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Top Facial Exercises To Reduce Wrinkles


With time, our skin starts producing less elastin and collagen, essential for keeping the skin looking plump, elastic, and youthful. Reduction in proteins makes our skin thin and prone to damage, and combined with other factors, it causes wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. These wrinkles make people look older than their actual age. Because of wrinkles and fine lines, people have started to go for botox treatments and facial surgeries to look younger. But these treatments and surgeries are costly and have some side effects. Instead of expensive treatments and surgeries, people can do facial exercises that help them to reduce wrinkles and look young. Many facial exercises help to reduce wrinkles and help you to maintain a wrinkle-free face. So if you have wrinkles on your skin, follow the top facial exercises to reduce your wrinkles.

Surprise Face Exercise

This type of facial exercise prevents wrinkles by making a surprised face. For making a surprise face, you need to raise your eyebrows first. This surprise face exercise involves your daily life expressions. While doing this exercise, make sure that you stretch your eyebrow to the maximum extensive limit. For completing the posture of the surprise face exercise with stretching of the eyebrow, open your mouth widely. Repeat this exercise ten times to prevent wrinkles. 

Flirty Eyes Exercise

This exercise is good for drooping eyebrows and deep eyebrows. To do this exercise by making flirty eyes which you can do maybe for your partner. For doing this exercise, put your index finger under both eyes and point towards your nose. Turn your eyes left to right and then right to the left. Hide your teeth and make O with your mouth. While doing this exercise, make sure that you only move your eyes, not your jawbone. Do this exercise five times a day to end wrinkles and look younger.  

Smooth The Brow 

It is a forehead exercise. For this exercise, use your fingers and put them over your forehead, facing them inwards and between the hairline and eyebrows. For tightening your skin, apply some light pressure by sweeping your fingers across your forehead. Repeat this process ten times for effective results. From all facial exercises, this is the most effective exercise for reducing horizontal forehead lines. 

Frown Face Exercise 

It is one type of facial exercise. For doing this exercise, use your index fingers and press the outer corners of your eyebrows. Simultaneously place middle fingers on the inner corners of eyebrows. This makes a V below your eyes. For making a frowny face put some pressure to bring the eyebrows downwards. After some time, remove your fingers and then squint your eyes. While doing frown face exercise, make sure that your lips take a frowning appearance. Repeat this exercise eight times a day to get a massive reduction in wrinkles. Frown face exercise is one of the ideal exercises for getting wrinkles-free skin. 


Today, most people suffer from the problem that they get wrinkles at a young age. Many people take treatments and surgeries to clean these wrinkles and get more youthful skin. But surgeries have some side effects and are also very costly. So by doing facial exercises, you can reduce wrinkles. 


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