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How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair


Hair grows all over the body and is normal for males and females, but some people wish to remove hair permanently for personal and cosmetic reasons. There are many areas of the body that people wish to remove hair from, and there are many different ways to do so that lost various amounts of time. Read below to see which method suits you the best.


Shaving is the simplest method of all to get rid of unwanted hair. It is the process of removing hair with a sharp razor to cut the hair off at the skin’s surface. You can shave any part of the body, and it is often the simple and go-to method for men who like a close shave. 

Hot Waxing

Hot waxing is a traditional hair removal method that involves putting hot wax over an area of hair, then using a paper strip or cloth to rip the hair out by the follicle. You can have it done by a salon professional or can do it by yourself. Hot waxing can be painful and messy. It works great for those with dark or coarse hair. If you also use certain creams or prescription acne creams, you should not use this method. The wax will pull the skin off if you do. Skin infection is a side effect to watch for. Also, if the wax is too hot, you may get a burn. 

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams, commonly known as hair removal creams, are available without a prescription. Be sure to read the label as they’re not all the same. The chemicals in these creams soften the hair shaft. Misusing a cream, like leaving it on for a longer time than suggested, can burn the skin. You should first patch test a little bit of the cream to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction to it if you have a past of allergic reactions. Be sure to follow the directions on the cream.


Sugaring is very similar to waxing. It involves applying a warm paste or gel on the skin, then removing it with a muslin or cotton strip. Sugaring paste is from natural ingredients like sugar, honey, and lemon. Sugaring paste or gel is usually a mixture of natural ingredients; this means there is less risk of skin irritation or infection, making the sugaring procedure a great option for sensitive skin. 

As sugaring paste or gel is typically applied at a lower temperature than wax, the danger of accidental burning is also reduced. Like waxing, sugaring will keep hair away for two to eight weeks.


Threading involves using a cotton thread twisted around one’s hairs; then, the hair is pulled out at the root. Threading is typical for eyebrows or other small areas of unwanted hair. With threading, it usually takes only a few minutes to achieve a polished brow area as it is much quicker than tweezers. It’s an inexpensive and simple way to get shapely eyebrows. 

Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal procedure uses a high-heat laser to destroy the hair follicle. A professional can use laser hair removal anywhere on the body, except for the eye area. A person can expect to see a 10 to 25% reduction in hair after the first session. Hair may not return for months or years once they have stopped growing. But when they do grow back, they tend to be less thick and light in color. The laser hair removal procedure works best on hair that is dark and coarse. It is not effective for light hair. Laser hair removal normally requires multiple sessions to remove all hair from the body or a specific area. These sessions will take place 4 to 6 weeks apart.


You can get electrolysis done anywhere on the body. It uses shortwave radio frequencies distributed in fine needles placed into the hair follicles directly. It destroys your hair follicle so that it doesn’t initiate new hair growth. It works for most skin types. Electrolysis is a permanent solution, unlike other hair removal options. However, for best results, you will need multiple follow-up appointments. A certified electrologist or dermatologist must do this procedure. The most common side effect is pain and redness from skin irritation. Some rare side effects include scarring and infection from the needles, as well as keloids.

Final Words:

Having body hair is completely normal, and removing it is your choice. Take your time about whether you want to remove your body hair and for how long. There are still no 100% permanent hair removal solutions. There are still long-term hair removal methods for unwanted hair and procedures to limit hair regrowth. Talk to a beautician or dermatologist about the best options for you.


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