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Top-Rated Smart Scales In 2021



A Handy Tool For Any Household Is A Smart Scale

A smart scale will come in handy while tracking the minor changes your body has, plus it will also help tweak your diet accordingly. A smart scale is the best option to monitor and track your health in the best way. A smart scale becomes more intelligent and better when you pair it with a fitness tracker. Most smart scales companies also provide paired wearables to track your improvement nicely. 

Smart scales are not limited to providing metrics about the body; these can also pair to your cellular devices via Bluetooth or wifi. This means that you will be able to track your progress and keep an eye on your weight and body fat using your phone. Users also have apps that can help set goals, track their progress, and chart their results according to their preferences.

Top 5 Smart Scales In 2021

Eufy Smart Scale C1

This smart scale is one of the best scales one can buy in 2021. This makes tracking your weight, BMI, and other body metrics hassle-free. Of the many scales available, this is the fastest and easiest to set up. Install the app and enter your information such as your name, gender, and height; that’s all required. You can now step up and get to weighing. The scale only takes mere seconds to display your weight and can track up to 16 users. The weight and body mass data are also accurate, and results were consistent throughout multiple weigh-ins. 

The scale does not have Wi-Fi connectivity, which means that you will have to use the Bluetooth feature to sync your data, which is not particularly bad. The scale’s size is relatively smaller than other scales, making it best for small bathrooms and smaller storage areas. However, this also means that the weighing surface is also slightly small, and some users may face balance issues.

Withings Body+

The Withings Body+ is an excellent smart scale, equipped with all the necessary features required to monitor your health and weight. The setup isn’t as effortless as the Eufy Smart Scale; however, it is pretty straightforward. If you happen to own any other Withings device, all the data from the said device can be collated with the information from your scale and stored in a single dashboard for convenience. Like other scales from Withings, the Body+ is well designed and has a huge and bright display.

Measurements are consistent and correct when compared to a professional gym scale. Aside from its many features, the price point is pretty steep and isn’t the most affordable scale in the market. However, the services are exceptional and can integrate with other apps.

FitTrack Dara

This pick is perfect for families and is relatively compact. If you are one of those people who love traveling, the FitTrack Dara Bluetooth only is an excellent choice. It is super tight, light, and small compared to other smart scales; it does not require extensive reconfiguration. Despite its compact design, it’s built solid and sturdy and can easily handle the bumps and knocks of daily use. 

This is particularly important as the scale is for families. It has the capacity of reading, calculating, and tracking the weight and body composition of up to eight people. You can also set separate accounts for your children on your phone. The only downside of this excellent product is the lack of body composition information such as body fat, muscle fat, BMI, etc., in its companion app. However, you are confident about your hold on such metrics; this smart scale is the perfect choice for you and your family.

Withings Body Cardio

It provides accurate readings of your weight, body mass, BMI, and overall cardiovascular health and provides you with actions to improve your tasks and health. Both standing heart rate and pulse wave velocity are on display using this scale. Some terms and activities may sound foreign; however, the app comparing the scale explains it all in straightforward terms. The scale is a tad bit on the heavy side; however, the results are unparalleled. The cost of the smart scale matches its benefits, so if you are ready to make long-term changes in your health and fitness, you will not regret spending a few extra dollars.

Withings Bodyweight And Wifi BMI Scale

If you have no use of the information such as your body composition and only want a device that can calculate your weight and BMI, this device is perfect. You can save a considerable chunk of money by investing in this scale, giving you the information you want. As compared to other smart scales provided by this same company, this scale offers fewer metrics, but it does accompany the same excellent smartphone app as used by different variations. You can also set goals on a scale similar to the other Withings scales. The app will monitor your progress over time.


There you have it; the top five smart scales 2021 has to offer. These scales mentioned above vary in price points and features, so you can find a scale that suits your needs best. Hopefully, these options help you adjust your diet and exercise to increase weight loss.


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