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How To Treat Bacne


It’s summertime, and all of these questions are sure to cross your mind if you have back acne. We say that beauty is not our skin or clothes, but we often do not accept our body flaws. We have known through experience that showing off flaws is not an easy task. Whether it is a red bump or cystic acne, they can be incredibly infuriating and stubborn. 


Acne can be due to various reasons, and to get rid of them, you should know what is causing it. The possible reason can be hormones, genetics, medications, stress, and sweat. Side effects to any medicine can cause it, especially if you are taking antidepressants. The hormonal change that takes place when you are a teenager can cause acne. This is not necessary for women because pimple outbreaks can also occur after puberty. If you work out a lot, you are sure to have sweat which can also cause back acne. At this time, it will be best if you avoid tight clothes and take a shower after working out. Stress is not necessarily a factor, but it is also supposed to be a cause.

What Should You Do?

The first thing you can do when you have acne is to visit a dermatologist. Through this, you can either take the medications they would prescribe or even take suggestions for some products. It will be helpful as the dermatologist may be able to understand the actual cause behind it. 


To cure the bacne, the first-ever option, people choose topical creams. These are readily available and are simple to use. If you have just a few spots, then medications will be the best option for you. Try using products that have benzoyl peroxide, even salicylic acid in it. If you are using it, do not apply them only on the spots; apply them to the whole area. Do this twice a day, and you will see the results in a few weeks. Creams may take a lot of time to show results, but it gives a lot lasting effect.


When you visit a dermatologist, they may know the severity of the case, and that’s how they can prescribe us medications accordingly. Oral medications are when you have severe bacne, which includes cysts and nodules. Along with the pills, topical creams are also available, and they can go for around four to six months. 

Sometimes medicines like isotretinoin can cause suicidal feelings and depression. It can cause dry lips, and joint pains will be regular; this is why doctors do not suggest this medication directly.

Skin Procedure

Lasers and other therapies can help bacne, but there are only some who support it. There are fewer chances for this approach to be practical. A dermatologist may also recommend a chemical peel to remove the blackheads and pimples. Large acne cysts that do not respond to any medications are removed through drainage or extraction, which can ease the pain but leave a scar.


OTC means over-the-counter, which means medications you can take without a prescription from the doctors, just like Saridon when you have a headache. Studies have shown that OTC acne products can help eliminate mild back acne if you pair them with acne-friendly products.

The Two Most Famous And Most Used Otc Products 


This will help unclog the pores, and if you pair it with benzoyl peroxide, then the results will be consistent. The dermatologist also recommends using adapalene after you shower or before you go to bed. 

Benzoyl Peroxide

The foam wash will help you reduce the bacteria which can cause bacne. If you use this daily, then it will help reduce flares and control back acne. You will find Benzoyl peroxide in many different products in different strengths. Any product that contains 5.3% benzoyl peroxide will less likely cause skin irritation, dryness, or peeling. The intense concentration of benzoyl peroxide in any OTC product will be 10%. To use something above this, you may have to get a prescription from your doctors. 

How To Use It

Back is a challenging portion of our body to reach, making things complicated for you. Applying the products is not a one person’s job until and unless you have a lotion applicator. It is better to invest in a lotion applicator because, in that way, you will not have to depend on someone for the application. 


To get the best results out of your medication, one must follow these steps to prevent bacne.

Develop Certain Habits

Always remember to shower once you have done some strenuous task. Also, wear some loose clothes while working out so that the clothes do not stick to your skin when you are working out. Wash your clothes after each workout, do not make the mistake of wearing them after it dries. Also, start to wash your sheets more often. If you think you can not shower, use an oil-free cleansing wipe and clean the sweaty skin.

Also, try using oil-free products. Find the products with “non-acnegenic,” “won’t clog pores,” or oil-free written on them.

Never pop your acne; no matter how tempted you are, try to keep your hands away from it. 

The Bottom Line

Bacne is one of the most common problems that everyone is facing. Try the tricks above to get rid of the bacne. Once your skin is clean and clear, make sure to maintain your skincare routine. In doing this, you will have clearer skin and hopefully fewer breakouts. 


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