem in the best possible manner. And never by mistake should you rub your eyes to get relief from itchiness as it can cause more damage than you would know.


Seasonal Allergies!

It is often a common reason if you get itchy eyes around the same time every year. Seasonal allergy to ragweed or some other pollen that blooms around that particular time of the year is typical.

Often irritation due to eye allergies and eye infections can look similar. But you can tell it to be an allergy confidently if you also have other allergic reactions like sneezing and nasal congestion.

Histamine is often related to allergic reactions. It is a substance released by cells for protection against the elements causing allergies, also known as allergens. The inflammatory response of our skin or itchy eyes is a typical example of histamine at work.

How To Get Relief From Seasonal Allergies 

The standard way to get relief from seasonal allergies is to avoid contact with seasonal allergens. Keep a constant eye on the weather reports and on the daily pollen counts to prevent seasonal allergies. Always keep your surroundings clean and the windows of your home and car closed to keep away pollen. Take regular showers and keep your garments clean and free from dust.

If the symptoms are taking a more serious turn, visit a doctor to get proper medications to avoid allergies. The doctor can also recommend you start taking the pills a few weeks before the onset of allergy season.


With the increase in on-screen work, eye irritation and itching have seen a great hike. Staring at the screen for hours, reading in dim lights, getting exposed to blue light in darkness before going off to sleep, or even looking directly towards the sun or some bright light sources can badly strain your eyes.

Trying to keep your eyes open to stay awake despite being tired can also be a reason for the strain. Even for some people, during summers, indoor heat or air conditioning can also cause eye irritation and itching.

How To Get Relief From Eye Strain 

Give your eyes an ample amount of rest and have a proper eight hours sleep. Try to wash your eyes with running cold water properly two to three times a day. It will help you to keep your eyes well-hydrated. Try to take short naps to give your eyes some rest. And while driving, prefer switching drivers to help your eyes focus more on nearer objects than distant objects. If you feel that your eyes are getting strained, try closing your eyes peacefully for some time. These remedies often solve problems created due to eyestrain.


Your eyes are delicate organs vulnerable to any infections like viral, bacterial, and fungal, and all these can give you itchy eyes. A widespread eye infection is a conjunctivitis. It is also commonly known as pink eye, as the white part of the eye known as conjunctiva turns red due to inflammation and swelling. It is said to be highly contagious, and it spreads with the eye secretions of the affected people.

Another kind of infection occurs in which the iris of the eye gets inflamed. This infection is known as uveitis. This infection can cause extreme eye ache, and the affected person often has a problem tolerating bright light sensitivity.

How To Get Rid Of Infection 

In both types of infections, consulting a doctor is the first and best step anyone can take. For conjunctivitis, the doctor can prescribe antibiotics. Steroids are also prescribed sometimes. Anti-inflammatory eye drops are usually enough treatment to treat uveitis. But in severe cases, you also require immunosuppressant drugs.

These infections are hazardous, and improper treatment can lead to extreme eyesight loss and other problems like glaucoma and cataracts. 


Another condition is the inflammation of the eyelids that causes red and itchy eyes. It is known as Blepharitis. This problem comes up when small oil glands at the base of your eyelashes get blocked due to some reason. The common symptoms of this condition are watery eyes and swelling. Blepharitis will never lead to loss of eyesight, but it can cause other severe problems like conjunctivitis and so on.

How To Get Rid Of Blepharitis 

Keeping the base of the eyelids clean is enough to keep Blepharitis away. However, in more severe cases, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications can be prescribed to avoid future problems.

The Bottom Line 

Several factors can result in itchy eyes. But some of them are more serious than others. If you consistently face eye problems, it would be best to consult a doctor to avoid any complexities soon. There are various types of treatments, and you can choose the one that suits you the best. But always try to resist your urge to touch or rub your eyes when they itch as it can worsen the condition.


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