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How To Know If A Dress Will Look Good On You According To Your Body Shape


We don’t know about anything else, but fashion trends are constantly changing. Sometimes, it gets somewhat tricky to understand how to adapt all the new clothes to our body shapes. But fashion isn’t just about fitting into the most recent, trendy clothes. It is about feeling great in whatever you wear and be proud of yourself.

No, you don’t have to play by the rules at all, though! But some guidelines would help you dress better and feel great. What you have to think about while shopping is your body shape. Certain clothes would help bring out your best features and others that would hide them. And as mentioned before, fashion is about feeling great. If you are into shopping, you might have encountered some situations where you found a cute piece of clothing, but they don’t fit you the way you thought. It is because every piece of clothing is for a different body type. You need to know your body type to pick the clothes that would make you look fantastic!


How To Dress For Your Body Shape

What you want in a dress is that it should highlight your face and your best features. Each body type has different features and looks best in various styles of clothing. Here is a guide that would help determine which body type you have and which clothes would suit you best.


Below are the characteristics that define a pear-shaped body.

  • Your bust would not be as wide as your waist.
  • Your hips would be wider than your shoulders.
  • The fat generally gets accumulated on your hips or buttocks.
  • Your hips would be much fuller.

Dressing For A Pear-shaped Body

Styling this body shape would help you achieve an hourglass illusion. You can go for wide-legged pants, patterned dresses, ruffled tops, and A-line skirts too. You can pair loose tops with skinny jeans, which would create an hourglass silhouette.

Hourglass Shape

Below are the characteristics that define an hourglass body shape.

  • You would have a narrow and well-defined waist.
  • Your hips would almost be the same size as your bust.
  • Your bust would generally be average or smaller.
  • You can describe yourself as curvy.

Dressing For Hourglass Body Shape

You can easily pull off a figure-hugging dress and dress that cinch at the waist too. Deep V or sweetheart necklines would also help flaunt your curves and upper body. A-line dresses would also suit you and take care of the lower part of your body.


Below are the characteristics that define an apple-shaped body.

  • You won’t have a well-defined waistline.
  • You would tend to gain weight around your stomach.
  • Your bust would generally be an average size.
  • You would be pretty well-proportioned but not very curvy at your hips.

Dressing For An Apple-Shaped Body

The main idea is to hide the midriff, which tends to be heavier. To flaunt your legs, you should wear A-line clothes or ones with empire cuts. You can also go for pieces that have deep V necklines such that your torso seems elongated. It would be best if you avoided figure-hugging dresses or tops and skinny jeans, though. 

Wedge Or Athletic Shape

Below are the defining characteristics of an athletic body shape.

  • You couldn’t describe yourself as very curvy.
  • Your waist is tiny, and it isn’t very well-defined either.
  • Your weight is probably evenly distributed all over your body.

Dressing For An Athletic body Shape

The goal is to balance the upper body and keep the volume the same throughout your upper and lower half. You can opt for off-shoulder, halter-necks, racerback style of tops and bottoms, choose mini skirts or fitted pants. You can also go bold with some high-leg splits!

Rectangle Body Shape

Below are the characteristics that define a rectangular body shape.

  • You won’t have a defined waist.
  • Your hips would almost be the same width as your shoulders.
  • You won’t have a lot of curves.
  • Your bust would generally be average or smaller.

Dressing For A Rectangular Body Shape

You can create an illusion of a well-defined waist with a waist belt, color blocking pieces, or a cinched jacket. You can opt for puffed sleeved clothing, a flared skirt, and even wide-legged jeans to accentuate your curves.


These are the basic and the standard body shapes. But there are not just five women in this world with these five body types, right? Even within these five shapes, there are subdivisions. This guide aims to help you gauge what body shapes you may have and how you could style them.

Wearing to fit is always the best when it comes to accentuating your most robust features. But you do you, and you are free to wear whatever clothes make you feel good!


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