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Innovative Home Gym Products Of 2020


As covid-19 has spread worldwide, people who love gyming are stuck up at home and are searching for innovative gym equipment. People who go to the gym daily like bodybuilders or just those who love moving their bodies and like to stay fit are looking for the best options at home. A gym is a place where people are free to lift, push, sweat, and do whatever they want. Therefore, it is a space where you can freely work on yourself. However, you need not worry about going to the gym during this pandemic as you can create your own gym at home.

The gym can act as a therapy and be motivating for home workouts as well. You can do strength training at home. Home gyms can be as effective as the proper gym and can be encouraging too. During this time, It is vital for us to stay motivated and consider ourselves, that we are worth doing things well. We should be supporting as well as recreate the goals we set. It may be that we have dreams that were to be fulfilled, but we were unable to do so due to this pandemic. That doesn’t mean that we stop setting our goals. If we don’t charge our goals and don’t work for them, we will lose motivation. 

Start doing workouts by creating your gym at home, and also, it does not mean that you need the proper equipment to keep your work going. Many exercises require your body weight and are still effective. You can use your creativity and design your home gym equipment. It is up to you to learn what works for your body. If you need home equipment for your workout session, here are some of the best equipment that can be used at any time. 

Best overall equipment for home

Following are the different types of workout equipment needed for your home workout-


Jumping Rope

Jumping ropes are already found in most homes. However, even if not, then you can make DIY jumping rope. It is almost one of the hidden workout equipment because every age group person uses it, be it a child or an adult. Little did you know that jumping ropes are considered to strengthen your lower and upper body muscles. When you start jumping, you will feel it in your legs. It is one of the stamina and endurance building exercises. To make the workout more intense, you can include more weighted rope to strengthen your upper body muscles and your calves, as you have to work harder to spin.

Dumbbells Sets

A set of dumbbells are used in a variety of exercises. They are the one piece of equipment in every gym and can be bought for use at home even. They can be effectively used for home workouts as well. Dumbbells allow you to work your whole body. They allow you to do total body movement, which is needed when working out. No matter if you want to use your leg or arms or core or want to strengthen your biceps with biceps curls, you don’t have to worry as dumbbells will get your job done for every part of your body.

Resistance Bands

You can get resistance bands in every color, and they can be used in different ways. They are often known by the name ”booty band” and as the name itself implies that they can train and help build up your butt. They add resistance to movement like jumping squats, donkey kicks, hip bridge. By doing more butt exercises, these bands will stimulate the hip muscles to work even more challengingly. The resistance band has three resistance levels- namely light, medium, and heavy, and it depends on the fitness level you choose. They are made of some rubber-like material, and they can be rolled up to thighs to have an effective workout, especially if you have more massive size thighs. We would prefer you to try the cotton band because it has a non-slip grip embedded so that the bands stay steady and do not move throughout the workout.

Yoga Mats

Apart from the gym, there is one more strength and fitness exercise called yoga. Due to this pandemic, you may avoid going to your yoga classes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do yoga sitting at home. There are various yoga mats available in different shapes and sizes and even of different attractive colors. The yoga mat’s work is to provide a cushion for your body and support your body when you are working out. Did you know that your stability gets improved when you work on a yoga mat since the carpet provides a grip on the surface? 

You can hold your body still for an extended period, and thus it also protects you from back injuries and creates a safe, stable place for you to work out. You can easily roll up the mat once you’re done working out and can fit in one corner to avoid it getting in your way. One tip to save extra space for dumbbells is to throw your dumbbells down on the center of the mat when it is rolled up.

Abs Roller

This equipment is used to train those abs. This can help you in many ways like it can help you in improving your body posture. An ab roller is a simple tool that consists of wheels of different weights, and they are inserted into a foam roller. You have to roll the wheels while on your knees and perform a few repetitions of it, and it will leave your core and abs stronger.

Peloton Bike

If you love cycling, then you are going to fall in love with this home workout equipment as well. The peloton bike is made just for you if you like pedaling for just a great cardio workout and muscle training. The peloton bikes still make you feel as if you are working out with your relatives and friends. However, its cost is high but not to worry as it can be paid in monthly installments. You can do various things while working out on this bike like watch TV, talk to your friends and family while on a video call, or stare outside at the beautiful view from your window, and you won’t even notice when your workout is done.

Medicine Slam Balls

There are many things you can do with a slam ball. There are endless options available. This is a stability ball present in the gym, and you can perform various exercises on this. You can purchase this ball and can enjoy working out every muscle of your body at home. This is one of the highest qualified personal trainer recommendations. Using this ball can significantly change your body as it is high-intensity training that will keep your heart rate pumping. This stability ball targets the core and is suitable for the entire upper body while simultaneously engaging the lower body. These types of balls are ideal for overall body workouts performed with one piece of equipment.

Rowing Machine

This is another multifunctional machine that will help you lose fat and get that Kylie Jenner body as this type of workout is ”Kardashian approved” because it is quick, effective. There are so many things apart from targeting to build your glutes. You have to spend 10 minutes doing a vigorous workout, and you will start seeing the results in your arms, core, abs, and obliques. This machine has now developed simple movements like jumping jacks and walking lunges so that you can work your lower body too. The exciting thing is this machine will fit your goal and budget. It also offers an intense impact exercise accessible to anyone and at any age. You can connect a wireless Bluetooth and listen to your favorite Spotify list of songs while working towards achieving your fitness goal.


Home workout varies from person to person, and that is why more and more people are opting for a home gym and are searching online to learn how. As mentioned above, these are some of the equipment that can be used at home during the pandemic. And there is no excuse for you to make as to not to go to the gym. Because we have mentioned a wide range of useful home equipment that you can use efficiently even while at home. You will enjoy working out with this equipment, and the best part is this is a one-time investment and can save you the costs of working out at the gym and do your exercises at any time of the day and even before going to bed.


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