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Top 8 Worst Face Washes


Face wash and face products are what we regularly use in our lives. Soaps have fewer chemicals and a high pH level, which create dryness in your skin; many people change or replace the soaps with face wash or face products because they have an imbalance in pH.

Face washes have many toxic chemicals (sulfates, polyesters, parabens, etc.). These chemicals can cause carcinogenic, irritation, and endocrine disruptors. Your face skin is more sensitive than body skin, so you need to choose face products for you. Using toxic chemical face washes will harm your good skin badly.


Simple Moisturizing Face Wash

This product is free from fragrances, parabens, and color, but it is not sulfate. The ingredients list mentions that it has an SLS cleaning agent, which can irritate your skin. Product owners assure that it moisturizes your skin, but it is drying your skin. 

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil gentle cleanser has only eight ingredients: cetyl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, methylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, stearyl alcohol, propylene alcohol, and water.

Three parabens exist in it. These are hazardous to your health, according to the studies.

It makes your pores huge and your skin dry day by day. The ingredients also may be the reason for endocrine disruptors.

Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser

You may get pimples after using this product on your face. It may turn your skin red and dry after its use. Some people get allergies after its use. It is not fit for all kinds of skin, so please use it on a small area of your skin if you want to try it. If you do not get any allergies, apply to your whole face because some people get rash on their face after its use. It may rid pimples after use, but after some time, bumps appear again

Ponds, Garnier Man, Clean & Clear, And Fair & Lovely Face Washes

These face washes have chemicals like polyglycerol, panthenol, glycol distearate, and citronellol. The substances of these face washes harm your skin badly, and also, if you have healthy and good skin, it will damage it. Before buying this product, make sure that you read its ingredients because it may give you some severe allergies. This product has five out of seven toxic chemicals and also has cosmetic colors in it.

Body Shop Aloe Calming Cleanser

Before, the product went well, but now the company added new ingredients because people face problems. It may dry your skin more after use. After using, you may get pimples, red skin, and soreness. Also, because of this product, you may get marks on your skin. It is not adequate to remove long-wearing eye makeup.

Face Wipes

Face wipes are easy to remove your makeup, but it is not practical for a good cleaning.

Regular use of it may tear the skin and cause friction. Since the wipes are wet, you require preservatives and a lot of alcohol to keep wipes from affecting your skin. It is from polypropylene, rayon, polyester, cotton, and many more, not decompose easily and quickly. Some people’s skin may not handle the alcohol content and abrasiveness of face wipes. It is not an environmentally friendly product.

Clarisonic Face Brush

Using it more than three times a week may cause irritation problems on your face. It may cause allergies and red skin problems because of irritation caused by its use.

Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Peel-off Mask 

This product helps peel off the dirt from your pores and removes your precious and healthy skin cells. Regular use of a peel-off mask may cause some unpleasant side effects.


Face washes and face products are undoubtedly good for our skin because they have low pH levels. Still, some of the worst face washes and face products come with toxic chemicals, so check their ingredients and their side effects before purchasing any facial product. Every face wash and face product is not suitable for all skin tones; always remember that.


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