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Health Concerns: Wearing A Mask For Long Durations


As you know, we are amid a pandemic, and it has become a part of our daily lives to wear a mask in order to shield ourselves against coronavirus. 

We have become more accustomed to wearing face masks when outside in public. There is a proper way to wear your mask that significantly increases its effectiveness, but there is also a common concern regarding the ability to breathe freely. There are side effects of wearing a mask for a longer duration, including headaches, anxiety, or fatigue. Wearing a mask can be more challenging for some, especially those who wear them throughout their workday. 

This article will help you understand some of the health concerns related to wearing a mask and how you can improve and maintain your respiratory health.

Face Mask Safety And Effectiveness

Nowadays, it has been mandatory in all retail and public places to wear a mask. The government has also been strict for other services such as getting a haircut or going into a restaurant. It is also essential to wear a mask when you are at a social get together.

Many people think that wearing a cloth mask will protect them from the spread of COVID-19. They create a barrier between your mouth and nose to those around you and make it difficult for the droplets to spread coronavirus through cough and sneeze, but there are better options out there. 

Different types of masks serve other purposes, but you might not know that cloth masks are beneficial for the general public. If a person is not working in a condition where they have to stay among covid patients 24/7, they should wear a cloth mask. Your mask should cover an adequate portion of your face, including your nose and mouth.

Can Mask Cause CO2 Build Up?

Some people believe that exhaled carbon dioxide gets trapped under the cloth, which can cause numerous diseases, but this isn’t true if you have the proper mask. However, some people may suffer from breathing problems, which permits them from wearing a mask, and children under two years of age are not required to wear a mask.

Why Is Wearing A Mask Essential?

Wearing a mask during this time is of utmost importance as it effectively stops the spread of COVID-19.

Also, if you are wearing a cloth mask, it should have the following order only then it would act as a barrier-

    • It should adequately fit, at the same time, should serve as a comfortable fit at the sides.
    • It should cover both your face as well as nose.
    • Choose a mask that has multiple layers of fabric.
    • Secure it with ties or ear loops on either side.
    • It should allow unrestricted breathing.
    • It should be easily washable after each use.
    • It should not lose its shape after washing.

Types of face masks you should use to protect yourself from coronavirus

Surgical Mask

These are disposable masks made up of thin, paper-like veneers, usually white and light blue. These face masks can filter out about 60% of smaller inhaled particles. They are primarily there to stop droplets and sprays. Studies have shown that diligently wearing surgical masks in public can reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Fabric Mask or Cloth Masks

You can easily design and make these masks at home, and they should trap droplets that are released when you sneeze, coughs, etc. Fabric masks are also easy to purchase if you don’t want to make one on your own. It is also essential for you to avoid touching your mask, especially when you are wearing it, and if you do, don’t forget to sanitize or wash your hands. If your cloth mask becomes dirty, you can easily wash it or toss it and switch to a clean one. Remember, if you have an identical cloth mask as one of your family members, you should mark it with a similar mark to get mixed.

Cone Style Masks

These masks are manufactured in cone style and are molded masks that fit over your nose and mouth. The material consists of quilting cotton and contains a metal strip to adjust it according to your nose’s size. These masks are less effective at containing droplets and spray than cloth face masks but are more effective than bandana face masks.

You can wear many masks to protect yourself from covid, but these are affordable and protect you from coronavirus.

Some Guidelines For Better Mask Breathing

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides guidelines for respiratory education and solutions for the past years. These strategies will help you with your breathing when wearing a mask, and you will be able to breathe effectively and feel better while wearing masks and after removing them.

  • Take longer, shorter breaths

It would be best if you focused on slowing down your breathing while wearing a mask, as it will ensure you combat the side effects of shallow breathing.

  • Take mask breaks

If you keep wearing a mask for an extended period, then take regular breathing breaks by removing the cover or taking it down when it is safe.

  • Practice respiratory muscle training

It is essential to set a time for practicing RMT. Practice RTM for five minutes in the morning and then 5 minutes in the evening. 

  • Take five quality breaths

Remember to practice taking five quality breaths before putting on the mask and when you remove it. Quality breathing is just for four seconds, and it goes through your nose, and then you have to exhale from your mouth for six seconds and then take a pause for two seconds, and you’re all set.

Do you need to wear a mask when home?

Masks are a strategy in a toolbox to promote measures. Wearing a mask is highly effective, and you can make your daily life safer by instructing those around you to wear a mask.

You can stay home and practice home protection to avoid coronavirus and practice social distancing to help reduce the spread.’


Wearing a mask to prevent coronavirus has become our daily activity. Wearing a mask can be tiring, but the techniques mentioned above will help you safely keep the mask on for more extended periods of time. Yes, there are health concerns, but you can also practice some measures to avoid these.


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