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Newest Blow Dryer’s That Claim They Do Not Damage Your Hair


Some of the specific technologies have made it possible to get perfect and effortless designer hairstyles. For example, hairdryers play an important role in hair styling, and some of the best-manufactured hair dryers help prevent hair damage. Companies have enhanced their technology and provided multiple heating settings, and also some of the best hair dryers feature cool settings to protect your hair from damage. Overheating of hair can cause damage. It is often good to use supplements with blow dryers because they eventually distribute the heat evenly and add gloss. Hairdryers have enormous versatility and are an indispensable tool.  


Panasonic Nanoe

This hair dryer captures moisture from the air and then infuses it into the hair. The Panasonic Nanoe can prevent the damage caused by everyday brushing and exposure to heat. It also quickly drys your hair. It features a two-speed setting and has a cool button to lower the temperature. It has a dry nozzle that provides quick air drying. The benefits of using this particular hair dryer are it comes with three attachments. Also, it draws moisture from the air, which helps to reduce frizz. You can get incredible hairstyles with the Panasonic Nanoe.

Elchim Classic 2001 Dryer

The Elchim Classic 2001 has a long-lasting motor, making it one of the best dryers among other categories. It has a narrow nose design that increases airflow and also provides strong heat. It has three heat settings and two airspeed settings. With this hair dryer, you can style whatever hairstyle you want. In addition, you can get freestyling with the 9 ft swivel cord, and it provides you with a lifetime warranty. The benefits of using the Elchim Classic are that it provides a guarantee, works for 2000 hours, and prevents frizz. 

Berta Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Dryer

The Berta Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer has a brand new engineered AC motor and will provide you with an incredible styling experience. It is infused with a heater and has an ion generator that conditions your hair. The motor is 1875 W that helps you to style your hair quickly. If you have short hair, then it will take two-three minutes to dry your hair.

For medium hair, it takes four-five minutes, and for long, it takes six-seven minutes. It features two-speed settings, three buttons for heat, and a button for a cool setting. The additional features come with a diffuser, concentrator, and straightening comb. It would be best if you gave it a try as it is among the best hair dryers. You can easily clean this dryer’s air filter and get unrestricted styling due to its 8ft cord. It is super lightweight, and you are getting a concentrator, straightening comb, and diffuser. What else do you need?

Important Features To Keep In Mind

  1. Power-

The higher the wattage, the hotter the air will be and the faster it will flow. A hairdryer with 1200 W is perfect for normal hair, as it produces less heat and prevents hair from damage. You should only use a hairdryer above 1800 W if you have thick hair or curly hair.

  1. Attachments-

There are some amazing and additional features that you get with different types of blow dryers.

Diffuser- this element adds volume to your hair and makes it frizz-free. It works extremely effectively to curl your hair properly and also prevent your hair from getting flat.

Nozzle- this feature also adds volume to your hair. A nozzle is a must as it keeps hair in place and does not blow hair strands all over the place. Instead, the airflow from the nozzle focuses on styling the hair.

Pick- this element is great for styling any hairstyle, and also it helps to straighten and blow dry your hair both at the same time.

  1. Weight-

This factor may or may not be considered, and if you do not use a blow dryer frequently, there is no problem even if you get a heavier one. Moreover, if your hair is thin, you can use a heavy one as it helps you to dry your hair quickly. However, If you are not a fan of hair dryers, you should probably get a lightweight one to not strain your hand and wrist. 

     4. Heating Elements-

Ceramic- it uses infrared heat and helps dry your hair from the inside out. This helps the heat to spread all over, making it more gentle on your hair and preventing damage.

Tourmaline- These heating elements have minerals spread all over them, which are good for the hair’s health and prevents hair loss. 

Ionic- it breaks the moisture in the air and turns it into micro-sized particles. It helps in coating your hair by creating a protective barrier. In addition, they help in repairing damage and prevent the hair from breaking.


A hairdryer is an essential tool for your hair, and it also helps the hair be frizz-free. All the above-discussed hair dryers are great. These all have low wattage, strong airflow, and a narrow nozzle that helps lock moisture in your hair. The additional feature includes attachments, a removable filter, and a long-length cord. Choose the best one which suits your hair keeping in mind the type of hair you have. These hair dryers are also under an affordable budget, and they cost less than any other expensive hair product. 


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