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Do You Know What Is Bad For Your Hair?


We all like trying different hair colors, using various styling tools and other products on our hair. Unfortunately, we are not aware of the actual damage we are causing to an inch each time. But it is entirely off how things like bleach and flat iron can damage our hair. One might feel quite disappointed after doing everything right for the hair but are still unsatisfied with the result.  

Listed below are some things that one might not have expected to do that can cause damage to their hair. Maybe your hair feels brittle, dry, and has more split ends. Even after a regular haircut, some cannot avoid the feeling that something is entirely wrong. Below is a list of seven things that are causing damage to your hair that you may not realize, along with some tips to fix this problem. 


The ingredients that help in cleaning your hair can also cause damage to it. Chlorinated water and saltwater are some of the worst offenders. Every time you wash your hair, your natural color starts fading and keeps your hair soaked for too long, causing swelling in the hair shaft, which can later cause breakage and split ends. It is certainly unavoidable, but make sure that you do not leave your hair wet for an extended period. The constant swelling can cause weakness and damage to your hair.  

The best remedy to avoid such problems is to blow dry your hair on low heat. If you avoid blow-drying, you can experience split ends and hair fall. 


Many people follow a false myth that one should brush their hair a hundred times a day to have shiny and healthy hair. But the truth is it does not help. However, brushing your hair in the wrong way can cause damage. Such damages are called mechanical damage. Again, water acts as a co-conspirator in this case. Your hair is highly elastic when it is wet, and moving a brush against damp hair can cause it to break and stretch more easily. 

Make sure you are extra gentle while brushing and combing your hair, and invest in a good quality hairbrush. A simple trick that will help remove knots from your hair is to not brush your hair from the root to the very end in one stroke. Instead, it would help if you started by small detangling sections at the end of your hair. Then work on your roots to easily remove every knot.  


Twirling is a bad habit that can be pretty difficult to shake. Germs and dirt from your hand can be easily transferred to your hair, making it limp and heavy. Always touching your hair can cause severe damage and breakage as well.  

Hair Accessories Like Pretty Hairpins And Elastics

Females usually use clear elastics in their ponytail and braids as they are invisible, but these elastics are not gentle on your hair. They can snag and break your hair, especially at the hair ends where it is relatively weak. Pretty fashionable accessories that make you look beautiful consist of low-quality material. The sharp pins and clips can cause breakage and pull your hair while you are wearing and removing them.  

To avoid such damage, make sure you use some damage control hair spray on the ends of your hair. The clips and bands will easily slide out without causing any damage to your hair.  


Using a cross-body bag or shoulder bag can often catch your hair with its strap. The regular tear and wear on the same side of your hair can cause breakage and split ends. 

You can avoid such damages by using alternative shoulders to move your hair to the other side gently.  


Some individuals do not adequately put their hair to bed at night, causing damage and breakage. To avoid such a situation, one should start using silk pillows, as they are much smoother, avoid pillow creases, and reduce frizziness.  

Wearing The Same Style Every Day

It is significantly more comfortable for us to style our hair in the same style or ponytail every day, but it causes damage to your hair. Wearing tight hairstyles can constraint your hair, and regularly placing your hair in the same place can cause breakage and damage around the particular area.  


Every individual wishes to have shiny, beautiful, and healthy hair. However, achieving such hair is to follow good hair care and a balanced diet. Apart from that, the above-listed reasons can cause severe damage and leakage to your hair. Start by following simple tips and a proper hair care routine daily.  


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